Legendary Days! The irresistible twins!

You’re receiving a very unusual order from Princess Noemy! She’s in a rush and talking really fast about some twins… It’s unclear! Oh! Wait! Gruntt has captured charming twins named Fanny and Fiona… Cruel!

Besides, their intriguing looks they have a humble character. Taking good care of guests and satisfying their needs is their top priority. Being a handmaid has it’s hidden sides.. And they definitely want to know how being a princess feels like. In this world, there’s only one thing that can give them that sensation, so hurry up, you!

Your mission is to save those precious twins between the 26th (5 am) and 30th (5 am) of June! You have full authorization to seduce them and recruit them, go face Gruntt and take advantage of his large reserve of legendary items, as well!

They are waiting for their Hero!

are you over 18?