Music Festival in Town!!!

Fuck on the beat!

In the harem world, June is about music! And finally, it’s here! Weeks ago, you bought lots of tickets for different concerts! Now, you have 14 days to practice your roadies skill and may have the chance to recruit Boku m”i” Maï in your Harem, the most popular pop Idol this year! From the 1st of June till the 15th, fulfil 12 of the 14 daily missions to be able to fuck her!

You received an SOS! A music band on the road have been challenged by trolls and they lost 2 of their girls. Fight Dark Lord to hire Gwenaelle in your harem, the shaman singer. And save Noemy from Gruntt to have her explicit Metal Rock version. Or find them also in the epic Pachinko

By the way, when playing Epic Pachinko during events, you’ll have an event girl guaranteed.

And exclusively in the Epic Pachinko, discover 2 new exclusive girls, Music Nika, a rapper with huge buns and Juin Lelierre, a nice pop singer. And let’s not forget about Sylvia in her musical version.

are you over 18?