Comix Harem Patch Notes

Patch Notes Week #2



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest: “Rocky Endeavour”:  Deep inside the caverns of Glowanalichu, Shashka is on a mission, and she needs the perfect balance of will and power to accomplish it. Deep inside her, Wildman is a hero bound to give her all she needs…Check out the latest Side Quest! 



Patch Notes Week #1




  • New World 5 Quest 6 Adventure Release: “Fem’me Fatale”: Hang in there Wildman, we are almost there…Check out the latest adventure! 




  • We’ve improved the code and unified the display of stats between opponents in different places (Seasons/Leagues/Villains/Pantheon).
  • This will improve the performance of the game.


For the latest bugs and known issues, please visit our blog post !



Patch Notes Week #52

Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release  : “Divine Dalliance”: The Qum Superior invites Wildman to the Convent of the Holy Spear and the Divine Orbs, where her holy order is based. She seeks his aid in reinforcing the wards around the convent to protect it against the forces of evil…Check out the latest Quest on Wednesday.


New one grade characters release:

Horny Hornet                               Lucinda Copperspring


Two new Pachinko girls



Holiday Closure

During the holiday season customer support and community management will have limited availability. In case of emergencies, please contact Magrat on discord.
Thank you for your understanding

Happy Holidays!


Patch Notes Week #51



  • New Quest Release World 5 Quest 5 : “Drones of Prey”: Shoot down the drones…all over the place…Check out the latest Quest on Wednesday.


A new star has joined the Haremverse! 

Jenna Roux!


Holiday Closure

During the holiday season customer support and community management will have limited availability. In case of emergencies, please contact Magrat on discord.
Thank you for your understanding

Happy Holidays!

Patch Notes Week #50




  • New Rare Side Quest : “Cunning Linguist”: Galactic Girl is struggling to master the Terran language. Wildman is a rather cunning linguist, perhaps he can teach her a thing or two… Check out the latest Side Quest on Wednesday.



Change Team filters have been added to the game


  • You will now be able to search for characters by the following criteria:
  • Name
  • Element 
  • Blessing 
  • All characters that have bonus blessing of the week
  • Rarity



  • If you rescue all the girls during Classic or Orgy Days, a special chest will reveal itself 
    • The chest will contain 300 Gems of each type for Classic event




Players who have the option to pay with PayPal/SegPay will now be able to purchase bundles with Paypal!  


Holiday Sale!

Starting Dec 15th 2021 and ending on January 5th 2022 ingame Energy will be -20% OFF! 




Patch Notes Week #49




  • New Quest release: World 5 Quest 4 “Taming the Serpent?”: Who is afraid of big snakes 😉 




Monthly Cards

  • All Monthly Cards will now provide Gems in addition the the other daily rewards (Kobans & Kisses)

  • Silver card users will receive 40 extra gems per day (5 of each type)
  • Gold card users will receive 80 extra gems per day (10 of each type)
  • Platinum card users will receive 200 extra gems per day (25 of each type)

Note: Buying the cards now will bring you the gems accumulated from the beginning of the month.

Night-Club Rebalance

  • Great Night-Club (x1 and x10 games)
  •  Chance for gifts and books has been increased
      • The chance for equipment has been decreased
        • Higher level players will receive higher rarity items
  • Event Night-Club
    • Gems have been added as an additional reward 
      • 70 Random gems
    • In order to increase the chance for Legendary items, Avatars have been removed as a reward option


  • Mythic Night-Club (all games)
      • In order to increase the chance for legendary items, Avatars have been removed as a reward option 
      • All Avatars in the Hero page are -70%  
  • From 08.12.2021 – 12.12.2021 (4 days)




We are proud to present the latest feature in the Haremverse!

Path of Valor

For more details on the new feature visit our blog article and read all about Path of Valor!



Complete objectives and give the girls love potions to enhance their potency 

  • The release day of Path Of Valor will be this Thursday (9 December 2021, starting 1 pm UTC+1) 

The event will last for 4 weeks and will be unlocked to all players above level 30!


You will get amazing rewards, gorgeous new girls and lots of action!

For more details on the new feature visit our blog article and read all about Path of Valor!




Patch Notes Week #48




  • New Common Side Quest : “Devilish Details”: Jinny receives an invitation from Hero, but much to her surprise, discovers that the meeting place he specified is actually an abandoned church adorned with demonic symbols and infernal relics! What could Hero be intending to do in such a sinister place? If the invitation truly came from him at all… Check out our latest adventure!



  • Leaderboard in both Seasons and Pantheon will not show the top 1000 players
    • Previously top 200 users were displayed 


Seasons Tiers and Rewards

  • The first tiers of the Season will now require less Mojo to be achieved
  • The Girl rewards will stay the same or with similar Mojo requirements
  • Additional tiers and more rewards have been included
    • 76 total tiers (from 61)
    • Two new additional rewards
      •  Gems and Books (including Mythic Books)
    • Koban rewards has been increased 


To make the Awakening of the girls easier, each Villain will now drop a different gem.
That will open the possibility to obtain a desired gem type faster so that you can upgrade your favourite girls quicker. 


  • BodyHack  will drop 15 Eccentric or Playful Gems
  • Grey Golem will drop 15 Dominatrix or Submissive Gems
  • The Nymph will drop 15 Voyeur or Sensual Gems
  • Athicus Ho’ole will drop 15 Exhibitionist or Physical Gems



Free Holiday Rewards!

To celebrate the upcoming holidays we are giving away 

Free Daily Rewards!


Starting on the 1st and ending on the 25th of December, Super Santa will fill your hard socks with all types of naughty rewards because you’ve been so good! You can go stuff her as a thank you! 😉



Ho! Ho! Ho…

Hero, we hope you’ve been very naughty this year for Super Santa won’t have it any other way! 


Be fast and claim your reward, it only lasts for 24 hours.
Super Santa has a lot of chimneys she needs to visit!




Patch Notes Week #47




  • New Quest release: World 5 Quest 3 “The Bigger Man”: Begin City’s most famous playboy, philanthropist, and industrialist… Check out our latest adventure!



  • Two new Pachinko girls are joining the fight


Ladychoke                                           Beatchick



  • Two one-star heroes have arrived! 




  • After unlocking new features a pop-up with a tutorial will appear, which will explain in details game mechanics 
  • Players who have already unlocked the feature will not receive the pop-up notification


Seasons Update

Starting this December, Seasons will have 76 tiers with even more rewards. Having more steps for the same period of time just means that the first ones will be easier to get and you will have more loot to collect. In order not to remove current rewards, we are adding gems and books as additional things you can win in the Seasons. 


Free Bundles 

Claim your free bundles
240 Gems per day!

  • Starting today until the 1st of December you will be able to claim Free Gem bundles!
    • More rewards will be announced soon! Stay tuned for more information!



Patch Notes Week #46




Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest release: “Catfight”:  Feline Fury and Chanel DuPouis want boosts to prepare for a big upcoming fight. However something smells fishy… just like canned cat food… Check out the latest side quest!


Important information:
Awakening will be released on Thursday at noon after the Leagues end (around 11 am UTC+1).
Expect a short downtime for the release. 


New feature


Power up your girls 

What is Awakening?

Until recently the girls in your Harem could be leveled up until your hero’s current level. 

We have removed this restriction and are now introducing a new currency – Gems – one for each element.

Using Gems your girls will now be able awaken their true superpower above their current level cap.


Last week on the test server we announced the feature Awakening.

Based on detailed feedback from our playerbase, we are introducing a few changes on how this new feature will work.


Girl leveling

  • Girl Awakening until level 250 will cost 0 Gems
  • All awakening costs in gems are reduced
    • Common & rare -20% 
    • Epic -40%
    • Legendary -55%
    • Mythic -60%
  • The characters required in order to awaken are increased (on average with 40%)


Rebalance on how Gems are obtained:

  • Each win in Seasons will provide 1 Physical Gem
  • Each win in the Leagues will reward 1 Voyeur Gem
  • Playing Epic and Mythic Pachinko will reward all Gem types
  • Side Quests final reward will provide different Gems types


The gems are an addition to most of the current rewards that are obtained from the features.


Rebalancing of Books:

  • Mythic Books will keep their price but will provide x2 times more XP than before  (20k / 40k / 60k) 
  • From now on players of all levels will receive higher rarity books from the Market 
  • Daily rewards
    • Epic items will be replaced by Legendary books 


Additional requirements

  • There are some additional requirements for leveling up girls once they have reached a certain milestone. 
    • Awakening after level 250: 20 girls need to have reached level 250
    • Awakening after level 300: 25 girls need to have reached level 300
    • Awakening after level 350: 30 girls need to have reached level 350
    • Awakening after level 400: 35 girls need to have reached level 400
    • Awakening after level 450: 40 girls need to have reached level 450
    • Awakening after level 500: 50 girls need to have reached level 500
    • Awakening after level 550: 60 girls need to have reached level 550
    • Awakening after level 600: 70 girls need to have reached level 600
    • Awakening after level 650: 85 girls need to have reached level 650
    • Awakening after level 700: 100 girls need to have reached level 700

Note: Awakening will be released on Thursday noon after the Leagues end (around 13 pm UTC+1). Expect a short downtime for the release. 


Free Bundles 

  • With the release of Awakening we are giving away x2 free bundles
  • The bundles will contain 3000 of all Gem types and Mythic books
    • The free bundles will be available for 4 days




  • Harem page has been optimised and now performs better and loads faster.



  • The Ymen income from the first 3 starting girls in the game has increased



Patch Notes Week #45




  • New Quest release: World 5 Quest 2 “Meat and Greet”: Straight Shooter and Bang onboard Wildman on the details of his new mission, but something (or someone) is about to cut their fun short!… Check out our latest adventure!



  • The sell value of equipment has been reduced depending of level and rarity of the equipment
  • The price of Great Pachinko has been lowered



Patch Notes Week #44



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest release: “The fountain of JOI”: Vorr needs the hero to help her out of a trap by giving her a boost, but there’s a catch – the hero can’t touch her… Check out the latest side quest!



New Feature release!


We are proud to announce the release of Comix Harem Leagues!
Starting this Thursday (04.11.2021) you will be able to participate in the roster and challenge other Super Heroes for rewards!


Make your appearance in the Leagues and claim the title of Wanker, Sexpert or Dicktator as well as the grand prize that comes along with these ranks! But even if you don’t make it to the top, there will be other rewards waiting for you! 



Get your team ready and join the fight! 


What exactly are the Leagues?

This is where the game gets really competitive. The Leagues is the place where players from all over the world can challenge each other and compete in battles to show their prowess and win exclusive rewards. The Leagues unlock to players who have reached level 20 and above. 


Each Player will start at rank “Wanker I”. There are nine different league ranks: Wanker I, Wanker II, Wanker III, Sexpert I, Sexpert II, Sexpert III, Dickatator I, Dickatator II and Dickatator III. Winning a spot in a League brings different rewards.

To fight other players it in the league you will need

You can obtain every 35 minutes and you can have up to 15. You can also recharge the challenge points with Kobans. 


When does it start? 

The Leagues reset every week and the new season starts every Thursday at 13 pm (UTC+1).


How many players participate?

Players of the Leagues will be divided in groups. Each group has a minimum and a maximum players bracket in which you will compete.


What rewards do the Leagues give?

Check the Icons in the centre of the Leagues page. All you have to do is hover with your mouse on top of each of them and a popup menu will appear with all the rewards in that league. 

For information visit our blog post and the most recent balance changes on the Leagues





  • A pop-up overlay has been added after losing a performance



Patch Notes Week #43





  • New Adventure World 4 Quest 6 release: “Take My Breath Away” … Check out the final quest of World 4!


New world release is here!

Wildman has a new hero assignment!

  • New Adventure World 5 Quest 1 release: “Welcome to the Jungle” … Check out the final quest of World 4!




  • Two new Pachinko girls have graduated the Hero academia 

    • Aqua Lass 


    • Admin


One star girls

  • Two new one grade girl have joined the fight 


Patch Notes Week #42



Important information
Week #42 release 

  • This week’s release will be pushed for Thursday (21.10.2021) 13:00 UTC+2 (Server time) .  
    • Since we are releasing a few big features, the maintenance is expected to last over 1 hour on that day.
    • The downtime is planned, so please be aware there will be no compensation in case the game is down for a longer period of time.  
  • The maintenance is planned to start around 13:00 server time



We are proud to announce that Comix Harem is moving out of beta!



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest release: “Hocus Pocus Diggus Bickus”: As Arbadacarba has found out, practicing incantations all day really takes a toll on the tongue. Why not utilize her abilities and put them to better use, by perhaps conjuring a refreshment or summoning a boost?… Check out the side quest!



Just in time for Halloween, Nikki Benz is here!

  • Hotter than hell itself, the iconic Nikki Benz!
    • She will be waiting for you in the Nightclub!


HH and CxH Cross Promo

All players who have an HH account will receive a free girl in ComixHarem


  • On 21.10.2021 (Thursday) all players who have Hentai Heroes account will get their hands on a very special girl in Comix Harem!
    Tina Reed, also known as Red Battler!
  • If you don’t have an account in Comix Harem, just click on the banner on Friday and create one to get a free gorgeous girl in Comix Harem and help the sexy superheroines in the Comixverse.
  • Please keep in mind that the only way to get Red Battler is by clicking on the banner and not directly heading to HH to register your account. 



Comix Harem is looking for a volunteer translator 

We are looking for a volunteer to help with the translations from English to French for Comix Harem. Keep an eye on the Forum for more information.

The volunteer will be compensated with in-game currency. 😉



Patch Notes Week #41





  • New Adventure release: World 4 Quest 5 “Bound to Help”: On who will Wildman use his boosting superpowers this time…Check out the latest adventure!


ComixHarem Forum has been released!

  • We are proud to announce the release of ComixHarem Forum. The forum is dedicated to all fans and lovers of comics!
    Come and join the community!




Patch Notes Week #40



Side Quest

New Common Side Quest release: World 4 Quest 4 “Cheetah Meets Man”: The curious Chibi Cheetah corners Wildman at the end of his shift for a demonstration of his powers. Will the hero meet expectations, or will he crumble like a delicate flower?… Check out our latest adventure!


CxH to HH cross-promo delay

The scheduled for this week Cross-promo between CxH and HH will be delayed.

Red Battler will see you soon!

Thank you for your patience and support.

Kind regards,


Patch Notes Week #39




  • New Quest release: World 4 Quest 4 “The Hunting Party”: Wildman literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Check out our latest adventure!



  • Two new Pachinko girls have joined the fight 


    • Pause (CH)

    • Uberfrau (CH)


One Star girls

  • Two new one star girls have been released  

            Vicky Lovejoy                                        Lulu-Larya




Patch Notes Week #38



This week’s release (Week #38) will occur on Thursday (23.09.2021)


Side Quests

  • New Rare Quest release: “Ram to Fix RAM”: The android CAMMI-69 is experiencing a malfunction and she can’t exactly put her finger on it – any more than she already has, that is – until she runs a diagnostic test. It turns out that specific memory files can become corrupted if they are not regularly updated with fresh memories and experiences…Check out our latest adventure!



Path of Attraction

  • Similar to the Seasons, you will automatically be redirected to the current reward 
  • Hovering over the Girl Reward will display her stats



Local holidays

Dear players,

Due to a local holiday on Wednesday, this week’s release will occur on Thursday. Our support team will not be available on Wednesday and will reply at a slower rate for the rest of the week.

Kind regards,
Team Kinkoid




Patch Notes Week #37




  • New Adventure release: World 4 Quest 3 “Feeling Fuzzy”…Check out our latest adventure! 



Patch Notes Week #36



Side Quests

  • New Common Quest release: “Running Boost.(s)exe”: Something ain’t right with Admin’s calculations and a boost from Wildman will go a long way in solving her issues. In this case, the way to access her mental powers is only through her pussy.?…Check out our latest adventure!


Boosters Upgrade: Introducing Mythic Boosters

  • 3 new slots for Mythic Boosters have been added
  • Mythic Boosters will not expire with time but will deplete with uses and activity


  • Mythic Boosters cannot be stacked – more than one of same Mythic Booster type cannot be equipped 

Mythic Booster and Levels


  • Mythic Boosters will be unlocked at level  200+


  • From level 81 to 200
    • Common Boosters will no longer appear
      • It increases the chance for Legendary Boosters to appear


  • Level 201-500
  • Epic Boosters will no longer appear
  • You will get only Legendary and Mythic Boosters


Mythic Boosters: 


  • Sandalwood perfume 
    • Obtain +1 shard each time you win shards from Villains, up to 11 shards.
      • If several girls are dropping, each bonus shards for each drop will be counted towards the booster use 
      • Sandalwood perfume can be used for Mythic Events as well.


  • All Mastery’s Emblem (Well-rounded Performer)
    • +15% Impact when attacking in Leagues and Seasons for the next 100 performances.


  • Headband of determination 
    •  +25% Impact vs Villains for the next 200 performances.


  • Luxurious Watch 
    • Get +25% Impact vs all Champions for the next 200 performances. 
      • Club Champions are included.


  • Combative Cinnamon 
    •  Get +5 Mojo on a win or lose 0 Mojo on a loss in Seasons for the next 100 performances.


  • Alban’s travel memories 
    • Gain +20% Experience (+5% if you are above level 300) from all sources, up to 100,000 experience.





ImLive Super Heroes Harem Party! 


We are super excited to let you know that this week there will be a special event on! The sexy and lustful models from the iconic camsite ImLive will be cosplaying your favorite gorgeous Superheroines! Join the party and see your favorite superheroines come… to life! 


The Super Party starts on Friday, September 10, until Sunday, 12th. It will last for 3 days, will you?


Just look for the special banner that is your invitation to the party. Join it, and you will get the super amazing Pornstar Influencer SweetKiss Brazil. 


Note: the promo will be available only for players. SweetKiss Brazil will be added later for Nutaku players who will also have the opportunity to win her.





Patch Notes Week #35




New addition to the B.D.S.M.


Try different positions with different girls!

You will now be able to save several of your favorite girls in different Teams! 


“Teams” opens the possibility to have handy multiple girl compositions and to plan accordingly for both PvP and PvE!
How the teams are selected


  • Simply choose your desired team and click “Validate”
  • All girls can be used in multiple Teams.


  • You will be able to select a “Default” Team for Leagues, Seasons and Villain performances


  • The ”Default” team will be highlighted and can be changed by clicking on “Select”





In which features can different Teams be used?

  • Teams can be used in the Leagues, Seasons and when performing against the Villains


Number of Team slots

  • All players will be able to save a minimum of 6 different Teams
  • Silver card players will have access to 8 Teams
  • Gold monthly card players will have access to 10 Teams
  • Platinum monthly card users will have access to 13 Teams


What happens with the girl Teams if the monthly card runs out?

  • The Team slot cannot be selected or modified
  • The Teams will stay saved and will not be disbanded 
  • If one of the Teams is set as “Default” team, you will automatically be switched to your first Team slot


Side Quests


  • New Quest release: The Aristocrat and Her Cat! Can Wildman break up a wild catfight?…Check out our latest adventure!




Patch Notes Week #34



Side Quests

  • New Rare Quest release: Caution: Wet!
    It’s pouring cats and dogs outside, but Wildman knows how to deal with moisture.


Daily Rewards

  • Claim button has been added to the Daily rewards

    • Unclaimed rewards are marked with a chest icon 


One Star Characters

  • Two new one star heroes have joined the fight 



Two new Pachinko fighters have been recruited 

  • Exclusive Pachinko Characters:
    •  Arachnia
    •  Dr. Broun

                    Arachnia                            Dr. Broun


Q&A with FAB

The kinky content producer, main scenarist of Hentai Heroes since world 5, conscientious artist whipper, and creator of the Haremverse & Comix Harem lore, FAB is going to answer all of your hot questions speaking in English! 




Patch Notes Week #33


It’s our Anniversary month! 





  • The final quest of World 3 (New Horizons) has been added to the game;
  • The first quest of World 4 (Safe & Sound)  has been added to the game;






  • New Harem Filters – With the BDSM upgrade and the ever increasing amount of girls, it became apparent that we need more filters to help players sort through their list of Harem Recruits. We’ve added several new filters to the Harem page, including Hair Color, Eye Color, Zodiac Sign, Pose, etc.




  • Quests – several small improvements were done to the Adventure system, which should improve the overall experience of reading chapters of the Main Story and Side Quests. 



Patch Notes Week #32


Side Quests

  • New Common Side Quest release. (Don’t) Tap The (Gl)Ass: Wildman runs into someone unexpected in the halls of S.H.O.C.K.E.R. HQ – Thalassia, princess of Poseidonia, swimming in a glass room that’s been filled with water. She’s here for a diplomatic meeting between S.H.O.C.K.E.R., Poseidonia, and Atlantits, but she might need Wildman’s help with something first.…



Mythic Items


  • For players who are level 351+, Books will take 1 slot in the Market
    • Instead of having two slots, now there will be only one
  • No Mythic Books will appear for players level 81 to 200


  • Gifts will take one slot in the Market for players that have 301+ girls
    • Instead of having two slots, now there will be only one

In addition to the restock timer change from 8 to 6 hours and the latest Mythic Item rebalance, these changes will boost the accessibility of items purchased with Ymen by 17%.

Dropdown menu

  • The text and icons of the dropdown menu have been slightly increased in size for desktop view. 


  • In the Seasons, opponent’s total Mojo will now display below their level 


Patch Notes Week #31




  • New Quest release: World 3 Quest 5 “A boost for two”…Check out our latest adventure!



  • Market refresh times from 8 to 6 hours


New battle animations

  • New battle animation have been included in the game.



Patch Notes Week #30



New feature

x10 Seasons Performance Button

How does the x10 Season Battle work?


  • A pool of 30 opponents will be picked
  • From the drafted pool,, 10 opponents with the lowest Ego will be chosen to fight against
  • After the x10 Performance a new set of opponents will be drafted
  • Аll rewards will be displayed in one pop-up





  • Starting 2nd of August “!” notification will appear when new blessings are available



Night Club 

  • New Night Club heroes have joined the fight 


Wendy Weird



Wendy Weird



Patch Notes Week #29



New B.D.S.M  Feature

For more information on our thought process behind B.D.S.M and a sneak peek of future releases,  visit our blog 



  • New Quest release: World 3 Quest 4 “Tits for Tats”: Alpha Luna spills the beans…Check out our latest adventure!



  • “Loading” message has replaced the intro screen
    • Logged in users will no longer see intro screen


Removed the tutorial quests 

  • With the introduction of the new B.D.S.M system, tutorial quests have been removed


Bug fixes: 

  • Issue where the timer for Harem collection on town page occasionally disappearing has been fixed



Patch Notes Week #28



ComixHarem on Android!

All the sexy superheroines are in your pocket!


ComixHarem now available on Android for .com and Nutaku! 


Download ComiXHarem on your phone now! 




  • Unclaimed Rewards Feature 
    • Players with any monthly card will receive their unclaimed PoA and Seasons rewards after they’re finished.





Patch Notes Week #27



ComixHarem on Android!

All the sexy heroes are in your pocket!


ComixHarem now available on Android! 

Download ComiXHarem on your phone now! 


Bug fixes

  • Bug on Nutaku that prevented players from buying gifts from the Market has been fixed



  • Event Widget update 
    • Event widget design has been updated to match different event types 



  • Seasons 

UI improvements

  • After a player claims a Season reward, the next reward in order will be displayed 
    • Collecting rewards will be much faster 




Patch Notes Week #26

Side quests

  • New Rare Side Quest release: Hero’s Fortune: A strange seductress claims she knows the secrets the future holds. Even though Wildman suspects he might be getting scammed, he still pays for her services… by servicing her.


Exclusive Pachinko Girls

Two new Pachinko girls have joined the Hero HQ.
Reporting for duty!

  • Sea Serpent 


  • Arx 


One grade Girls

  • Regal Skater
  • Intragalactic Gal
  • Commanda Roy
  • Gothblade
  • Mettle
  • Nanotek
  • Measure Maid
  • Succubabe
  • Ametryst 



New payment system

We’ve added a new payment option: OneBip

  • OneBip is a carrier billing solution that allows players to pay directly using their mobile operators
  • The solution is available for now only in Austria, Switzerland and the UK.


Monthly Cards

Due to a bug in recent reward changes, for a week, players with a monthly card subscription have received twice the amount of daily Kobans

  • The bug is in favor of the users! Enjoy spending them! 
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