Week 24 : 12th to 16th of June ( Dev Log )

What did we do this week? Thanks to our dear Patreons we could afford to work more on the re-balance project this week. And this is our intention for next weeks. We will have a game designer to join our team any day now, which is big news for us.
We decided to start and prepare this for him:

  • Rebalance Talks: Items creation. The decision to generate the variation of stats and associate the skins randomly after.
  • The items will be associated with your levels.
  • The first introduction of the idea of a “crafting system” to level up the items.
  • Legendary Items: Decision to implement them at the same time than rebalancing. These items will be more powerful and be the only ones that can be generated with 3 stats.
    We approaching the idea that the Legendaries will be purchasable with a few kobans.
  • Rebalance will be first on the test server, available to quite a few players (the patreon will be invited first, of course).
  • Creation of a benchmark about the Starter’s pack in the industry
  • Began to write the specificity for the starter pack

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