Q&A: The November Sessions

Dear players, 

In this article you can find transcripts of all our Q&A sessions that have taken place in November:



Session 1: Hentai Heroes Q&A with Tech – Sandman


Q: Will there be a technology that adds femboys in the world? 

A: The technology is already there, yes. 😄.

A2: I think this is a more philosophical question, I don’t have the answer though.


Q: Do girls return to the league thing for example like Elphiba. 

A: Not currently, but I believe there is a project in our backlog to make this possible. Can’t say when it will be tackled, probably next year.


Q: Can the Mobile UI for League match the Desktop UI like it used to ? Mobile UI leaves some crucial data out like What Club is opponent from or way to access opponent profile!

A: Can it, yes. Will it, I don’t know. I can give the feedback to our design team and we will see what comes of it. I’m not sure I understand why the Club of the opponent counts as crucial data 😄.


Q: I heard that market redesign cost a lot to KK.

However, I do not understand how technically this was so difficult, seeing that the market changed design but kept old limitations (and I assume server code) (s.a. load only 100 elements at once, selling taking time when too many elements are loaded). Could you fill us in on how this was technically demanding when it seems simple using adapters, and so. 

A: It comes down to the data structure, the previous data structure implied that each item for each user was its own row in the same table of the DB, which with the scale of the userbase today was causing more and more issues.

The expensive part of the refactor was to alter the data structure and all of the code managing it, we also took the opportunity to clean a lot of legacy code regarding items that were making future improvements/features near impossible.

Migrating all the data was also fun and not at all scary (you know, the several hour downtime upon release).

Follow up Q: Well, isn’t it what DP adapter is for ?

Follow up A: DB adapter? Assuming it was made correctly the first time, sure. Assumptions are dangerous though.


Q: What exactly is the function of Harmony when it comes to battles?

A: The hard hitting questions. I believe harmony is used to calculate your “crit” chances.


Q: Are you using Typescript? 

A: No.


Q: Treasure Chests currently pop up and cover the playing area, so it is impossible to do anything without exiting the TC pop-up. Is there any way to reconfigure the TC to pop up inside the Waifu area instead? This would allow gameplay without exiting the popup first. 

A: Not how the popup system works unfortunately, even if the popup was smaller, you would not be able to click behind it. It can be reworked certainly. I’ll forward the suggestion.


Q: Does it make more sense to always equip the best rainbow Equipment, is it better to focus on a full charm/hardcore/knowhow equipment or just mix it why 3 rainbow 3 charm/hardcore/knowhow. 

A: I haven’t crunched the numbers, I think it depends on the team and what you are trying to achieve with it.


Q: Market tab deeplinks when? 😉. 

A: Soon ™.


Q: Would it be difficult (or are you planning) to allow us to make “sets” of gear that we can easily swap? Since the game is sadly turning more and more into PvP it could be good to be able to prepare and easily swap sets (mono, rainbow etc.) as we need it to. It’s kind of difficult to find my mono gear for special events when I just spent 200 great pachinko orbs for a contest. 

A: Would it be difficult, kinda. Is it planned, no but I will forward the suggestion.


Q: And now, I suppose, club page tab deeplinks when? 

A: That one is not going to be soon. Maybe early 2023.


Q: I have a question about the clubs…

Do you have plans to add fights between clubs apart from battles with champions/bosses ???


Second question about energy and coupons…

There is an option to buy cupons for energy.

Is there a chance that there will be an option to buy energy with coupons ???

A: First question – I don’t think this is planned, no, I can forward the suggestion. It would likely come at the expense of the equipped booster though, and we generally get flack for such “improvements”. General suggestion, I love your undying support but don’t sacrifice your sleep for a video game 😄.


Q: Are you planning to make it possible to replace active boosters? It is sometimes a problem for me to have to wait 20 minutes for it to run out when I would like to go to sleep or something.

And as a bonus question. Separation of League and Season booster effect from Mastery’s Emblem? (its infuriating to waste charges from it for seasons) 

A: This seems quite complicated to implement given the current booster logic, but I will forward the suggestion.


Q: What database do you use? Do you use a large cluster to cope with all the players? 

A: Not currently clustered, but we will certainly have to start looking into that soon-ish. Mariadb currently, also something we might need to change down the line to accommodate for scale.


Q: Can you tell us what is the big upcoming project in the game ?

There is an empty slot next to the pantheon and champions. 

A: Big upcoming projects (in the next 3 months) – Hero Mythic Equipment, New objective based event type.


Q: When an event adds a girl to one of the villain battles, is it added as a completely separate item with a fixed chance to drop, or do the drops function more like RNG rolls Girl -> RNG rolls again to decide which girl.

Also does the tier of villains make any difference in terms of event drop rates? 

A: Yes, they have a fixed chance to drop. There is RNG involved in the selection, generally the event girl rewards on a given villain have the same drop chances.

I believe the villain tier doesn’t make a difference for event girls.


Q: Would stylus/tablet functionality with the site be considered a tech question? 

A: Maybe, don’t think this is in the near future..


Q: Client-side you really should, that is a life saver that can reduce an afternoon of debugging into 10 sec (true story). 

A: Ah, opinionated devs. Gotta love’em (cause I gotta work with’em). The cost of switching to Typescript now would be probably close to a full year of dev, we’ve already tried with the start of a migration of technologies, and actually using typescript made us lose a good month of dev, because the learning curve is quite brutal when you’re coming from a JS background.

I personally see the benefits of a typed language, of course. Switching courses is not always as easy as snapping a finger though and has a very real cost.


Q: Game Design recently mentioned a weighting system rather than fixed chances. Is this not what is implemented? 

A: Well it is a weighted system, but the weight is fixed. So you are correct the drop chances change based on the amount of girls in the pool of available rewards. (which is a fixed chance for me, since you have an equal chance of getting any girl, sorry for the confusion).


Q: When you use an x10 (in seasons) or an x15 (in leagues), is there any particular logic behind which opponents it selects, or is it entirely random? 

A: There is a particular logic, x15 (in leagues) selects the lowest level opponents first I believe. For the x10 in season it is a random selection.


Q: Can we get the annoying temporary ban for clicking too fast be removed? I know it was put there to prevent the use of auto-clickers, but let’s be honest: those who want to use an auto clicker just have to set it so it clicks each 0.4-0.5 seconds to circumvent the ban. It only annoys those who want to manually click fast now. 

A: It’s actually not for auto-clicker prevention, it’s for preventing DDOS attacks. So no, it can’t be removed. In general we are trying to find out where those still happen and improve the logic itself to prevent it, so if you get temp banned, open a ticket in our support and let us know 😄.


Q: Are there any plans to further improve Harem loading time? Maybe some work is already being done?🙏  Some time ago partial loading was implemented that improved it. But then we got this Market rework patch, which now forces us to go to Harem to upgrade girls. It’s such a pain. 

A: Yes, there are plans to optimize the data management of that page specifically.


Q: Patch notes stated that 30 opponents get generated and the 10 lowest egos are picked. Is that not what’s implemented? 

A: You’re asking a question about something I coded 3.5 years ago, I would trust the patch notes more than me in that situation.

EDIT: Ok, checked the code. It is by level, you can trust me more than patch notes now 😄.


Q: Typescript isn’t really a new language, it’s just explicit indicators you add to your JS, and errors when you do something dangerous. Your client-side code doesn’t do complex things, so it shouldn’t be an issue, and shouldn’t have a learning curve (a few minutes is enough to understand the concept). 

A: I’m aware of what typescript is, I’ve used it before. Our client side is strongly attached to a server side, and you cannot imagine the tidal wave of complications we would have with inconsistent data types, this is already something I am working to fix without typescript for cleaner FE code.


Q: Too much grind. Then pain in the ass swapping them when a new girl has a blessing. And it would be money grab since you confirmed that we will have to suffer with mythic gear for the hero which in itself may make me consider quitting since I can imagine what cash grab that will be. 

A: Actually this does not qualify as a monetization (“cash grab”) feature for us. It is a feature we add to the game to add more depth of progression. I’m sorry you are considering quitting, but you’re making assumptions about the motivations that are quite false..


Q: DDOS attacks typically make hundreds, if not thousands requests per second. Even a good mouse and trained finger would not let you do more than about 10 clicks/s. Can the threshold at least put to that number then? 

A: You’d be surprised, rate limits are actually quite reasonable and still players hit them. What may happen is actually failing ajax calls because of clicking too much, and this triggers rate limits on errored statuses. Which is why we need your help to understand where we fucked up the UI so we can fix it and prevent you from harming yourself with those fast fingers.



Session 1 Bonus: Game Design Questions asked during HH Q&A



Q: Could there be a shrinking of the bottom right buttons during story (fullscreen/hide text) to add a 3rd button to go directly into the combat section.  After losing the pathing in the top it is a bit more annoying to get to the fights now.

A: We can think of an option for that but nothing is planned for now.


Q: (combat side) could there be a way to switch between the different ranks of fights from within the page instead of having to back out?

A: For now it is needed as the change between tiers is not used often.


Q: Can the Mobile UI for League match the Desktop UI like it used to ? Mobile UI leaves some crucial data out like What Club is opponent from or way to access opponent profile !

A: The mobile League design is different and it is creating some problems. At the moment that is not of the highest priority and it’s a big project to change it. Once our teams grow, we will have the manpower to do it.


Q: Can we get the Function in settings to deactivate the question in Mythic Pachinko “There are no Girls…. Are you sure you….”? (just one person aksed for it, I personally am against 😄, but the reasoning is that if you are getting other rewards, it gets very annoying)

A: It has been discussed for a while, maybe it will come at some point but it is not a priority.


Q: Would it be difficult (or are you planning) to allow us to make “sets” of gear that we can easily swap? Since the game is sadly turning more and more into PvP it could be good to be able to prepare and easily swap sets (mono, rainbow etc.) as we need it to. It’s kind of difficult to find my mono gear for special events when I just spent 200 great pachinko orbs for a contest.

A: With the Hero Mythic Equipment coming, we can look into this topic more in detail. So yes, soon!


Q: Is there a chance that there will be an option to buy energy with Champion Tickets ???

A: No.


Q: Will there be an option to delete team presets? I always create a new one and do auto-fill. But I will run out of slots.

A: We have a project in the backlog so yes, it will happen.


Q: Could pachinkos potentially get a x5 or x10 option for using 1 orb? Would be nice to save some clicks when using a ton of x1 orbs.

A: We don’t have such plans but it may be considered, or a play again button to make things faster.


Q: I would ask the same for Babe Bang, an x10 would be great.

A: We’ll keep it in mind. 😉 


Q: Would there be filters for the equipment list to help sorting locating?

A: Not for now but it might be needed after Hero Mythic Equipment.


Q: Would it be possible to get a “hero inventory” screen tab to show us what currencies we have in one place instead of going to several screens?

A: Yes, this is a project in our backlog, we’ll see when it can come to the light of day 🙂 


Q: Can the Max Out Gifts/Books have a Manual select of what gets used and what quantity ? Not only do i not like how sometimes even tho there would be no waste manually it creates waste but also uses only Top Books/Gifts triggering my OCD where i want my stash to be about equal in number

A: No, there will not be such an option.


Q: Is it possible to add in the market an option to filter equipment according to their rarity ? When you use hundreds of orbs at one time and you have to sort everything searching for interesting objects, it’s really annoying to sell epic objects one by one.

A: Not for now but it might be needed after Hero Mythic Equipment.



Session 2: Gay Harem Q&A with Game Design – Generalisimus


Q: Is there a concrete release date for Mythic equipment yet?

A: Our plans are for next Wednesday 23rd, unless there is something we need to change/fix which requires a delay.


Q: Could it be delayed to Thursday reset, so as to not wreck the league ranking ?

A: It is potentially affecting the power of players and can affect the Leagues but I’m not sure how this can be done and planned from release point of view. I can check with our tech team and see if we have options.


Q: I kinda wonder, will the profile page be updated? There are currently many avatars in the game, and it is really, really tedious to select the oldest avatar. I know i won’t change profile image every day, but still, there’s an issue here

A: We have it in our backlog, the page is outdated and can be optimized especially the avatars as you mentioned. It is a QoL improvement we want to but I cannot promise a release date


Q: Great! Is it possible to implement a way to remove the confirmation pop-up when creating teams for Boss Bang? It’s really annoying and most players who have a few dozen guys will never ever run out of guys so that warning is entirely superfluous.

A: I personally think the confirmation is needed, especially for players that are new to the feature and also you need to really do it 5 times a month. Maybe it can be an improvement in the future but a low priority one


Q: What was the main goal with The Seasonal Event, seeing how the amount of rewards outside of the guys were very low, and the cost of the event was a lot higher than most other events, even mythics? 

A: The main attraction in the event are the guys. Other rewards may look small but they stack up. Also we may have better rewards coming soon.


Q: The rebalance of The Seasonal Event lowered the duration of the event, and as such also nerfed what we got from the paid cards during it. Why did the price remain the same regardless, seeing as the true value of the cards now is even less than half?

A: The requirements of the reward tiers decreased significantly (more than twice) which should balance out the prices. Other than that if the long format is preferred, we can use it more.


Q: How many Seasonal Events can we expect to see in a given year? Is the event considered a success from your side, or might it be less recurring than you’d consider from the beginning?

A: It is a big and long event which should not happen too often. We are still debating on it.


Q: Will it see further rebalancing? Nerfing the “free” guys to just 3 stars makes it seem even more like a pay to play event, but as already mentioned the second Seasonal seemed to overall be of lower value than the first, way more so than one would expect for a non-anniversary Seasonal.

A: Further rebalancing is very possible, depending on results and feedback. It looks like the longer format was preferred.


Q: We can create several teams for our various PvP features, yet so far we have no way to delete existing teams, meaning we can only edit them and currently make no use of the Auto-Fill function. Are there any plans to change that and give us an option to delete existing teams?

A: We have an improvement in our backlog for a “Clear Team” button which should help this problem. You would be able to clear the whole selection and then pick the recruits that you want.


Q: Are there any concrete plans for a KC revival option?

A: Not for now.


Q: Will there be a rework of the UI in Places of Power? Not only is the mechanic very tedious to use if you don’t use the koban option, but not being able to see all of them collected at once without scrolling makes for a cluttered UI

A: Right now we don’t have plans for that but you have a point that with more PoPs, it got more complicated. I can take a look into the problem at a later stage


Q: Will it be possible to make auto place/collect PoP rewards for free for those who have the monthly card (let’s say gold/platinum)?

A: Maybe, just maybe, there will be a way to use some of the new koban options for free with a monthly card. Maybe a new one 


Q: Seeing as the Champions mechanic was deemed a failure by most players and seemingly even you, why has it gotten more pushed in the last year, without any actual improvements to the actual mechanic? The problem with their strength is still a big deal, even without the infinite scaling.

A: I would not say it is a failure, it is a working mechanic. It can be improved or reworked in the future but it is not a main priority atm.


Q: Honestly i want seasonal event to not just be a paywall that block some nice but legendary guy, and what i want the most, is an alternative (revival) to get the guys, but since the event is quite new, i guess that last point not something planned yet

A: Our overall position is that most if not all recruits deserve a revival at some point. When and how still remains unclear for the case of Seasonal Event


Q: Champions also keep getting stronger and stronger and therefore harder and harder to beat, the more we have to use the feature. So an improvement in that regard would be much appreciated

A: There is also the fact that ‘new power’ is coming to the game with different features in time. This means that Champions will get easier (as they have a cap) and the Pantheon will be possible to beat [finally]


Q: Shards on champs during OD and Classic, is there a reason for the drop rate/amount of shards dropped to be as low as they are? As it stands the guy on champs gives newer players the illusion that he can be earned for free when most of the time that is far from the truth.

A: The drop chance is very high for the 35 shards and it is calculated that on average, the guy can be won by trying every day of the event. Of course, there is the possibility of being unlucky.


Q: About a year ago we received 2 big feature surveys with potential features coming. We got a few like market update but was wondering if any are still in the works or canceled. Like elemental pantheon, club battles, labyrinth, conditional leagues & girl/guy equipment

A: We are actually making a new survey VERY soon that will be shared with all players. We will compare already presented features to the ones that we will present as new.


Q: I also wish to add 1 more question, if Sultry is gonna be a monthly thing starting from now?

A: Our current plans are for SM to be every month


Q: Pantheon question:

Seeing as there’s still no new mechanic that helps us beat later floors, why was the mechanic released in such a way that it was literally impossible to beat? If it was meant to take a long time then adding more floors between each guy would have had the same effect while not reminding of the failures of champions, for example.

A: Maybe it comes soon


Q: Does “every day of the event” or the drop chance take into account the 24 hour  cooldown between champion fights needing you to effectively waste a day between attempts, and that the 5th round doesn’t give shards, further limiting the amount of tries you get?

A: That is true but it is calculated into the drop chance which is very high


Q: how were the mechanics of Sultry Mysteries decided? Being able to get any random guy in the shop seems great at first glance, but why include guys who are already permanently in the game (Adventure, Pachinko, PoP, Club Champs), who no player is at risk of losing out on, and exclude guys under 40 shards? (Meaning it has limited effectiveness for the guys who most need revivals – KC and LD guys – who the player may have under 40 shards for.)

A: The idea is to be able to finish guys that you already started, be it from different features or events. The choice is random to still keep you coming back and check if you got the guy you wanted. It won’t be interesting if you just could just pick and choose directly, right?


Q: More questions about the new Sultry event: are you planning to add any changes to the new feature? Specifically referring to the shards threshold in order to see the guys in the shop (from 40 to a lower number > 20 ideally)

A: There is no such plan to change that for now. New rewards can appear in the Shop as some point though


Q: I know this probably not covered in this Q&A but was wondering if we could get any info on a gay pornstar harem. Is it still a possibility and if so doesn’t it have a potential release time?

A: You can maybe expect something coming up next year


Q: Are there any plans to give player XP a purpose for players who have reached level 500?

A: Yes, we are thinking about it for a while. We’ll see which one would work the best.


Q:Are there any redesigns planned for leagues? Like changing how many are in a bracket, introducing new brackets, or changing the rewards yet again?

A:No, no such plans at this moment. There is something related to that, which is in our backlog, which is about the recruits’ rewards and them being in a “stack” like the ones in PoP. But that is somewhere in the future.


Q: With the introduction of gems, 1-star heroes have found a new purpose, but 3-stars (esp. Legendaries) remain pretty much an unjustifiable cost for most players. Are there any new mechanics planned to address this issue?

A: Not at this moment. If you have suggestions on the topic, you can submit them.


Q: Are there any plans to add a bulk sell option for equipment in the market? Maybe a “sell all common/rare/epic” option.

A: Yes, we have such an idea, we’ll see when it can come to life.


Q: While I loathe to add more koban spending options, is there a reason there isn’t a x10 button in pantheon?  Or a shortcut for clicking like 200+ times to finish Boss bang?

A: We are thinking of adding these but we’ll see how and when.


Q: I figure you’ll never answer this, but what was the real reason behind removing dating tokens? A rework to make them not work for exclusive guys (read mythics if SM is to be understood) would have let us keep a beloved mechanic

A:The whole point was to have a way to finish a recruit that players started in a cool, engaging way. That’s why we introduced the SM event. Just the dating tokens were not working as we wanted them to work.


Q: Does the game code allow for events/rewards to be different for players based on their level or number of guys? (Examples – pose matching champs is extremely tedious with 130 drafts, getting champ guys is very difficult for high-level accounts and their drop rate should be higher, PoP awards are ok for new accounts but ridiculous for high-level players etc).

A: Yes, it is possible that rewards are given based on player level or the recruits owned. There are features that use that, for example PoP rewards scale with level.


Q: With PoD running out of LC guys sooner or later, have you got any plan for when we have no LC guys left to be put into it? Or maybe putting Seasonal guys in there?

A: No plans for that but might be an option. No plans for seasonal guys overall at this very moment


Q: Will we be able to exchange shards of guys we don’t like for Sultry Mysteries keys? Would be also good to  break a harem guy we don’t like into let’s say 50 shards and then be able to exchange the shards.

A: We don’t have plans for that


Q: Would it be possible to add a x10 fight option to Boss Bang?

A: We are thinking of adding this but we’ll see how and when.


Q: The “custom bundle” feature is still planned?

A: Yes, it is in the plans.


Q: Any plan to redesign and changing the PoP future guys/girls to 5* consider how hard it is to get them? Usually I would consider it take nearly a whole month to get them, which is on par with Club guy and should be the same rarity with them

A: No such plans, mainly because of content production, a 5* takes much more time and we want to keep them for the most exciting events and features.


Q: Hmm, then I would add a criticism about SM, if one plays for free and doesn’t do many fights, the amount of keys you get during the event is very, very small, and makes the event seem really unappealing, regardless of how good it could be

A: Our current plan is to happen normally during OD which anyways is heavy on villain performances – basically getting shards and keys at the same time.


Q: Would also be nice if there was a way to ensure SM doesn’t constantly repeat the same options in the market. In my case I had exactly 3 guys that could’ve appeared, one from a troll, one from PoP and one missed KC. And I only got the PoP and troll guys over and over again, never the KC, so I couldn’t make any use of the feature yet 

A: That is interesting, we can look more into such cases, maybe at least the guy that appears next should not be the same one from the previous stock, we’ll see


Q: Once before you reduced the amount of energy required to complete story scrolls in worlds 1-6, do you plan to do that again anytime soon for worlds 6-12? Currently it takes over a year to reach world 13 and HH has 4 worlds more than we do.

A: We don’t have such plans atm. So far this was targeted by more and more Energy rewards all over the place and more Energy in bundles.


Q: Will the All Mastery’s Emblem mythic booster have the league and seasons separated into 2 different boosters?

A: We are still debating about this but due to the last survey it appears that more people prefer it to stay like this.


Q: Will you get rid of the refresh while collecting PoA rewards, like you did with PoV and PoG?

A: Technical question but we can try


Q: I wonder if we could see Labyrinth anytime soon considering it was one of the top 5 anticipated features?

A: It is in the backlog, and indeed was one of the most liked ones. No particular plan for it yet


Q: MD is better for it. Or have it twice during both events so it’s useful for both new and old players

A: We’ll see results and feedback and can decide based on that. The good news is that it has synergy with other events and can be scheduled differently, we have wiggle room.


Q: Why are affection items in PoP epic?

A: Balance reasons


Q: I understand KC isn’t deemed popular, but are there any plans to revive any of those characters in any format? 

A: No plans for that yet


Q: Are there any plans for additional formats to release Clicker girls into the game?

A: No, only KC


Q: if the month long Seasonal might be coming back in the future, is there any chance that you could make the first 2 guys we get back to 5* instead of 3* (like anniversary seasonal)?

A: That is the plan, yes, the long format should have four 5* (unless something wrong happens)


Q: To expand on the KC revival question asked, are revivals in the works for Seasonal, League, Boss Bang, Kinky Cumpetition, Path of Valour? 

A: No concrete plans for that yet, but it is on our mind.


Q: Will you get rid of the refreshing while collecting PoA rewards, like you did with PoV and PoG?Also refreshing when collecting PoP rewards.

A: Technical question but we can try


Q: Do you plan to update the points awarded by some contests? Especially, the selling contest – which award only 50 point per item sold.

A: There is a plan to have multi-sell but we’ll see when that can happen


Q: Do you plan to add messenger from HH in GH soon? And or rework it before maybe?

A: A rework is something that we are looking into, it definitely doesn’t appear to be as good as we wanted it to be. Until that happens maybe there is not much reason to push to other games.


Q: If there aren’t any plans to revive such characters, then it’s kinda deceitful to have all unearned guys say they will be back later

A: I think they will be coming back at some point – but when and how is still unknown.


Q: Does that mean the long format will also return to the balancing of the SE during Anniversary?

A: Similar most likely, maybe more/better rewards overall (outside of the recruits)


Q: Are we getting some furry men?

A: We’ll have to ask Content team


Q: But same “price tag” as during the Anniversary? Because it was easier to recruit all 4 during the shorter format and it was much appreciated

A: Very similar to the Anniversary, yes.

The shorter format was easier but had other problems


Q: Do you plan to make the bundles pop-up less aggressive that they are currently in the game? 

A: Currently it happens twice per day, or when a new one appears. No plans to change that.


Q: Do you plan to update the PoP soon? Especially a possibility to cancel (with confirmation to be sure u don’t cancel accidentally) a PoP missclicked on phone could be a cool update. 

A: It is meant to be random and incentivize upgrade of different classes.


Q: Do you plan to rework the affection system of the harem? Right now, upgrading the guys is costly and quite hard for everyone.

A: It is part of the overall balance – upgrading and rewards. More rewards are constantly added to the game. So all in all we don’t think there is a general problem with this.


Session 3: Comix Harem Q&A with Game Design – Generalisimus


Q: When will Pantheon come to Comix Harem?

A: We have plans for it for next year


Q: Will Path of Glory become a revival only for Legendary Contests girls (like it is on HH) now that Legendary Days revivals were introduced ?

A: Yes, it is possible to do so in the future but we will have to see when that can happen.


Q: Are there any plans to change the 35 shard drop of the event girl from champions?

A: No plans about that atm, but we can have a look at it at some point


Q: Why are there two Mythic gifts on every market refresh ? Could you please put only one, same as Mythic books (and Mythic gifts on GH/HH) ?

A: We will take a look and balance it closer to HH’s balance


Q: Will there be girls awarded through League performances like there are already in all other games ? If so, could we have an ETA on that ?

A: We don’t have a plan about that yet, but we are keeping it in mind


Q: Resource management takes more and more time with each big update. Some tasks already require dozens if not hundreds of clicks – per play session. With each game system added, time and attention requirements only grow more. Announced features seem to intend to take it even further. Girl equipment, just as an example, sounds monstrous in this regard. Are there any plans to simplify user experience in the future (probably cutting or simplifying older game systems)?

A: We constantly have a lot of projects for quality of life in our backlog, we’ll see when and how these can come to the games


Q: Why does Comix Harem have only 10 daily missions while GH, HH and PSH have 12 ?

A: I’ll take a look into the topic and we can adjust it to 12 in the future to follow other games


Q: In a previous HH Q&A, the question of element balance among girls was raised and you said back then that GD would take care of it and see that elements would be distributed in equal proportions among girls.

While this is globally respected for all girls, what’s really important for most competitive players is the repartition in PvP-ready girls (5 and 6 affection stars) And now, with the last 4 five-stars event girls (LD, LC, BB and last LD) as Voyeur girls, HH players are having reverse-PTSD, seeing the current repartition for those girls :

Dominatrix 4

Eccentric 3

Exhibitionist 4

Physical 4

Playful 4

Sensual 2 😭

Submissive 6

Voyeur 8 😫

[tldr for summary] Could you please be careful about element repartition among stronger (5/6*) girls on Comix Harem in the future ?

A: This is something that another team is balancing right now but we will inform them of the issue and make it better for the future.


Q: Speaking about 5-star girls, why were there only three-star girls on Comix at the start for Legendary Days/Contest and Boss Bang ? This makes underwhelming Paths of Glory right now… Could you please confirm that it won’t happen again and the new girls for these events will only be 5-stars now ? Is there any plan to give those poor souls their missing affection stars ?

A: This is mainly because of content production capacity. With time the number of 5-star girls should grow. Already released girls will most likely not have more stars added.


Q: Could we please have a warning for the arrival of future Seasonal Events in the event calendar, the same way as any other event (and the first SE we got, even though it was a separate calendar) ? Teasing is good, learning about it on the very day it comes in feels a bit… “deceptive” for lack of a better word.

A: We have to see how this can work with our communication team and what will be the best course of action.


Q: Would it be possible to shift harem collection to f2p users and giving the silver+ cards something better reward now that the game has (and continues to get) increasingly more things? This reward was more useful before the introduction of several new ideas such as gems.

A: We have a project in our backlog around changing the harem income mechanics but that will be somewhere in the future


Q: Could we get the same reward calendar on Comix than we get on other games ? (namely the champ tickets on day 7/21 instead of the GNC orbs)

A: Yes, we can take a look into that and improve it


Q: Will there be a change in Cumback Day 3 objective now that clubs have finally arrived in Comix (thanks a lot for that) ? Namely : Fight Champs –> Fight Club Champ ?

A: I will think about it and maybe we can adjust it in the future to be the same as in HH


Q: In the not so distant future where Comix will have all the same events as HH (only missing Mythic revival right now), could you please consider synchronizing the event calendars for both games ? I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by all of us playing multiple games, but also by our lovely CM making announcements and calendars.

A: This is a good point, we will take it into consideration and discuss it in the team


Q: Would it be possible to align PoG starting times between HH and CxH (harder to do because of timings, just a pity it wasn’t done at launch  ) ?

And what about the PoV objectives across games, could they eventually be aligned too?

A: Not sure if this is such a possibility but we’ll check it out


Q: Could we please get a class filter on girl selection in Places of Power, since they’re class-dependent?

A: Maybe it is a good thing, but it is not a high priority imo


Q: Is it planned to release bundles with full sets of Mythical Equipment?

A: Right now all Mythic Equipment is using random skins. We have it in our backlog to use more of the equipment skins that we have, i.e. the Event Pachinko can give Mythic Equipment based on the skins of the event going on. We’ll see when this can be developed.


Q: Will Mobile League UI change back to be the same as Desktop UI ??? Desktop UI is way better

A: I have this on my list to take care of at some point, the experience in the Leagues for mobile is far from perfect. When it can be improved – I cannot really answer right now 🙂


Q: For lvl 500 will you make an improvement to stop showing rare and epic equipment as it’s not that valuable as Legendary?

A: You mean to have more Legendary equipment in the Market? It is possible, we have to strike a good balance there. But also there are a lot of other ways to get items (Night-club)


Q: When will we have the “famous” labyrinth for HHand CxH?

A: We don’t have a concrete plan as of now so I cannot say a date.


Q: Would it be possible to have more PoP? 12 places right now

A: Maybe possible but do you need them? 😛 I think currently it is a very nicely rewarding feature for what it is


Q: In the actual working of the Champions, it’s possible to do runs after runs, and never get the girl, as you can get the other reward every time you finish step 5… With the higher Champions, who are much stronger, it’s a punishment on players when you have 20 shards of the girl after 13 full cycles

A: I see your point, it is a chance based drop and the drop chance is high. But I can see if it is possible to give a guaranteed reward after X tries.

Follow up Q: could we get a number on that “high” ? as an aside, could we get any official numbers some day on drop chances everywhere?

A: I cannot share it at this moment

On the topic of showing drop rates – it is an old topic for us. I’m mainly skeptical about the player’s perception of this. 

What would happen if we share that a drop chance is 50%, and the player doesn’t get it after 4 tries… It will feel VERY bad.


Q: Do you think it’s possible to add more rewards for the pov because some of them can be finished really fast and I would like to get more rewards when I can still make points for a pov (end to 6500 for now, the same rewards for a higher score would be nice, for example why not put 15 000 or 20 0000)?

A: This is a good point, sometimes 6500 is very easy 🙂 I’ll think about it.


Q: Could Chlorella be replaced by ANYTHING in PoP?

A: I see you got quite a bit, maybe it is a good idea to give something else or split chances, I’ll take it into consideration.


Q: The release of Mythic equipment before any UI improvement in the equipment market tabs (filter, favorite, sets…) feels a bit player-unfriendly with all the management that will go into optimizing element resonance bonuses, is there any non-budget related reason for doing it that way?

A: Sometimes QoL features and additions are really time-consuming so sometimes we release a feature that is in its MVP stage. For Mythic Equipment we have a list of improvements in line and we will see when they can come to life.


Q: Do you play the game daily?

A: Yes, I play HH every day, other games less often (I’m 475lvl free-to-play) 😄


Q: I have a few questions..

about “places of power”: when are you going to add new heroes?;

about the “clubs”: are you going to add new activities for example: club fights or new missions for the club?;

about “sex god path” – champions: do you plan to add new champions?(example: when you get all of them to do a reset, put new ones in place of the old ones and start from scratch?).

A: PoP new girls – it is more of a content question but it should be about 1 per 3 months;

Clubs – Club Leagues are in our backlog, they were shared in our GD survey;

Champions – no such plans of expansion right now but it is an interesting topic that can bring cool results;


Q: Since you’re talking about the GD survey… it was not shared on Comix or PSH, only HH and (for the first time, I’m told) GH

Could we have your Game Design opinion for the reason why ?

A: It is mostly about players’ majority/sheer count in the different games but maybe next time we can make it appropriate and share on all games 🙂 (also most PSH & CxH fans play HH)


Q: Will Villains get more Tiers?

A: It will be cool to add more Tiers, yes! But I don’t think we have a particular date for that atm

Q: Will max lvl 750 awakening lvl be changed to a higher level in the future?

A: No plans for that at this moment but maybe after a while when everyone is maxed…


Q: Will we get “semi-detailed” results on that GD survey ? (like the average notation that each one got, for example) ?

every opinion we read on forums/Discord about recruit equipment since it was teased two surveys ago, for example seems to be overwhelmingly negative, so without any number to back your choice to put it back in again and again, it kinda feels a bit forced 😅

A: I’m not sure, I have to check with the team, also I’ve not looked at the results in detail yet.

Keep in mind that the results are very important for us but they are not a specific plan for action. In example #1 feature is not what comes next as a release because there are a lot of other factors like time to develop, potential problems, required content to produce regularly, what is the type of feature, etc

Follow up Q: sure, not asking about ETA/timings, just…. is there any way a feature would be entirely scrapped if it gets too much negative feedback or are we set to get everything that was in that survey in one form or another ?

A: It is possible for any feature of the list to be done, or scrapped, or frozen. It can get very specific due to the particular feature.

But for me as part of the decision makers about what goes into the game and what not – it is an important factor to take into consideration together with our overall perspective, experience, goals, etc. So it definitely matters if something is very liked or very disliked on a large scale.


Q: Will Mythic Equipment replace ones in Bundles like World Bundle ??

A: no plans for that atm but it is a good suggestion, I’ll check what can be the best places for such rewards


Session 4: Pornstar Harem Q&A with Game Design – Generalisimus



Q: Why is this daily goal “Spend 1 GNC10 orb” still present on PSH even though it has been removed from other games?

Why the daily goal “do awakening” in first day gaming and never after?

A: I will check the Daily Goals situation. Some of them were deactivated or activated for PSH’s launch specifically. The game is more mature now so an overview is due.


Q: With now 6 more steps since its introduction, could we please please please get a regular time length PoA like on all other games?

A: We are discussing in the team the topic of events’ length and schedule. Perhaps soon we can come to a solution for all of the games.


Q: When can we expect to see POG introduced to the game; or will we?

A: The goal is to revive old LC or LD girls so most likely sometime next year.


Q: Same question for Cumback Contests?

A: We are working on it right now so most likely soon™


Q: Will we be getting a chance at completing shards for previous girls soon? This is kind of related to the previous two questions, both Path of Glory (POG) and Cumback Contests are revival events, respectively for Legendary Contests/Days girls and Seasons/Couch Surfing girls we will also probably have Orgy Days for Classic Events but it’s minimum one year after the Classic Event they’re reviving, so first one should be in May 2023. Also, Sultry Mysteries to buy shards for girls you already started is scheduled to be a Monthly event (we had the first one earlier in October)

A: Yes, the logic that we apply for other games in terms of revivals, will be applied for PSH too in time.


Q: My question is about the lack of starters in the game. On Nutaku we only have one, and .com only has 2 I believe. Harems aren’t the biggest source of cash flow, but that missing income really adds up. 

This is further compounded by Mythic gear that not only takes a lot of cash to fully upgrade but also uses up a primary source of income.

Basically, the game started out giving too much cash compared to the others, then it was nerfed to the extreme opposite. Can we find some balance? Even adding in two new starters, to align with other games, would go a long way.

A: We’ll take a look into the topic and see what we can do.


Q: Now that Mythic Boosters were introduced, could we please get the Mythic Booster on this PoV step the same way we got it on other games? On a related note, could we get the Mythic rewards at the end of Seasonal Event? It isn’t very enticing that way

A: We’ll check the situation for PoV. In Seasonal there will be Mythic Equipment (for lvl200+) 


Q: Could the League get some rebalance because low level player that advanced to Sexpert I always become prey for big players and lost most of fight because level 100’s get pinned with level 300’s which is impossible to beat unless use booster, therefore people lost interest in league as they have almost 0 chance to win and please add more shards on Sexpert I so people who can’t win the league has chance to get enough shard of the girl.

A: The Leagues are a self-balancing feature based on the overall power of the player and it depends on the overall population of the game. We cannot make special rules based on the level.


Q: Could there be more options to obtain more gems as it’s very necessary to awakening girls and the gems reward from event is too small except the early month that give 300 gems of all kinds if obtained all 6 girls

A:  Right now I believe there are enough gems in the game but we’ll take a look and see if there are places where we can add more, if necessary.


Q: Could the contest be a bit more sensible ?, as you can have sell items contest like twice within a week and it’s also pinned with POA quest to obtain 20k/50 k in contest, which makes people that compete in selling contest previously have to burns money to get items to sell to get the 2000/5000 points mark.

A: Daily Contests are random keeping some luck based possibilities for the case of PoA objective but still it is possible to complete it. For some players selling items is a curse, for some it is a blessing because of the Great Orbs they have in example.


Q: now that Pantheon Temple 2000 has finally been broken over on HH thanks to Mythic Gear, are the brave souls that put a lot of energy (and money, let’s be honest) in climbing those final near-impossible steps royally screwed for all future “Do Pantheon Performances” daily goals or have you thought of a workaround?

A: We will target this problem soon


Q: Will we see Pantheon here in PSH?

A: At some point but we have to see when.


Q: We’ve seen reports of players getting another angel as a starter girl (I’ve seen Sara Jay with wings), what was the idea behind that? How many are there? Are there plans to select a different Angel than the one we started with?

A: There are indeed other angels based on where the player is coming from (in example Sara Jay has her own game link). But this only affects the first girl of the player and these girls are with the same balance as the generic starting angel. These same girls are also available in either Epic Night-club or Great Night-club for all players (some of them you can recognize by the word ‘Nightclub’ in front of their name).


Q: u said last week that League girls weren’t in the plans for Comix Harem (which has reached D3 on .com two weeks ago) and yet they were introduced in PSH when there was barely one S3 bracket on PSH.com and none on Nutaku at the time.

Isn’t there a balance problem in that regard?

A: It all depends on the number of active players in the game. With more and more players getting in the game, higher leagues will get more brackets. For the Leagues girls, we will see, it will depend on our capacity and potentially having the girls in a stack (like PoP).


Q: Repeating a question here I asked in the CxH Q&A, so it’s in both lists, has consideration been given to putting a cap on the number of passes necessary to complete a sex club path champion to get the girl? The current model has the potential for never getting the girl, and adding a “streak breaker” that guarantees her after say 15-20 passes would be a solution.

A: Currently we don’t have this functionality but it is a possible solution. We’ll look into it in the future.


Q: Also, back on the topic of money. Have you considered an offer to buy just money for gold? Cash is SO scarce in this game, and while some offers have money mixed in, they are a pittance. Being able to buy a $50mil pot of cash for gold would be something I could see spending real cash on.

A: We can see what our options are, there are a lot of options. We haven’t really considered the question of directly buying money with gold, but it’s a discussion to have.


Q: I’m not sure I understand this answer, you knew what the player numbers and the reached league brackets were when you introduced the league girls here… And the league girls have been working fine without any stacking on HH for over a year now…

So, it definitely was introduced too soon here on PSH, even before the classic champions were all there (we only had the third one out of the usual 6 earlier today)

Will we see the next 3 champs soon? (like one a month maybe until the end of February?)

A: We are not able (currently) to define different balances for leagues for the different games but it can be a consideration. 

Champions – yes, you will be able to see more Champions in the coming months, they are planned 


Q: Аlso on the topic of champions, for clubs this time, we had 1 new CC girl on each of the first two months, 2 new CC girls on the third month (first time it ever happens on all games), none on 4th and it seems none on 5th starting tomorrow either, why the irregularity in rhythm?

A: We were changing the rhythm of production and right now it is 1 per 3 months I believe which lead to irregular releases on production.


Q: Is it possible to take some of the more popular features from the script, referenced so often as a solution to in-game insights, and build them into the native game interface?

A: We are using the script and there are some ideas that can be brought to the game. It goes to the category of quality-of-life features which we are developing when our tech capacity is making it possible.


Q: Someone has asked in the ‘ideas and suggestions’ channel, which I’ll relay – are we able to build a cancel button into the PoP to correct potential mistakes when assigning girls to tasks?

A: It is actually in our backlog but with a lower priority


Q: What are the planned game developments over the next few months? Anything exciting to look forward to?

A: New event(s) 


Q: Have you decided when the Sultry Mysteries event will happen this month? And why doesn’t it appear in the Event Calendar? (the new Double Date does appear…)

A: It will happen at some point in December but it is a … Mystery


Q: ok, same question for the inevitable Christmas Seasonal Event then? 

A: It will start in December and end in… January


Q: Are there any more club features planned beyond the club champion? Club wars or anything similar?

Club Harems?

A: Club Leagues are still part of the picture (backlog), which is a Club weekly competition. But we will see when it can happen. 


Q: Would you guys consider making a club “resources” pool?  Where club members could continue to donate gold and then that gold be able to be used to reset the club champ when it’s on cooldown?

A: It is not a bad idea, we can dig more into that idea later


Q: Will it be possible to trade shards between players (only when the number of shards is <= 99)?

A: Trading is dangerous and there are no such plans at least at the moment 

are you over 18?