Game Rebalance (Dev talk)

Why do we want a rebalance?

As the development post release of the game progressed, our data showed that our current economy and evolution system (like the levelling system) would need a rework and rebalance if we wanted to introduce a new feature. For example, we didn’t want to introduce a new feature which would be too expensive for newcomers in the game and yet, would still be challenging for the veteran players which are hoarding millions. The idea behind the rebalance project is, in conclusion, to create a cleaner and more balanced framework to be able to create funny content for everyone to enjoy, from small things like a new level cap to the more bigger feature like clans/guilds.
We desire also to create engagement in every game modules/features. To do so, we need to rework the reward given by all the features and also the requirement to use these features to create a more synergistic approach that the one we currently have.

Level rebalance

As a lot of players asked for it and as we understand its necessity for our veteran players, we want to increase the number of levels currently available in the game. Yet to be sure that we won’t fall into the same current situation with quite a few players waiting for us to raise the level cap, we need to create a system that would allow us more freedom in that regard.

The basic idea for our new system is to know how long it will take to a player to get to the level max, on average, to be able to plan more content related to this when the average mass of players approaches the limit. Yet, our goal was also to create a system where you can feel that you are progressing within it, that you are not feeling stuck for days on some levels with repetitive tasks to do just to get a level.

Also, with our rework, we will change from a system where each level is calculated by hands to one system in which everything related to levelling is calculated by an algorithm. That way, the sky is the only limit, we can create 100 or 200 levels more!


Itemization and revenues:

Related to this new level system, we would like to introduce more items in the whole game and also intensifies the feeling of progression with your gear. That is the reason that we will link the itemisation to the level system that we talked about earlier. The goal is to make you discover new items as your progress and to give your more choice in the equipment you can wear on your character (and even perhaps introduce a new tier of items …). These changes are also needed as a first step to improve the PvP system and introduce some contents around this specific feature.

To make sure that these news items don’t become mundane too easily, we needed to rework the overall economy of the game. You don’t want to feel that these items are worth nothing if you have millions on your account. If we want to be sure the expenses are interesting, we needed to also rework the revenue. It means we want to split a bit more equally the way you, players, are getting your in-game money between all the current features of the game.

In conclusion

As told before, the goal for the rebalance is to make sure the whole game is under control to be sure that we can develop the features we want and that will interest you. It is a lot of numbers crunching and analysis from our end it is quite hard for us to be sure that you didn’t fall asleep while reading this. Still, we can assure you that it is an important step as we want to bring Hentai Heroes forward and that the first year milestone that approaches is just the first of many to come.


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