Starter guys situation explained

Hello, everyone.

What’s going on?

The last patch we did, included a visual shift for the ‘’starter’’ guys to ‘’common’’. There was a communication issue with this. Yet, the big issue is not the communication, but the fact that with these visual changes we got an unexpected result, where the affection and experience requirements also moved from starter to common. The patch note, that was announcing guys rarity changes, here. We screwed up.

We started noticing reports about this issue, but it wasn’t so clear what was happening. As soon as we gathered more data, there was a heavy…

Anyways, the bug was fixed and it’s fine now. But, we know that for you it won’t be just ‘’ok’’, so we decided to add a compensation for this situation.
Each player that was affected by this will receive a compensation shortly.

*If you already have started guys maxed, this is not affecting you.

It’s normal that this makes you angry. It made us angry as well, but it’s also normal that we mess up sometimes. We have to move on to the big task, which is making the best game experience out there and accept making mistakes on the way.

Thank you,
Gay Harem team

are you over 18?