What happened during May on Patreon?

May was a really interesting month for us Kinkoids! 🙂
( Our Patreon is growing and so we hope for our team to grow…  )

Our dear Patreons received our love to the max! There was a lot of content, sketches, pictures, polls, ideas, rewards, kobans, etc…
Meanwhile, we created the Music Party event and coded a special feature for the 10x Epic Pachinko, just to be sure that our players get ONLY event girls.
Now… let’s enjoy the event for a moment? And get back to work asap! Write, paint, code, sleep, again, again, again. (Last once is optional) We would like to start rebalancing the game and bring more levels to it, actually. But, will see :/

More updates on current tasks about to come… <3

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