Comix Harem Patch Notes

Patch Notes Week #20





World 11 – The Good, The Bad and the Sexy

World Quest 6 “The In-Between”: 

“This is obviously what happens when I get a case of the blue bean!” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Bug Fix


The issue with mojo and 10x spending in Seasons is resolved.


Payment Provider Migration


We would like to inform you that we are currently undergoing a migration process with one of our payment providers. As a result, you may encounter some temporary issues related to payments and saved payment information. We assure you that this is a normal part of the migration process.

To ensure the smooth processing of your payments, we kindly request that you fill out the payment form again to validate your payment information, if you encounter an error message. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Patch Notes Week #19




  • Poses and scenes preview in more places (Boss Bang, Seasons, Path of Valor, Path of Glory, Mega Events, Pantheon, Champions, Club Champion, Places of Power)
  • Optimisation of Club chat for mobile 


Bug fixes

  • Adding missing timer for Double Date/Pachinko event 
  • The visual issue impacting the Season panel is fixed 
  • The issue preventing clocking on the info button in SM is fixed
  • An issue preventing the display of character in the villain reward pool is fixed 
  • The progression bar in Double Penetration event is fixed
  • The issue impacting the Blessings in Nutaku is fixed
  • A visual issue impacting the position of the Waifu in the menu is fixed

Patch Notes Week #18





World 11 – The Good, The Bad and the Sexy

World Quest 5 “Head of S.H.O.C.K.E.R.”: 

“Both of us are perfectly capable of multitasking, Wildman. You’re already hard and I’m soaking wet!” 

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Additional information about the content updates


We understand that recent rumors may have caused concern regarding the future of our beloved game. We want to take this opportunity to address those concerns directly and assure you that Comix Harem is here to stay.

While it’s true that we are making some adjustments to our production schedule, this is solely to ensure the long-term sustainability and vitality of the game. We’re slowing down some aspects of production to focus on quality over quantity, prioritizing the delivery of enriching experiences that resonate deeply with our community.

Your passion and dedication have been the driving force behind Comix Harem and we remain deeply committed to provide you with engaging content and memorable adventures for years to come. Rest assured, the world of Comix Harem will continue to evolve, offering you new challenges and adventures.

Thank you for your unwavering support and understanding as we navigate this transition. Together, we’ll continue to shape the future of Comix Harem and make it an even more vibrant and rewarding gaming experience for all.

We are going to release regular content for PvE features:

  • Labyrinth – a new 5-grade girl will come once per 2 months (as usual in other games)
    The next one will come in June with the next Laby season
  • PoP – a new 3-grade girl will come once per 3 months  (as usual in other games)
    The next one will come in the end of May as per the regular timing
  • Club Champions – a new 5-grade girl will come once per 3 months (as usual in other games)
    The next one will most likely come in June.

Seasons, Mythic Days and Mega Events will have new content every month.



  • Now you can use Paypal to purchase a Season Pass.

Patch Notes Week #17





The Characters will now have roles. The Roles are in addition to the classes. Roles will give a special bonus or perk, or effect. No change in existing stats. Roles bonuses are multiplicative with Relics bonuses, and Relics bonuses are applied after the Roles bonuses. Recruits from any Role will still use their skills in different PvP systems as normal. We are working on extra blessings on roles that will affect only the Labyrinth and not the whole PvP.

The first 4 roles are:

Fluffer | Healer

Heal the Ego of the lowest % Ego recruit in the team instead of damaging the opponent’s Ego, having the chance to Critically heal instead of Critical hit.

If all recruits in the team are at max Ego; or the Healer is the last one in the team; the Healer does a regular attack instead of healing.

Sexomancer | Necromancer

Role Perk: Replacement

Trigger skill (overriding the regular): Recover a random tired recruit from the team with Ego equal to the current Necromancer Ego. Do not trigger the skill at all, if there are no tired recruits in the team

Display a text “Recovering a teammate” when triggered

Pleasurelock | Warlock

When Crit – adds half of the damage dealt by the opponent in the previous attack to her own damage.

Dominator | Ranger

Rangers get 5% more damage.

Roles will be assigned to:

  • All starting characters
  • Any character released in January 2024 or later will have a Role assigned
  • Any Revived character after the Roles feature release will have a Role assigned
  • Other characters (super old, not traditionally revived in a particular place, or any other special case) – we are keeping the right to assign them Roles in batches gradually over time 




  • Seasons Matchmaking and Mojo adjustment

Seasons Matchmaking: The lower threshold for level is increased, the higher threshold is decreased, so players will see more lower level opponents across the board (~5% lower). When below 7300 Mojo, Max Mojo to lose on a loss: -10 Mojo


Bug fixes


  • [Nutaku] A visual issue affecting the scene preview is fixed.
  • [Mobile] The error message showing when changing the team for the Champions is fixed 
    • The issue was happening when rearranging the team with drag and drop, before challenging a champion or club champion
  • An issue affecting the players’ leaderboard in Mega Events has been fixed 
    • The players without progression in the events are supposed to see a message that they have to earn some points to participate in the ranking.
  • A visual issue showing attacks as dodged instead of blocked in the Labyrinth is fixed 
  • A visual issue affecting the contests’ reward pop-up is fixed

Patch Notes Week #16





World 11 – The Good, The Bad and the Sexy

World Quest 4 “Booba Tea”: 

“They seem perfect, very well-rounded and… juicy.” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Events Schedule Update


After a lot of consideration, and taking into account your feedback we have decided to change the events in the game as follows:

Seasons, Mythic Days, and Mega Events will continue as usual.

From May, all other events will be revivals, reviving the girls from said events in the past, starting with girls from the very first events. Path of Attraction will be directly replaced with Path of Renaissance, Path of Valor, Legendary Days, Boss Bang / Double Penetration, and Legendary Contests will be all revivals.

We have also made the decision to discontinue Classic Days, as we believe that Orgy Days effectively fulfill the same purpose of revisiting past favorites within our event calendar. To ensure a seamless transition, Orgy Days will now be scheduled from the 5th to the 10th of the month, preventing any gaps in our event lineup during the second part of the usual Classic Event period.

First, we want to assure you that the story will continue at the same pace we provide today, that we will give you more wild adventures with your favorite superheroines, and that the quality will continue to be a priority!

We understand that change can sometimes be met with apprehension, but we want to reassure you that these adjustments are made with the utmost care and consideration for the future of our game. By streamlining our event structure and focusing on the quality of art, we are paving the way for an even more enriching and immersive experience for all players.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we embark on this journey together. We are confident that the future holds exciting opportunities for our game, and we look forward to sharing them with you every step of the way.

Fret not, dear Heroes, you’ll still see many new lovely Mythical ladies and out-of-this-world Mega events in the coming future! As well as hot twists and developments in the game’s story.




We’ve been closely following the discussions and feedback regarding Mythic Days Revival and Legendary Days happening simultaneously and using the same villain on Hentai Heroes and Gay Harem. Your opinions and concerns have been heard loud and clear, and we greatly value your input as it helps us improve the game for everyone.

After careful consideration and in response to your feedback, we want to announce that we will no longer be featuring multiple recruits on a single villain, even if the difference in drop chance was minimal (approximately 0.5%). We understand that even small variations in drop rates can affect player experiences and perceptions, and we want to ensure fairness and transparency in our game mechanics.

Moving forward, we are committed to making adjustments that align with the community’s preferences while maintaining a fun and engaging gameplay experience for all. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to refine and enhance the game.

Thank you for being such a passionate and supportive community. If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us on our Discord server.

Patch Notes Week #15




We invite you to a short Q&A on HH’s Discord this Friday (April 12th).

The Q&A will be in English and all questions are welcome. You can leave your questions in advance – HERE. 



  • A confirmation popup when selecting difficulties in Labyrinth is added.



  • A fade effect when upgrading a recruit’s pose 
  • The sell button is disabled when the slot is empty in the market 
  • [Labyrinth] Size optimization for the background on Mobile is added


Bug fixes

  • The issue affecting the skill upgrade button is fixed 
  • The issue affecting the sorting options in the leagues is fixed
  • The issue affecting the recruits’ shadows and timers in the Harem has been fixed
  • [Nutaku] The issue showing values that are not rounded is fixed
  • The issue with the Buy button, when a Monthly Card expires, is fixed 
  • The issue breaking the page when clicking on a recruit variant is fixed
  • The misalignment in recruits’ battle in the Labyrinth is fixed 
  • The issue with Banger Mythic Booster not applying in Boss Bang is fixed
  • Better handling of PoA when accessing from different devices 
  • The horizontal scrollbar in the Koban/gold Packs tab of the shop is removed
  • The issue preventing from clicking on the back button in a Grade scene is fixed 
  • The issue affecting the last skill’s button of a girl is fixed 
  • The issue of making the character overlap with the text in the refill worship pop-up is fixed
  • The issue with the scrollbar in Firefox is fixed 
  • The issue making the breadcrumbs unclickable in full screen for QV2 is fixed
  • The visual issue showing items overlapping with text in the max level up pop up is fixed
  • [Mobile] improvement of the Waifu menu
  • The issue showing green ticks on the Labyrinth recruit’s scenes preview is fixed 
  • The issue of repeating Boss Bang info text is fixed
  • The visual issue was fixed on the sex friends page 
  • The issue displaying wrong values in the Labyrinth tooltip is fixed 
  • The issue making the club members list disappear when switching tabs in the club menu is fixed
  • The issue of hiding PoV/PoG recruits when switching tabs is fixed 
  • The issue of hiding the Diamonds for pose selection when selecting recruits on Safari is fixed

Patch Notes Week #14





World 11 – The Good, The Bad and the Sexy

World Quest 3 “Nunchucks and Nonfucks”: 

“Your pussy is amazing… It’s like it’s jerking my cock off!!!” 

Check out the latest adventure! 




A new girl will join the Labyrinth on April 4th.

Rozan Renegade


Age verification system


As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all our community members, we are announcing the upcoming implementation of age verification systems (AVS) for our games.

Under the new legislation in France, we must enforce age verification measures to comply with legal requirements. As a result, French players will be the first to experience these changes.

We assure you that these age verification solutions are necessary and designed with your privacy in mind. We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure and anonymous. Rest assured that our AVS solutions are free for players and prioritize your privacy above all else.

To ensure effectiveness and accessibility, we are collaborating closely with industry leaders like Nutaku and Tukif to explore various verification systems. We aim to propose solutions that are seamless, reliable, and convenient for you.

We don’t have a defined timeline for when the implementations of AVS will happen, but rest assured it will eventually.

Patch Notes Week #13



Features is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, and there are several benefits from using it:

Greater Payment Flexibility:

You can use your cryptocurrency holdings to make in-game purchases, providing an additional payment option beyond traditional methods.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:

Cryptocurrency transactions offer increased privacy and security compared to traditional payment methods, protecting your financial information and personal data.

Global Accessibility:

Cryptocurrencies can be used by players worldwide, regardless of geographic location or currency restrictions, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all players.




  • From April Legendary Contest will have a new schedule
    • Day 1 : Champions, Energy and Vilains
    • Day 2 : Harem and Market
    • Day 3 : Night Club and $$$
    • Day 4 : Experience, Season and secondary Contest
  • Sultry Mysteries won’t include recruits from permanent features anymore, only from events 


Bug fixes


  • The Labyrinth Relic Critical Thinking is fixed 
  • The infinite loading in the hero personalization Backgrounds is fixed 
  • The visual issue happening when spam clicking on an active tab in the shop V2 is fixed 
  • The issue disabling the Grade 0 animation of a recruit when switching grades is fixed 
  • The visual issue when scrolling in Harem is fixed 
  • “Ends in” is no longer duplicated in the Season window 
  • The visual issue displaying the hero twice in the Seasons leaderboard is fixed
  • The element tooltip shows the correct text in the team selection menu
  • The issue of the game being cut off at the bottom on Nutaku is fixed
  • A small visual issue has been corrected in the team edition Menu (another container was visible behind the recruits’ selection container)
  • The scrolling issue when selecting a recruit variant in the Harem is fixed
  • The visual issue displaying a “Go Back” button behind the logo when playing a quest on Mobile is fixed
  • The visual issue with the opponents’ rewards in the Season is fixed 
  • The visual issue with the contest timer when claiming past contest rewards is fixed
  • The visual issue not updating the value of the Mega event currency when switching tabs is fixed 

N.B. We are releasing a webpack that will most likely slightly improve some of the game’s performance but might also break the scripts used by some of the players.

Patch Notes Week #12





World 11 – The Good, The Bad and the Sexy

World Quest 2 “Merc with a Mouth”: 

“Mhh… This feels so good! It’s almost as if you know exactly how I like it!” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Patch Notes Week #11




  • Labyrinth Hard Mode



  • Remove nicescroll from the game – This should be barely visible change (except on Firefox, which has now a solid color scrollbar)
  • Improvement of the tooltip behavior on Mobile
  • The following Labyrinth relics have been adjusted: 
  • Girl-specific relics: Impactful, Egoist, Sweet Harmony, Defender of the Haremverse, Critical Thinking, Duck Master, Ego Rebound, Double Attack 
  • Team relics: Sweet Harmony, Harmony in the Middle
  • [Labyrinth] Reduction of Opponents Healing


Bug fixes

  • The issue displaying the last unlocked pose of the characters in the Season window is solved 
  • The visual issue making the contest page refresh too early when claiming a recruit is fixed 
  • A visual issue impacting the Season window is fixed – Opening and closing the “get season pass” multiple times moved up the recruits in the widget
  • The visual issue showing the Club icons misaligned is fixed
  • The scrolling issue in the Pose preview window is fixed
  • The issue making displaying only the second hair/eye color in the Harem Bio is fixed 
  • A visual issue impacting the Top Ranking of the Mega event leaderboard is fixed 
  • Top ranking rewards icons overlapped with the current user ranking field
  • The visual issue impacting the Max Grade level up window is fixed 
  • [Leagues] The issue Boosting an opponent’s stats after the expiration of a booster is fixed 

Patch Notes Week #10





World 10 – Dickman Noir

World Quest 10 “Baby Got Back”: 

“SuperHeroes sure know how to fuck!” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


New World

New World 11 – The Good, The Bad and the Sexy

You will become tangled in a strange conspiracy, that will lead you to old friends, forgotten enemies, and several wet, hot, tight pussies.

World 11 – The Good, The Bad and the Sexy


World Quest 1 “Back to the Future”: 

“Huh? You’re confusing me…” 

Check out the latest adventure! 



We’ve got some news to share regarding the game. We’ve decided to introduce ads in a few spots within the game. We want to assure you that this decision was made to ensure the game remains free to play for all, without increasing in-game prices.

By incorporating ads, we’re able to generate additional revenue that will be reinvested back into the game.

We understand ads might not be the most exciting addition, but they’re necessary for the game’s sustainability. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to make the game even better for everyone.

The ads won’t be visible to players with Monthly cards, and the ads are only on .com, not on Nutaku.

Thank you for being part of our community!


There will be no downtime for the release this week.


Bug fixes:

  • Most of the bugs from the Bug survey concerning the Harem and the Labyrinth have been fixed. We are working on the Power sorting in the Harem.
  • A new bug has been reported, impacting the Critical Thinking relic. Research is ongoing.

Patch Notes Week #9




Quest 10: Baby Got Back will be live next week (06.03.24)

The release is moved to 29th of February. On the 28th and the 29th of February, the Labyrinth will be on a 24-hour cycle.


  • Labyrinth Difficulties – you will be able to play in Normal mode (Hard Mode will be released in two weeks)
  • Labyrinth leaderboard


Bug fixes:

  • When filters are changed in the harem, select the first girl from the new selection.
  • The issues impacting the Labyrinth relics are fixed 
    • Apply Protection Assist relic only to hero’s fighters 
    • The bonuses from Finish Move relic are now stacked 
    • Protective Bubble 
    • Berserk, Critical expectation, Critical Thinking (team and girl-specific), and Vigorous Motivation – were not giving proper bonuses, and are now giving it
    • Defeat Medication – was healing for the full amount – now heals for the correct % amount
  • The issue preventing the Mega event currency from being displayed in the text “get from” is now visible in the event tab
  • The issue resetting the timer on 15 minutes on the champion page is fixed 
  • In the Hero Levels Rewards tab, all rewards are now aligned with the Claim button 
  • The issue preventing from checking the poses of a recruits’ variation is fixed.

Patch Notes Week #8





New World 10 Quest 9 – “Penetration”:

“To the edge of sublime pleasure!”

Check out the latest adventure!


Places of Power

Steeldancer is now available in PоP




  • In the Path of Renaissance, players who already own any of the girls will see the replacement reward
  • CxH will be using the same font as in the other games


Bug fixes:

  • The visual issue showing the “Go Back” button behind the girl avatar in the Harem is fixed 
  • The issue preventing the “reset filter” button from resetting the pose filter is fixed 
  • Editing teams from the Harem page will no longer redirect to the homepage

Patch Notes Week #7



Bug fixes:

  • Harem: The visual issue that makes the shards tooltip visible in the Harem filter buttons is fixed 
  • Harem: The issue disabling the max level-up button after using the one-grade-up button is fixed 
  • Labyrinth: The issue impacting the “Blessed” filter in the Labyrinth is fixed
  • Labyrinth: An info text will be displayed in the relics and rejuvenation tab
  • The issue preventing team creation with less than 7 recruits is fixed 
  • The issue that used Kobans/Gold instead of orbs in the Pachinko in some specific cases has been fixed 

Bugs, included in the survey, that are fixed thus far:

  • Harem: koban/gold spending alert not triggering for upgrade affection with koban/gold or collect all with koban/gold
  • Harem: filter for shard count breaks if applied second, all other filters are ignored then
  • Harem: “How to get me” feature broken for upcoming revivals
  • Harem: mobile view Skill tab shows empty
  • Harem: showing future/test recruits without picture
  • Labyrinth: token bags on the same row have been eradicated, but there are still some “chess knight” cases where it’s impossible to get all bags
  • Labyrinth: The Stat window in event widgets hides the recruit, even though there’s plenty of space on the other side. In Labyrinth, this pop-up opens behind the character and is therefore unreadable.

Patch Notes Week #6





New World 10 Quest 8 – “Different Angles”:

“Your cock is amazing! Perfect shape, perfect taste… It’s scientifically perfect!”

Check out the latest adventure!

Q&A with Rosso

The founder and creator of all the Harem games – Rosso is taking the hot seat to answer all your burning questions about the game in English!

Join us on the 9th of February at 5:30 pm UTC+2 on Comix Harem’s Discord! All questions are welcome! 


Bug Fixes Survey


Thank you all for the feedback! 

Fixing the bugs will be our top priority for the next weeks/months. 


Roles v2 Survey


2000+ of you took the survey! Thank you! Here are your favorite roles:

Path of Renaissance

A new event is coming to the Haremverse!
Path of Renaissance is a new event containing revived PoV recruits.



  • The labyrinth floor background will be used in the Labyrinth battles


Bug fixes:


  • [Labyrinth] Coin bags will appear in a way that they will be all obtainable
  • The visual issue making recruits overlap when picking them on the hero profile page is fixed
  • A dynamic update is added when claiming all chest and winning a recruit in Boss Bang

Patch Notes Week #5




A new superheroine will join the Labyrinth on February 4th.

Meet Rymr!


Event Calendar



Roles v2 Survey 

After your feedback about the Roles, we revisited the idea and we are back with a second survey.

Please check it out and give us your opinion in this survey.



We want to improve the rarity ecosystem so from February, the rarity of the characters will change.

For Classic Events:

  1. Daily Missions girl is Common
  2. One villain girl is rare, one girl is Epic
  3. Champion girl is Rare
  4. The 2 Night-Club girls are Legendary

For Path of Attraction:

  1. The first two girls are Epic
  2. The second two are Legendary

For Seasons:

  1. The first girl is Epic,
  2. The second girl is Legendary

For Path of Valor:

  1. The first girl is Epic
  2. The second girl is Legendary

Note: The change is for Comix Harem only.


Bug fixes:

  • The issue with the max out button not accounting for the current affection of a recruit is fixed
  • The objective issue with the max grade is fixed
  • The full-screen option has been added back to .com games (we are working on the Nutaku versions)
  • The visual issue displaying the PoV and PoG characters in an affection grade pose is fixed 
  • The visual issue of not updating the count of Girls shards in the PoV and PoG is fixed
  • The visual issue of not displaying the full text of the Monthly Card in the Labyrinth shop is fixed
  • The visual issue making the girls overlap the bottom of the Lusty Race window is fixed 
  • The issue making the Labyrinth girl hiding the tooltip block is fixed

Bug Fixes Survey

The Kinkoid team is tirelessly working on bettering our games and fixing the known issues. To make sure we are not missing anything, and we are prioritizing right we need your help! Please fill out this survey!

Patch Notes Week #4





New World 10 Quest 7 – “Round Two”:

“Purr! My pussy is delighted!!! Thanks for the milk, kitten!”

Check out the latest adventure!


Due to unforeseen reasons, the weekly update will be a little bit late.




  • Harem loading optimization 
  • Improved generation of coins bags in the labyrinth so the players can always gather all of them 
  • The upgrade and level-up of girls is sped up so you can upgrade more and quicker
  • Critical hits are now displayed during fights in the Labyrinth


Bug fixes:


  • The issue making the shop and the game break because of animations for IOS users is fixed 
  • The bug making the Restock market price cheaper than it should be with the Platinum/Diamond monthly card is fixed (the price was 18 Kobans instead of 21)
  • The visual issue making the Labyrinth Girl too high when the animation is ON is fixed   
  • The visual issue impacting the animated Labyrinth icons is now fixed  
  • The visual issue cropping the Girls Variants box in the Harem is now fixed  
  • The visual issue hiding the “Show poses and Scenes” in the event window is now fixed 
  • The visual issue impacting the Champions timer is fixed  
  • The issue impacting the skills calculation in multi-fights is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying to pages in the event info button of Sultry Mysteries and Boss Bangs is now fixed  
  • The color of the objective window in the Double Penetration event is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying two buttons for level up in the affection page is fixed  

Patch Notes Week #3




  • A new type of offers gathering Monthly Card, Season, and PoV pass.



  • The Night-Club will now feature a ”Play Again” button 
  • The navigation in the Labyrinth will now be made with arrows to ensure a better experience


Bug fixes:

  • The visual issue affecting the Mega pass is fixed
  • The visual bug impacting the Mythic equipment upgrade window is fixed 
  • The Join Club status is now translated and with a better format 
  • The event resource icon displayed in the top ranking leader board is the now correct one
  • he visual issue making the world names overlapping on mobile is fixed
  • The “Go” button for Girls dropping in the event Pachinko in Orgy Days will redirect on the event pachinko

Patch Notes Week #2





New World 10 Quest 6 – “Meating Legends”:

“There’s plenty of room for newcummers!”

Check out the latest adventure!



  • A girl on multiple Villains and multiple girls on one Villain:
  • Having the same girl winnable from several villains at the same time
  • Having multiple girls on one Villain at the same time

This will be implemented first in Orgy Days (14th to 19th Jan)


Bug fixes:

  • The Club Chat is fixed.
  • [Nutaku] The issue of making the players able to pay several times for the Season/Hero pass has been fixed.
  • The issue of making the Characters owned by a player not visible in the Crazy Cumback Contest’s window is now fixed.
  • The visual issue of misplacing the Power bar and the girls’ list in the PoP is fixed.


Patch Notes Week #1


The Kinkoid team wishes you a happy and kinky 2024!



  • Now you can preview the poses of the girls. A preview of the affection scenes will be available next week.



  • A sorting option by characteristics for girl filters was added to the Labyrinth.
  • The Lusty Race balance has been changed as follows:
  • The tiers requirements are decreased by ~20%
  • Added Event Resource as a reward in the Pass
  • The girls are moved to be earlier in the Pass


Bug fixes

  • The mobile display issue for the Double Penetration event is fixed.
  • The mobile display issue for Max Out button is fixed.
  • The display issue for the club champion timer is fixed.
  • The visual issue when switching between stats and reward display on the league page is fixed. 
  • The positioning of text in draft pachinko is fixed.
  • The rejuvenation button positioning in the Labyrinth is fixed.




Patch Notes Week #51


New Features Survey Results

You are most excited about Labyrinth Extended,  HH Stable, and Pachinko V2!

*The features have been graded from 1 to 10, 10 meaning “most appreciated”. The more intense green, the more votes a feature has, and the more intense red, the fewer votes it has received.

The feedback about Mythic boosters in the Labyrinth is mixed.

That’s why we have decided to not release it for now. 

We will rework it and present it to you with more details in a future survey.

For now, we are focusing on “more difficulties” “classes” and “rankings” which are all the most upvoted features related to the Labyrinth.

Thank you all for your feedback and helping us to be better!


Bug fixes:

  • The issue cropping the event tabs if more than 5 events are active at the same time is fixed 
  • A small visual issue affecting the “Nothing to collect” button in the Harem is fixed 
  • A small visual issue in the Shop, making the offer tab go over the pay button is fixed
  • The issue triggering the Daily missions tutorial for players who already had it is fixed 





Patch Notes Week #50



The Love Labyrinth will be back to a 48-hour cycle at the end of the current one! 

Go and play NOW!

Read more about it HERE.




New World 10 Quest 4 – “Cum-coctions”:

“Ugh… There’s something so hot about a smart chick using me as a sex toy!”

Check out the latest adventure!



  • Labyrinth objectives will count for the Daily Goals and PvE PoV. 

(New objectives: Defeat [x] Labyrinth opponent – Clear [x] Labyrinth floors)



  • More fluidity in the Harem navigation 

(Adding a loading screen if going from inventory to the Harem takes time)

  • The inactive tabs of the Mega Event have their color changed to be more visible  


Bug fixes:

  • The Auto select option is no longer selecting Mythic equipment when they are the only ones in the players’ inventory
  • “Go to villain” button is now disabled if the villain is not reached yet 
  • A visual issue affecting the girl preview when editing a team has been fixed
  • A visual issue making the club chat visible after log out is fixed 

Patch Notes Week #49



New Feature


The Love Labyrinth

We are excited to announce that the biggest feature we have released is LIVE NOW!

The Love Labyrinth is a PvE feature where you will perform against many opponents trying to find the most optimal way to victory. Do it properly and you will be able to gain enough Laby Coins to rescue an exclusive girl.

Go and play NOW!

Read more about it HERE.

P.S. Translations of The Love Labyrinth will be available soon.


New Features Survey

Are you excited for the future of the game and what comes next?

Check our New Features Survey! (the survey is in English only)

And be ready for a Q&A with Rosso next Monday(11.12.23) from 4 pm UTC+2 on HH’s Discord server and at 4:30 pm on the PSH’s Discord server!

P.S. There will be a separate Q&A about the future of CxH real soon!



  • Reduced Champions tickets prices 
    • For 1 ticket: Price decreased to 30 from 60 gold; or 30 Energy from 60 
    • For 10 tickets: Price decreased to 270 from 570 gold (10% discount)

Bug fixes:

  • A visual issue showing a wrong resell price in the market is fixed
  • An issue showing an error message when claiming the same reward twice in Boss Bang event has been fixed 


The Labyrinth is rebalanced and with a 24-hour.

The 24-hour cycle will continue until the 13th of December, and then it will go back to a 48-hour cycle.

Bug fixes:

  • The Hex below the Lab girl is missing when the animations are disabled is now fixed
  • Element Symbol in Relics Covers Text in Languages Besides English is now fixed
  • The issue affecting the Rejuvenation Stones counts is now fixed
  • The visual issue of not displaying the first upgrade of a skill is fixed
  • The issue affecting the upgrade of the recruit’s equipment is fixed
  • The issue displaying recruits’ equipment with only a Mythic background is fixed

Patch Notes Week #48





New World 10 Quest 3 – “Cat Scratches”:

“Cum on, Wildman, give us your warm cream!”

Check out the latest adventure!


One-star girl

A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦




  • Always count Night-Club free games in objectives. It used to be counted only when the player had orbs.
  • Seasonal events will now feature a special market.
    • 4 slots for revived Legendary 5 grades
    • The purchase will be made in Event cash, which you can get from the event’s rewards.
  • A timer and an info button are added in the event window for the Boss Bang event


Bug fixes:

  • The wrong shards amount displayed in Places of Power is fixed. It is visible only for permanent PoP below level 10. 
  • The issue making players who have been inactive for a long time unable to pursue the adventure where they left it is now fixed.  
  • The size of the Season pass timer being too small when activated is fixed.  
  • The period deal notification being misplaced in languages other than English is fixed. 

Patch Notes Week #47



Black Friday Promo

We all love a good deal. And the Haremverse has got you covered. Starting on the 21st and ending on the 26th of November, you can enjoy 20% Off Energy and fantastic Black Friday Bundles with more than 600% value!

No need to fight, we have enough for everyone! 

Cyber Monday Promo

We are going to start the next week strong with 20% off Energy and some extra juicy Bundles. The deals are up to 600% in value!!! Don’t miss them!

You can grab our fabulous deals from the 27th to the 28th of November and fulfill your shopping needs. 


Places of Power

Tremor is now available in PоP




  • A chest notification is added on the Home tab of the Mega events for eventual unclaimed rewards.
  • To improve the experience for new players in early game we changed the Places of Power unlock:

-PoP 1 and temporary PoP are unblocked in World 3 – Quest 1

-PoP 2 are unblocked in World 5 – Quest 1

-PoP 3 are unblocked in World 7 – Quest 1


Bug fixes:

  • The cropped rewards and dialog box in Champions are fixed.
  • Now you can validate the same e-mail in several games and still receive the validation reward.
  • The display of the domination scheme pop-up in IOS is fixed.
  • The calculation of the Club’s endurance and harmony bonus has been corrected to be taken into account in the player’s stats.
  • The chest notification for the contest not showing when a player has rewards to claim is fixed.  


Patch Notes Week #46




  • The players with a monthly card will not see ads in the game anymore (works for any MC and it doesn’t apply to the “Sex Friends” Partnership).


Bug fixes:

  • The Girl in the Seasonal event disappearing from the path after being claimed, and being replaced by another reward, is fixed.
  • The notification for available adventures, showing even when players have completed all quests is fixed.
  • Crazy Cumback Contest starting 30 minutes early is fixed.
  • The girl’s name not showing in the Harem’s tooltip, when the amount of shards is between 1 and 99, is fixed.
  • A rare issue of combat freezing, when the opponent uses the Stun skill, is fixed.
  • Some discrepancies in player/opponent stats are fixed.
  • A rare issue of a player receiving the Seasonal progression reward twice is fixed.
  • Players were showing in the Hot Assembly’s leaderboard but were not supposed to. It is fixed.
  • An issue reverting a change made in the Hero personalization page is fixed.
  • An issue on the number of shards displayed in the Pantheon girl reward is fixed.


Thank you all for filling out our survey!


Here are the key results of the survey with 1143 responses:

  • If the game were accessible only to paying players, with a minimum of a Silver Monthly Card (2.99 euros per month) 20.7% of you answered that you would continue to play. 79.3% of you said no.
  • If the game is 20% more expensive 46.6% of you said that you will continue to play Comix Harem.
  • Poses 0 to 3  are marked as very important with an average of 10%(Pose 0) to 40% for the last pose.
  • Scenes 1 to 3 are marked as very important with an average of 20 to 30% for the last pose.
  • 20% of you love the idea of simplified but animated poses.
  • 25% of you love the idea of a simple background on the scenes and the focus to be on the sex scene itself.
  • 24% of you don’t like the idea of reducing poses but you think you could grow to like it if it keeps the rest of the game alive.
  • 30.7% of you would prefer the reduced style of backgrounds in scenes and simplified poses to apply only to girls with rarity below Legendary. 
  • 44% of you are fine with the reduced style of backgrounds in scenes and simplified poses everywhere. 


We are going to analyze the results and start making a plan.

We will keep you updated in the following weeks and we are going to organize a Q&A.

Join our Discord for more information.


Patch Notes Week #45




  • The 10x and 50x performances on the first troll for the new players are removed.


Bug fixes:

  • The cropped text in the info screen of the Mythic Days revival is fixed.
  • The info button that was blocked in the Sultry Mysteries is fixed.
  • The troll link in the Legendary Days widget is fixed.
  • The hearts icons overlapping shards amount in the Harem are fixed.
  • The wrong tab redirection to the shop when clicking on the Seasonal Event Paid card is fixed.
  • The font color for the Messenger rewards is fixed.
  • The replacement rewards (orbs) after claiming the League girl are fixed.
  • The push notifications are fixed.


Let’s talk about the future!

Please fill out this survey – The Future Of Comix Harem.


Patch Notes Week #44





World 9 Quest 13 – Which Way, Wildman?

“I would if I could, but I’m getting sucked in tits first into this thing!”


A new world has been released! 


World 10 Dickman Noir


Prepare yourself for a new adventure!


New World 10 Quest 1 – Turning Back the Cock

“Doctor. I’m Dr. Watt Eva but the real question is who are YOU? I’ve never seen such tight clothes in my life…”

Check out the latest Quests and the New World!


Club Champion


A new Club Champion girl has joined the Comixverse!

Roving Iridescence




  • A ”Back to adventure” button in the event widget for players below level 20 was added.


Bug fixes:


  • The issue with the  Double Penetration pass, where progression was lost after switching devices,  was fixed.
  • The problem of no item count for mythic equipment in the reward slot was fixed.
  • The visual issue where Club champion results were not displayed was fixed.
  • The bug where the information button covered the time left in “Ends in” for Mythic Days events was fixed.
  • The visual misalignment in contests when there’s only one reward was fixed.
  • The visual problem of background characters being highlighted in the event carousel was fixed.
  • The visual issue where the Leagues challenges timer flickered between two different times was fixed.
  • The visual issue where the girl avatar overlapped the name of the event in the event widget was fixed.
  • The bug where the “Refill +1” option in leagues disabled the button was fixed.
  • The issue where the Monthly Card timer on the Home page became visible only after a refresh was fixed.

Patch Notes Week #43



One-star girl

A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦




  • Improvement of the Progressive Web App Install button
  • Improvement of Shop V2: Passes (Seasonal, Hero, Event) presentation
  • Hero Page Promotion text moved
  • Push notifications available after level 15


Bug fixes:

  • Offers recurring period now works as intended
  • Fix the bug where the Leagues rank in the Main Menu widget did not correspond to the Leagues rank
  • Fix the icon in Edit Team Synergy
  • Fix of the cropped numbers for gold rewards in Leagues


Just a reminder that the clocks will be set back one hour to standard time on Sunday, 29th of October, which will affect the daily events, so plan accordingly.

Patch Notes Week #42




New World 9 Quest 12 – “Wild Virtue”:

“AH! AH! Sure you can, Wildman! You can cum for me and fill me up with your powerful juices!”

Check out the latest adventure!


 Bug fixes:

  • Add back the fullscreen option for mobile browsers
  • Fix reward notification on Contest tab
  • Fix broken animation when returning for pass payment page without purchasing
  • Fix free Night Club timers to be synced with mythic Night Club selection refresh
  • Fix edge cases where quest images were not loading on some iOs devices
  • Fix visual issue with claimed shards becoming orbs once the girl is won in Seasons
  • Fix daily missions tutorial correctly appearing (without refreshing the page)
  • Fix console error when clicking on a Seasons reward
  • Minor visual fix for tabs in the MC shop popup



  • News will now only appear after level 20
  • Update percentage on Hard Currency (gold) products when the first Hard Currency purchase bonus is active

Patch Notes Week #41




We are introducing a change to Daily Goals requirements. Common DG requirements will be decreased:

Defeat Villains (common) – required amount decreased from 5 to 3

Defeat Players in Seasons (common) – required amount decreased from 5 to 3

Defeat Players in Leagues (common) – required amount decreased from 4 to 3

Finish Daily Missions (common) – required amount decreased from 5 to 3

Spend Kobans (common) – required amount decreased from 5/30 to 3/18


Patch Notes Week #40



New World 9 Quest 11 – “Blowing the Job”

“Oh, I think we’ll be okay! Things are looking pretty bright from where I’m standing!”

 Check out the latest adventure!




The first 12 Season Rewards have been improved (free and paid paths).





Improvement of Recruit equipment page:


It now includes a slot name on top of the list of equipment when a specific slot is selected. It changes when a new slot is selected.


Body Equipment slot is selected and Slot displays “My Inventory – Body”

The slot is changed and the text now displays “My inventory – Boots”

  • Improvement in Equipment Sorting filter: The sorting preference for each slot is saved.
  • PWA tutorial added for .com games


Bug fixes:

  • Fix the price of 3-month and 6-month MC packages (was displaying the price of a single month and should now display the full price).
  • Fix Pachinko timers for free games.
  • Various fixes for club sorting
  • Fix timer in PoA


Patch Notes Week #39



One-star girl


A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦





Patch Notes Week #38



New World 9 Quest 10 – “Against Time and Crime!”

“What? *gasp* SG, your boobies! Damn that titanite! It took our powers AND a significant part of our cleavage!”

 Check out the latest adventure!




Places of Power

Tempo Fukit is now available in POP “Spark me hard”

Tempo Fukit





  • Give Mega Event rewards for all past cycles, including when/if a cycle was skipped.
  • Edited idle animations for static images to be more subtle.
  • Updated the event widget display and added carousel logic.




Patch Notes Week #37


Girl Skills (Tier V)


Tier 5 of Girl Skills is now available!


Check out Patch Notes Week #31 to learn more about tiers I to V.


Tier 5 has active skills: skills that can trigger in the fight.


  • The skills are: Stun, Shield, Reflect attack, Execute


  • The active skill can happen only if the girl is in the Middle position
    • This also means that only 1 active skill can be used from the player at a given moment
    • The skills trigger every turn at the end of the Hero damage step
    • Each skill can trigger only once per fight. In example:
      • You have 20% to trigger your Stun
        • 1st turn after you hit, it doesn’t trigger
        • 2nd turn after you hit, it doesn’t trigger
        • 3rd turn after you hit, it does trigger
        • 4th and later turns- it is already triggered


  • Stun the opponent for X turns
    • Skips the opponent’s turn
    • When the turn is skipped, the girl can’t attack or any skill can’t be used on this turn


  • Shield self for X% of Ego
    • Shield stays until it’s depleted
    • If an attack applies more damage than the shield – the overflow amount is taken from the ego


  • Reflect X% of the damage taken in the first 2 rounds
    • Triggers before the hit
    • If execute – calculate the damage up to 0 ego


  • !!Finish Him!! Execute the opponent, if they are under X% of their max Ego
    • Shield counts towards the 25% (100% value does not include the shield)
    • If the opponent has a reflect skill, it doesn’t save him from execution


  • Based on the girl’s Style (style is the combination of element and class) the skill will use a Named Attack (just like attacks in anime 💥)


The exact skills of each girl are defined based on the girl’s element.


Check out the new tier of the skills feature and be sure to share your feedback with us!




Clear team


A “Clear Team” button has been added following player and community feedback.

Players can now instantly clear created teams by clicking on the new button “Clear Team”.



Event bundles are now included in the “Special Offers” tab.



Patch Notes Week #36




New World 9 Quest 9 – “The Cumtinuation”


“Cut the anarchist propaganda and let me take a proper gander at those tits!”

 Check out the latest adventure!




Patch Notes Week #35



Club Champion

A new Club Champion girl has joined the Comixverse!


Fight Payne next time he appears as Club Champion to add Nightstalker to your Harem!


One-star girl


A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦




Patch Notes Week #34



New World 9 Quest 8 – “sExchange”


“How’s this for loving? Enjoying the hard sole of my boots against your hard cock?”

 Check out the latest adventure!



New fixes

  • Fix of Shop display





Our new Kinkoid game apps are 1 – a lot simpler to download 2 – a lot sexier to use 3 – available on a lot more devices.


💥 The new PWA apps for our games can be used on Desktop, Android and iOS! 💥


Check out our article to learn how to use it and experience a new version of the Kinkoid mobile gaming experience!


** Only on **




Patch Notes Week #33



League improvements


  • A change team button has been added to the league menu.

  • The x15 button no longer disappears if the player has under 15 condoms available to use. Clicking the button with fewer than 15 condoms will prompt players to refill their condoms.





Our new Kinkoid game apps are 1 – a lot simpler to download 2 – a lot sexier to use 3 – available on a lot more devices.


💥 The new PWA apps for our games can be used on Desktop, Android and iOS! 💥


Check out our article to learn how to use it and experience a new version of the Kinkoid mobile gaming experience!


** Only on **


Patch Notes Week #32

Patch Notes 09.08.2023


New World 9 Quest 7 – “Tit for Tat”

“You’re already a major SuperHero now! And SuperHeroes deserve super pussies to fuck!”

 Check out the latest adventure!





Some of you might know about the APKs we used for our games. They were intended to make the interface of some of your favourite Kinkoid games easier to use on mobile devices.


We’ve created a new system that is 1 – simpler to download 2 – sexier to use 3 – available on more devices.


💥 The new PWA apps for our games can be used on Desktop, Android, and iOS! 💥



** Only on **


Patch Notes Week #31

Patch Notes 02.08.2023


Girl Skills (Tier I to IV)


(This contains explanations of Tier 5 as more tiers are to come later as the feature goes through further development. Please note that tier 5 is not currently available.)


Different skills based on elements


Tiers of Skills are limited based on the upgraded grades and level of the girl:

  • Tier 1: Grade 1 upgraded, level 10.
  • Tier 2: Grade 2 upgraded, level 200.
  • Tier 3: Grade 3 upgraded, level 350.
  • Tier 4: Grade 4 upgraded, level 500.
  • Tier 5 (not yet available): Grade 5 upgraded, level 650.


Limited skill points per rarity


The Skills points that can be distributed are limited by rarity.


Skill branches


Big Nodes (Tiers)

– Each Tier needs to be unlocked by the girl having a particular level AND grade upgraded.

  • For girls with less grades, higher Tiers will be displayed but locked. 
  • For example, a 3-grade girl will have the 5 tiers displayed but the 4th and 5th will be always locked. Info will be available why they are locked.

– If the tier is locked, it is displayed as grayed out.

– The maximum Skill points in previous tiers need to be spent in order to unlock the next tier

– For example, Tier I requires 6 skill points, the player needs to spend 6 skill points in Tier I in order to unlock Tier II.


Small Nodes


  • Each skill has a maximum level.
    • When the max level is reached, disable the button to be gray and the text “Maxed” on it.

– Each skill level requires a light bulb (per rarity)

– For each Tier, there are maximum skill points to be distributed between the skills in the tier

  • For example, Tier I has 2 skills each with a max level of 5, and the maximum skill points for Tier I are 6. 
  • Player A can have each of the two skills at level 3.
  • Player B can have the first skill at level 1 and the second skill at level 5.


Tier 1

Income Surge

  • Node 1: Increase income flat value (X)
  • Node 2: Increase income percentage value (Y%)


Calculation: (base salary + flat increase) * (club bonus + girl bonus)


Tier 2

Stats Boost

  • Node 1: Increase main stat by X flat value
  • Node 2: Increase main stat by Y% percentage value
  • Node 3: Increase second and third stat by A flat value


Tier 3

Trait Bonus

  • One of Eye color / Hair color / Zodiac sign / SEX Position – % bonus for each girl with the same trait in the team.
    • Node 1: %Ego
    • Node 2: %Defense
    • Node 3: %Attack Damage

– Traits are always contextual, in example if we have a Dominatrix girl with blue eyes she will use Eye Color blue as a trait skill

– A match can be any of color 1 or color 2 for the matched girls

These bonuses stack between the girls with the same Trait

  • For example, if the player has two Dominatrix girls with Blue eyes, both girls take the bonus from each other. Maximum %Ego is developed on both girls so the total bonus is 1% times two girls in the team = 2% and this is true for both girls so the end bonus is 4% Ego.


Tier 4

Special Passives

  • These are always available and can stack if multiple girls from the team have them
    • Node 1: Increase the damage with each attack by X%
    • Node 2: Decrease opponent defense by X%


Skill bonuses calculation

  • Tier 1 skills affect the income and there is no effect in battle.
  • Tier 2 skills give stats directly, so they are applied on everything regarding girl stats like battle, Champions, PoP.
  • Percentage bonuses from all skills are Cumulative (all percentage battle bonuses are added together and applied at the end).


Skill level-up & Bulbs

Skill light bulbs are per girl rarity.

There are 5 new currencies – one for each rarity.


Common (for ‘common’ and ‘starting’ rarity girls)






– Common Skill light bulb can upgrade any skill with 1 level for any common or starting girl

– The current bulb amount of the rarity for the selected girl is displayed in her Skills tab

– Display in the backpack as a currency

– New category on the bottom: “Skill bulbs” to display all rarity bulbs

– 1 bulb= 1 level-up for any girl of the correct rarity


Skill Bulbs will be distributed in:

  • CC (Cumback Contests)
  • As additional reward
  • Based on the reward bracket – the higher the placement, the higher the bulb


– Daily Missions as a 3rd reward (with combination with Ymen/$)

– As additional reward

– Based on rarity, from Common to Legendary & Mythic bulbs with 5% chance to appear


  • Champions
    • Chance based to be given instead of the Ymen/$ on each fight
    • Smaller chance for lower rarities


– Seasons (From August Season)

– Tier 5 => 3 Common bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– Great orbs x1 are removed

– Tier 14  => 3 Rare bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– OrbMythic1game added to Tier 27

– Tier 25 => 3 Epic bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– OrbGreat10games added to Tier 10

– Tier 34 => 6 Leg bulbs in the free and 10 in the paid path

– Tickets added to Tier 20

– Tier 52 => 3 Mythic bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– OrbMythic1game added to Tier 40 [2 & 4 respectively]


(And more features when they’re released – Stay tuned for more info!)


Skill reset

Resets all girl skills and gives back the bulbs (for a particular girl). 

Cost: 5M Ymen/$ per bulb spent.


Check out the new feature and be sure to share your feedback with us!


Leagues Redesign

Leagues are getting a fresh new redesign with several improvements requested by the community!

Keep reading to learn more:




Results from each opponent

Instead of the current W (for Win) and L (for Loss), we’ve added numbers with the result obtained from each performance against the opponent.

Example: If your first performance against player X was a win and you got 23 points, you will be shown a green box with the number ‘23’ in it.


Initiating the performance

Starting a performance will now be available on the “versus” page, and not immediately.

There are two options:

Single performance – always does one performance vs the opponent

Multiple performances – does x3 or x2 – based on the remaining performances against the said opponent.

This is a free option in terms of kobans/golds. The only cost is the challenge currency.


Clicking anywhere on the line with the opponent or the Go button will lead to the versus page.

There is a back button here to go back to the Leagues page.


New stat: Power – the goal is to show more properly the strength of the player and compare it to other players. 

This stat displays only in Leagues (for now) and does not have any effect on the performance itself.

Power = Ego + (Attack + Defense)*7.5 + Harmony*0.625

The auto fight will use the Power as a new targeting method

Until now, targeted players were the players from the lowest to the highest level.

From now on, targeted players will be from the lowest to the highest Power instead.

Girl mode VS Stats mode

An icon that will display the girls’ team information for the player and the opponents (on click).

To access stats mode, click on this button


To access girls mode, click on this button


This is the synergy and team bonuses pop-up that already exists.


It includes the final values of the four main stats (Attack, Ego, Defense, Harmony) and displays active boosters for the player and the opponents (only the boosters that affect the Leagues, not all boosters).

The maximum number for the player will be 5:  4 regular boosters, and 1 mythic which relates to the leagues (either AME or LME)

The maximum number for opponents will be 4: 4 regular boosters, there are no mythic boosters that affect the defense


The refill will happen with the regular (+) button that is used on other energies instead of the current button.




💦 Daily Missions 💦


CxH now has 12 Daily Missions to be the same as our other games. The change was introduced for balancing reasons around girl skills as lightbulbs will drop from DMs.




Seasonal Event Visual Improvement 🔥


The sizing and positions of Seasonal Event characters/buttons have been modified in the event. This change has been made to improve the visuals of the event.







Patch Notes Week #30

26. 07. 2023

New World 9 Quest 6 – “Encounters of the Tit Kind”


“Ah, yes! Enter my secret base! I’ll let you reveal anything you want!”

 Check out the latest adventure!


One-star girl


A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦

Mys Saturn




Patch Notes Week #29

19. 07. 2023


Recruit Equipment Improvements


Following feedback from the community after the release of the new Recruit Equipment, our Game Designers rolled up their sleeves (🥵!!) and got to implementing improvements to upgrade the recruit equipment feature and enhance your gameplay! 💪😉


🍑 Keep reading to learn more about the new changes and improvements you can expect to see with this update:


Equipment Pachinko/Night Club


  • Hero Equipment has been removed from the Equipment Pachinko/Night Club so it remains exclusive to recruit equipment.


  • The current x1 option now gives x2 recruit equipment (2 items instead of 1 and 1-game-orb becomes 2-games-orb)
    • 1st item will be either Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary recruit equipment
    • 2nd item will be Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythic recruit equipment



    • 1-game option using Ymen is added
      • Price: 75,000 Ymen per level
        • Lvl 100 => 7,500,000 Ymen
        • LvL 500 => 37,500,000 Ymen
        • LvL 1000 => 75,000,000 Ymen
    • One free game every day is added (like Great Pachinko/Night Club)
  • x10 games option for 75/450 Kobans that guarantees a Legendary Recruit Equipment has been added 
    • Objectives and Contests:
      • Use Pachinko Orbs” – the new orbs should count here along all other orbs
  • Added to Contests #14, #17
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x2 game) – 1620
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x1 game) – 1500
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x10 game) – 8100
  • Added to PoV #6 (Pachinko)
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x2 game) – 42
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x1 game) – 40
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x10 game) – 210
  • Others = 1 point
  • Equipment Pachinko/Night Club is now displayed before the Great Pachinko/Night Club on the Pachinko/Night Club screen

Recruit Leveler page to include Equip/Unequip all + Favorite position


The favorite position of the recruit is displayed in the top left corner next to the class so the player can easily check their resonance bonuses.

Automatic options to Equip all/Unequip all have been added to the recruit leveler page.

Icon improvement


The Recruit Equipment icon has been updated to better fit with the styles of the games.

They now also display an icon in the top right corner of the item image to be more distinguishable as recruit equipment.

Check out the new improvements and share your feedback with us on our Discord!

Patch Notes Week #28

12. 07. 2023

New World 9 Quest 5 – “Crack the Case”

“You look surprised to be overpowered!”

 Check out the latest adventure!


Hero lvl 1000 balance adjustments & improvements

Great Night Club

The cost of a great pachinko roll has been capped to the max cost of level 500.

Temporary PoP

As the power needed and the rewards depend on the PoP level, the max PoP level is now capped at level 15.

Contests Brackets

New contest brackets have been added to improve the contest player experience.

The new brackets are for the following levels:

401-440 lvl

441-480 lvl

481-520 lvl

520+ lvl

Patch Notes Week #27

05. 07. 2023


No big updates or content this week. We’ve tamed some bugs and made some improvements!


Patch Notes Week #26

28. 06. 2023

New World 9 Quest 4 – “The Enemy of My Enemy”

“Didn’t know there was a punk rock festival in town!”

 Check out the latest adventure!




Hero Level 1000 and Leveling Rewards 💝

Aaaah, hero! So strong, so powerful and so… maxed out at level 500! 👀

Well, guess what we’ve been cooking up for you to reach unprecedented levels of sexual power:

Player Level Cap 1 000!

Not only can you now unlock more levels to help you on your journey, but you’ll also be unlocking rewards to celebrate your leveling milestones! 🥳🎉

Example of Leveling Path:

Now, every 20 levels, you’ll get free rewards to celebrate your leveling up and progress!

The rewards can be accessed by clicking the XP bar next to the player avatar. There is no expiry date on the levels or rewards in the Hero level rewards. You can unlock and claim them at any time.

For those of you who want even more rewards and to celebrate some more, we’re releasing the “Hero Pass”.

An icon is displayed on your Hero XP when rewards are available!


XP leveling after level 500

Reached level 500?

The journey changes from here! Player XP level requirements will no longer be as exponential as they were to reach level 500.


To reach level 500, players need 270,538XP (total: 27,388,485).

To reach level 501, players need 270,982XP (total: 27,659,467).

To reach level 502, players need 271,428XP (total: 27,930,895).

To reach level 503, players need 271,874XP (total: 28,202,769).

To reach level 504, players need 272,321XP (total: 28,475,090).

To reach level 505, players need 272,768XP total: 28,747,858).


What is the Hero Pass and where can I find it? 🤩

Unlocking the Hero Pass will allow players to receive the rewards from the second part of the leveling reward path.

The Hero pass can be purchased from the “Passes” Section in the shop.

Note: The “Season Pass” tab will now be renamed to Passes, see image below: 👇

The Hero Pass will be available from level 20 (which is also when players will unlock their first leveling reward).

👇 Example of both Leveling Paths unlocked through Hero Pass:

Player stat points

Players will now also get a new opportunity to raise their stat levels: Every level gives the opportunity to buy 30 stat points for each stat.


Equipment stats points and price

The price, equipment stats, and sell value will remain unchanged and calculated for level 500 if the player has reached level 500 or higher.

🔥 It’s time to double down and level up!! 🔥



⚡ Mythic Boosters ⚡

Until now, players could simultaneously equip 3 normal (non-mythic) boosters and 3 mythic boosters!

You can now simultaneously equip 4 normal boosters and 5 mythic boosters 💥

And now that you can equip more boosters, you’ll need more awesome community-requested mythic boosters to fill those slots!

Reminder: Mythic Boosters start appearing in the market when the player reaches level 200+.

  • Leagues Mastery Emblem: Get +15% Impact when attacking in Leagues for the next 110 performances.

Price: 450 gold

Cannot be combined with AME. If one of them is equipped, the other cannot be equipped until the first one is depleted.


  • Seasons Mastery Emblem: Get +15% Impact when attacking in Seasons for the next 110 performances.

Price: 450 gold

Cannot be combined with AME. If one of them is equipped, the other cannot be equipped until the first one is depleted.


  • Gem Detector: Get +25% more Gems from all sources, up to 500 bonus gems. 

Price: 450 gold

Count each of the gems inside “All Gems” as single usages – 1 All Gem usage will take 8 usages from the booster.

Only deplete usages in multiples of 8: Booster has 10 remaining usages – will receive 1 extra “All gems” and the other 2 usages will not be taken

This means that if 6 gems are left for example, the booster should be depleted on a singular gem source in the game (DM, Pachinko, Villains, etc.)


  • Banger: Regain 15% of the Ego lost at the end of Boss Bang performances for the next 100 performances.

Calculated at the end of the battle. For example: if the player would lose 100% of Ego, they lose 85% Ego.

If the player loses 0% Ego, no charges will be spent. But if they lose even 1 Ego, it will be applied.

Price: 450 gold

  • Shiny Aura: Get +25% more points in Contests, up to 100,000 bonus points.

This applies to all contests being normal, legendary, or cumback.

Price: 450 gold




One-star girl

A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦




Patch Notes Week #25

20. 06. 2023


⚡🐺 The Lupa Playlist 🐺⚡


What does the Alpha Bitch of Begin City listen to while she patrols?


Check out the Kinkoid exclusive Lupa Playlist 👉 here 💘



Patch Notes Week #24

14. 06. 2023


New World 9 Quest 3 – “Lost and Found”

“First time I’m seeing this handsome brooding stranger in here…”

 Check out the latest adventure!



⏳ Reduced timers ⏳

Daily Missions

– DM Common: no change (1 min)

– DM Rare: changed from 5 min to 3 min

– DM Epic: changed from 10 min to 7 min

– DM Legendary: changed from 15 min to 10 min

– Classic event DM: currently they vary between 3 to 8 hours  👉 changed to always 4 hours

– Orgy Days event DM: no change (always 5 min)

Places of Power

– Minimum timer changed from 7h to 6h (-14%)



[Balance] PoV Tiers

More awesome rewards for the horniest and mightiest of heroes.

More tiers are added to PoV for heroes who go above and beyond to prove their valor! 🔥🔥



Mythic Night-Club

 Mythic Night-Club pool has been updated



Patch Notes Week #23

07. 06. 2023


💝 Shop V2 💝


Get ready for the remodeled shop with more special offers and an improved interface! The choice is all in your hands to tailor your sexperience 💋


Revamped, improved, and easier to navigate, with more offers and freebies for everyone – keep reading to learn about Shop V2.  


💥 Categories 💥

There are several categories and some of them have sub-tabs. The full structure is the following:

  • Starter Offers (will no longer be displayed when the “Starter Offer” is purchased and the “First Purchase Gift” is claimed)
  • Event Bundles
    • Sub-tabs per event (including one for Seasonal event)
  • Special Offers
  • Period Deals
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Monthly Cards
    • One sub-tab per card
      • Seasonal Premium (only when Seasonal event is running)
      • Silver
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
  • Koban Packs (HH&GH) / Gold Packs (for PSH and CxH)
  • Season Pass
  • Custom Bundles


Note that: There will be no Armor sets in any section or any bundle.



💜 Event bundles category 💜


Example of sub-tab in Event bundles category:


Sub-tabs are displayed only if there is an active bundle from the specific event(s).


Bundles should hold from 1 up to 6 rewards.


The link from the Seasonal Event menu should lead directly to the sub-tab for Seasonal event bundles.


🥵 Special Offers Category 🥵


Wil be included in Special Offers, the special bundles that do not fall into other categories such as World Bundles”.


Bundles should hold from 1 up to 6 rewards and each have their own name.


🍌 Period deals Category 🍌


Example of sub-tab in Period deals



Each Period Deal is only available for a specific amount of time based on the type.


  • Daily
    • Duration: 24 hours
    • Start and end: Update hour every day, update hour
    • New bundle type: Daily Deal
  • Weekly
    • Duration: 1 week (168 hours)
    • Start and end: Update hour every Monday, update hour
    • New bundle type: Weekly Deal
  • Monthly
    • Duration: 30 days (720 hours)
    • Start and end: Update hour every 1st of the Month, update hour
    • New bundle type: Monthly Deal


Deals hold up exactly 2 rewards each every time.


💝 There is one free deal per type every time a new period starts. 💝


The free Period deals now replace the Daily Rewards feature.


A common timer (to when the offers expire) for each type of period deal is displayed on the screen.


🍑 Monthly Cards Category 🍑


Each Monthly Card now has its own sub-tab explaining the details of the Monthly Card. Learn more about Monthly Cards in this article.


When SE is active, the link from the Seasonal Event menu for the Seasonal Event Premium Card will lead directly to this sub-tab.


✨ Options for MC Purchase ✨


You will now be able to choose from several different options to Purchase an MC.


All options will be a single payment. The more months you purchase in one go, the greater the discount!


You can choose between 1 month period, 3 month period, and 6 month period.


Note that the 6-month option will be selected by default.

💰 Koban/Gold Packs 💰 


Each pack has its own name and displays the price and the percentage of bonus kobans.

😈 Season Pass 😈


The page to purchase Season Pass got a hot visual improvement! The available season recruits are now visible from the Season Pass purchase page. 🔥

💗 Custom Bundles 💗


Custom Bundles can now be found here.


Reminder on how Custom Bundles work:


Custom bundles can be created once per 30 days (from the last purchase time of a custom bundle).


A timer will display the time left until the next Custom bundle purchase becomes available.


The bundle contains three different rewards of the same value.


Check out the newly improved Shop, the new bundles and offers, and the new free rewards! We hope to read your feedback on our Discord!



Seasonal Event Equipment Orbs Improvement


More opportunities to earn Equipment Orbs will be added to Seasonal Event Reward Tiers:


Tier 5 – Kisses added to Tier 1 – added 1 Equip Orb

Tier 30 – Tickets added to Tier 14 – added 2 Equip Orbs

Tier 51 – Energy added to Tier 36 – added 3 Equip Orbs

Tier 58 – Combativity added to Tier 40 – added 4 Equip Orbs

Tier 85 – Spellbooks added to Tier 67 – added 5 Equip Orbs




Patch Notes Week #22

31. 05. 2023

New World 9 Quest 2 – “Crystal Clear”

“Yep, the cuffs s-s-suit you! Maybe you were made for the vigilante lifestyle after all!”

 Check out the latest adventure!



One-star girl

A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦




Patch Notes Week #21

25. 05. 2023

New Feature – Recruit Equipment & Resonance 

Recruit Equipment & Resonance is now live! You can read more about it here. We will be releasing a survey on further improvements to the feature based on player suggestions & feedback very soon. Thank you for all your help with improving and fleshing out this feature so far!


Places of Power

Susperia is now available in POP “Bond me”



Patch Notes Week #20

17. 05. 2023

World 8 Quest 13 – “Virtually Guilty”

“Luck has nothing to do with it, my friend!”


A new world has been released! 


World 9 Man Meat of Steel


Prepare yourself and your man meat for new adventures! 🍆🔥


New World 9 Quest 1 – “Bigger in Grandopolis”

“And for our next mission, I want you to meet someone very important…”


Check out the latest Quests and the New World!





Patch Notes Week #19

10. 05. 2023

Improvement 🔥

To make the beginning of the game easier and funner for new players, they will now start the game with 2,000,000 $ instead of 100,000 $.



Gal’s Spotify Playlist

🎶 Do you want to hear the music Gal is listening to while she travels the land and defends the old way of life? 

🎧 Check out her exclusive Spotify playlist 👉 here 👈



👾 Found a bug? Be sure to check our known and fixed bugs article on the blog 👾




Patch Notes Week #18

03. 05. 2023


New World 8 Quest 12 – “Pulp Friction”

“I have no idea what you’re on about! Are we talking about the same app? The one with the sole purpose of getting people laid?”

 Check out the latest adventure!




Club Champion

A new Club Champion girl has joined the Comixverse!

Will you help her master the art of love?

Grim Lotus

Fight Abaddon next time he appears as Club Champion to add Grim Lotus to your Harem!




Patch Notes Week #17

26. 04. 2023


One-star girl

A new one-grade girl has joined the Comixverse 💦

Madame Stroke




Improvement: Skip Tier of Progression (PoV/PoG)

Sometimes, life happens and you join an event late or you just don’t have as much time to be active during an event.

Life has its ways, but we don’t want to let that stop you from getting tons of rewards and hot recruits for your harem! ❤️‍🔥

Following community requests, we’ve added an option to skip the Path of Valor and Path of Glory tiers.



How does it work?

➕ Click on the Plus next to the potions in order to open the pop-up. ➕

Once the pop-up is displayed, players will be suggested potions that are enough to get the player up to the next tier of the Path.



How much does it cost?

The price will be defined per Potion missing until the next Tier

PoV: 1 Potion = 0.9 Gold

PoG: 1 Potion = 2.7 Gold

The quantity of missing potions is calculated and then the Gold price is rounded up.

Potions bought with this feature count toward “Earn Potionsobjectives.




Mythic Pachinko

 Mythic Night-Club pool has been updated




⚡ 💥Seles and Apolonia have new exclusive Playlists! Check them out and listen to what these spunky super babes listen to! 💥⚡


⭐💋 Find the exclusive Seles playlist here and the Apolonia playlist here. 💋⭐





Patch Notes Week #16

19. 04. 2023



The release will start around 9:30 am UTC+2 and the downtime could take up to an hour or more. Plan your game day accordingly.



New World 8 Quest 11 – “Champagne Showers”: Damn, Pomelo is going off the rails! Quick! Let’s recharge and go help out Virtue! Check out the latest adventure!

Patch Notes Week #15



👾🐛 Found a bug? Be sure to check our known and fixed bugs article on the blog 👉 here 👾🐛




⚡  Energy Feature Article


Want to know more about energy types, how to refill on energy, and how energy is stored?


Cum get energized by checking out this article ⚡ Energy & Refilling & Storage ⚡.


Check out the article for an extra special surprise! 💝



Happy Easter, Super Heroes! 🐰🥕


The 14th and 17th of April are official bank holidays for the Kinkoid team.


Tickets will not be answered during this period and CMs will not be available on social media and Discord.


Have yourself an egg-cellent Easter! 🥚🍫




Beta Testers Wanted! 




We’re very close to having a testable Beta version of our newest passion project – Trans Pornstar Harem. If the title causes a tingling sensation in one or more special places, be sure to join our Discord server and become a Beta tester today! You’ll get the chance to talk to the team behind the game, make suggestions and help shape the future of this one-of-a-kind experience! 


Become a Beta tester today! Join the Trans Pornstar Harem Discord server! 💋



Patch Notes Week #14



New World 8 Quest 10 – “Sharing the Load”: I know we just finished having sex but I’m still so horny! Check out the latest adventure!


Energy Refill Improvement


Wish you could choose how much energy you want and need instead of having to refill your entire energy bar? 


Then get ready for this new improvement!


After filling your girls, you decide how much of a refill you need!

🔥 How does it work? 🔥

By default, the manual refill will offer different amounts depending on the type of energy.

If players directly click on the + sign next to the energy to refill it, they will by default be offered the following amounts (no matter if they have a Monthly Card):

Quest: Refill to reach 100 energy

Combativity: Refill to reach 20 energy

Kiss: Refill to reach 10 energy

Challenge: Refill to reach 15 energy

Worship: Refill to reach 10 energy

Reply: Refill to reach 10 energy

If players already have more than/equal to this amount of energy, the automatic refill option will be set to 1 energy.

Players can then edit this amount by typing the amount or using the up and down arrows.


💥 Minimum & Maximum manual refill amounts 💥


The minimum that can be manually recharged is 1 energy (all energy types).

The maximum amount of energy players can have by refilling is:

Quest: Maximum energy from refilling is 1000

Combativity: Max energy from refilling is 200

Kiss: Max energy from refilling is 100

Challenge: Maximum energy from refilling is 60

Worship: Maximum energy from refilling is 100

Reply: Maximum energy from refilling is 50


In this example, the player has 4 energy and can purchase 996 energy to reach the maximum of 1000 energy.



Custom Bundles

So many bundles and yet, none that fit your needs?

A new tab has been introduced to the payments section:


You can now pick and create your very own custom bundle!


🔥 How does it work? 🔥


Custom bundles can be created once per 30 days (from the last purchase time of a custom bundle).

A timer will display the time left until the next Custom bundle purchase becomes available. It will also be displayed in the Special Offers section when available again.

The bundle contains three different rewards of the same value.



Double Penetration Balance Improvement 

Goal requirements have been decreased and changing the goals has become cheaper!


The option will cost

For the Easy slot: 36 Kobans down from 60 Kobans

For the Hard slot: 72 Kobans down from 90 Kobans


Paid Pass

The option costs 6600 Kobans down from 7200 Kobans



All gems rewards are increased to 50 and 150 gems (free/locked path) from 20 and 60 gems (free/locked path)



Beta Testers Wanted! 




We’re very close to having a testable Beta version of our newest passion project – Trans Pornstar Harem. 


If the title causes a tingling sensation in one or more special places, be sure to join our Discord server and become a Beta tester today! You’ll get the chance to talk to the team behind the game, make suggestions and help shape the future of this one-of-a-kind experience! 


Become a Beta tester today! Join the Trans Pornstar Harem Discord server! 💋




Patch Notes Week #13



One-star girl ⭐

A new Super babe is joining the Comixverse

Final Gal



Exclusive Spotify Playlists


Want to know what Teen Streak listens to when she’s getting hot and sweaty? 💦 Check out her exclusive Spotify Playlist here.



Quest  $ Soft Currency costs 

As $ Soft Currency costs have increased across the game, the costs for World Quests will be modified.

The change will be implemented on March 29th, 2023 at 13.00 (UTC+3).



Customer Support Ticketing Surveys 

Players contacting Customer Support through the game will now be able to offer feedback and allow us to better understand whether our Support team has provided you with satisfactory service.
You can fill in one survey per closed ticket and surveys will be available for tickets dating back to the beginning of last year.



Art Rework

Superbabe Triple Trouble has been updated and reworked with some hot new colors.

Check out this sneak peek! 😉




Patch Notes Week #12



New World 8 Quest 9 – “Athena’s Attention”: So, you’re the mighty Athena I’ve been hearing so much about! Do you resemble the source material for your name? Check out the latest adventure!


Found a bug in the game? Have no fear, the Dev team is here! 💪

Be sure to check our known and fixed bugs article on the blog 👉 here.




Patch Notes Week #11



No big updates or content for CxH this week, just a few bugs that need some taming! Check them out 👉 here



🎵 Spotify Playlists 🎵


Do you love titties and good tunes? Boobies and loud bass? RnB and Ramming nice Butts? Or are you more into butts, boobies, and brass bands? 🍑


Want to know which tunes your favourite Super-Waifus are jamming out to?


Come check out these playlists on our Kinkoid Spotify Profile.


Don’t see a playlist for your favorite waifu? 👯‍♀️


Join our discord and let us know what music you’d like to listen to with your harem! 💗💖





Patch Notes Week #10




  • New World 8 Quest 8 – “I’ve Cum to Bargain”: Well, well, well… It looks like you can finally notice when things are crashing and burning around you! Check out the latest adventure!


Patch Notes Week #09




National Holidays!

As the 3rd of March is an official national holiday, the CM and CS teams will not be available.

Tickets will not be answered during this period and CMs will not be available on social media and discord.

Be sure to check our known and fixed bugs article on the blog 👉 here




Patch Notes Week #08




  • New World 8 Quest 7 – “(For)giving Orgasms”: I gotta say, you’re rocking the death stare even when your pussy is dripping! Check out the latest adventure!


Places of Power

Mentalis is now available in POP “Pet your pussy”



One-star girl ⭐

A new Super babe is joining the Comixverse




Mythic Pachinko

 Mythic Night Club pool has been updated




Patch Notes Week #07



No big updates or content for CxH this week, just a few bugs that need some taming! Check them out 👉 here

Remember to stay hot, horny, and hydrated, SuperHero! 💦


Monthly Card Subscription

This update introduces a new logic to monthly card checkboxes.

The following options will be automatically checked when purchasing a monthly card: “Save Details” and “Automatically bill me”




Patch Notes Week #06




New World 8 Quest 6 – “Ass on Grass”: Damn! You dropped faster than women’s panties when they see me! Check out the latest adventure!



🍑 New Feature Event: Double Penetration! 🍑

Prepare for trouble and make it double!

Hot girls like temptation and double penetration 🔥

Participate in the event, earn potions of penetration, and get hot new babes to join your harem! 💦


💋 What is the DP event? 💋

 DP event has two paths, one free and one paid (7200 gold)!

Each path has a brand new gorgeous 5-grade girls for you to welcome into your harem. 💘

To unlock path tiers, win potions of penetration by completing objectives.

The more potions of penetration you win = the more awesome rewards you unlock!


💫 How can I access it? 💫

To access the Double Penetration event, you need to:

  • Have reached the World 3 Quest 5
  • Have 10 girls in your Harem
  • Have reached level 50


🍒 How long does it last? 🍒

Currently, the event is planned to last 4 days and alternate with the Boss Bang event.


⚡ What are the objectives? ⚡

There are 2 types of objectives: Easy (Common or Rare) & Hard (Epic or Legendary).

The left slot of objectives picks Easy objectives, and the right slot picks Hard objectives.

The higher the rarity of the objective, the more rewards you will win for completing it!

Easy & Hard objectives should be from different types of objectives and different from the previously completed objective.



If you don’t like one of the objectives, you can use Kobans to replace it with an objective of the same difficulty.

The option will cost:

  • For the Easy slot: 60 gold
  • For the Hard slot: 90 gold

Note that:

  • Replacing the objective also removes any progress of the replaced objective
  • Replacing the objective does not give Potions
  • It is possible to gain potions with a single action for both easy and hard objectives.


When completing an objective, the potions will automatically be added to your current Potions. You can check your current Potions of Penetration on the event page.


💕 Claiming Rewards 💕

Players with Monthly Cards will receive any unclaimed rewards after the event ends. 🦄

Players without a Monthly Card need to make sure they claim everything before the event ends! ⏳



New Feature Improvement:

Seasons, PoV, PoG – “Claim All” Rewards Button


Clicking the button will claim all the rewards that are available for claiming!

If you have multiple rewards to collect from Seasons/PoV/PoG, you no longer have to collect them all individually. By using the option “Claim all”, the unclaimed rewards will be claimed in one go!



Visual improvements

Monthly Cards

This visual improvement of displayed Monthly cards will make our games more homogeneous and help players know more easily which type of Monthly Card they currently have.



The tab to purchase a Monthly Card will now display a generic card that does not mention the game.

On the home page, the card will now also be displayed with a letter representing the card tier.

S = Silver

G = Gold

P = Platinum

D = Diamond



Patch Notes Week #05



Club Champion

A new Club Champion girl has joined the Comixverse!

Fight Pr. Doomination next time he appears as Club Champion to add Champion Sable Claw to your Harem!



Pantheon Perform x10

The new Pantheon “Perform! X10” option will do 10 consecutive floor performances.

How does it work?

If you are defeated after a performance, you’ll stay on the floor where you were defeated and have the option to perform again.

If you beat the floor, you’ll continue to the next floor.

Note: When using this option, in case you win or lose, the 10 Worships will be consumed.

The option is free for players with a Platinum or Diamond Monthly Card.




Reward icon for “Daily Goals”

The “Activities” tab will now display a reward icon when you have a Daily Goals reward to collect!



Game Promotions!

We have some fresh new offers for our games! Come check them out and get some juicy rewards. 💦



Event interface changes


To allow more events to be displayed on the Home page and to have enough space for event names in the event widget, the interface has been adjusted.


The event names and timers on the Home page are now more compact.


Timers will be displayed in the following way:

  • Days and Hours – when the time is more than 24 hours
    • Example: “Ends in 2d 14h”
  • Hours and Minutes – when the time is less than 24 hours
    • Example: “Ends in 12h 15m”
  • Minutes – when it is less than 1 hour
    • Example: “Ends in 44m”


Event widget changes are the following:

  • Info icons are displayed next to the X icon
  • The back arrow on the Help Page is in the same place as the X icon
  • The font size of the event name is smaller
  • “Ends in” text is displayed in two lines




Patch Notes Week #04




  • New World 8 Quest 5 – “Naughty & Ice”: But speaking of sensations, I have an idea of how we can make this even sexier! Check out the latest adventure!


Resource inventory

This improvement will show players an overview of their inventory.

From the main page, click on the green backpack logo. A pop-up window containing information about all of your currently owned Energies, Currencies, Gems, Orbs, and Progression (mojo, potions) will be displayed.


One-star girl

A new Super babe is joining the Comixverse




Patch Notes Week #03



New Feature: Pantheon’s Stairway

Or How to Become a Sex God 


  • To unlock the Stairway, you need to have reached Level 15!

  • You can access it through the homepage menu by clicking on “Sex God Path”.
  • The Sex God Path includes Champions and the Pantheon’s Stairway.
  • Other PvE features will come later with even more engaging gameplay. Stay tuned for our next challenge on the Sex God Path!


What is Pantheon’s Stairway?

  • It is a place for performances and is structured in Temples.
  • Each Temple is represented as a team of 7 girls you have to perform against.
  • If you can’t beat the Temple, you remain on it until you win.
  • If you win, you progress to the next floor and win a reward.
  • There is a new type of energy used in the Pantheon’s Stairway: Worship.

  • Worship works similarly to the Kisses in the Seasons.
    • You must use 1 Worship to start a battle.
    • You can store up to 10 Worship (players without a Monthly Card).
    • In about a couple of hours, 1 Worship is generated (you get 10 Worship for the 24 hours of a day).
  •  There is a Leaderboard displaying the top 1000 players (the ones who have reached the highest floors).




  • The higher temples you reach, the bigger the rewards you will get. There will be a reward for every new floor you get to. The rewards are Gifts, Books, different Orbs, and, of course, girls. Exclusive hot legendary 5-grade super babes!


 To learn more about the Pantheon, check out our article on the blog!


Keep an eye on our Twitter page where we’ll be sharing a code to celebrate the launch of the new feature! 🥳💝

Note: to use a redeem code, just go to Settings and enter the word as you see it- no spaces and all the symbols. Enjoy!



Patch Notes Week #02





New World 8 Quest 4 – “Hot & Cold”: I’ve never had a long, stiff object go down for me and I’m not planning on changing that now!

Max Storage

For each Monthly Card tier, players will now be able to automatically store more energy from the natural regeneration! This change won’t affect players without a Monthly Card.


Example: For Platinum Monthly Cardholders, the limit for Quest Energy is now set to 250. This means that the energy will keep refilling until it has reached 250.

The affected energies are: Quest Energy, Combativity, Kisses, Condoms.


💎 New Monthly Card 💎

A new Monthly Card with exciting new rewards!

For the heroes who want more resources and more options, we’re releasing a new Monthly Card: the Diamond Monthly Card!



Treat yourself and treat your girls with the awesome new benefits of the Diamond MC:

  • 30 days duration
  • 450 Gold per day (total 13500)
  • 10 Kisses per day (total 300)
  • 40 All Gems per day (total 1200)
  • Free Collect All
  • Collect last Season, PoA, PoV, PoG rewards
  • Free x10 and x50 Villain Performance
  • Free x15 League Performance
  • 50% Off Market Reload
  • Free x10 Champion Performance and Rest
  • 50% Off Daily Missions finish now
  • 50% Off Night Club Reroll
  • 16 Team slots in total
  • Free Club Champion Multiple Performance & Short Rest
  • Free Places of Power Auto Assign All and Claim All
  • Free x10 Season Performance & Refresh Opponents
  • Max Storage up to: 300 Quest Energy, 60 Combativity, 50 Kisses, 30 Condoms


Nutaku Maintenance News

Nutaku will run scheduled maintenance on Thursday, January 12th at 8 AM EST.

The maintenance period will be approximately 30 minutes long. Nutaku and all integrated games (browser and app) will be unavailable during this downtime.




Patch Notes Week #51



Path of Attraction balance changes


With the price reduction of tickets and the sufficient amount of features in the game, we’ve decided to increase the Champion challenges requirements during the Path of Attraction, starting this month. This is done to ensure that the requirements are balanced and equal between all our games. 


Main Page Improvements 

  • We have added timers and additional info visible in the Town Page for the following sections: 
    • Market – A timer will display the remaining time until the Market reset 
    • Club – A timer will display the time until the Club Champion’s availability
    • Leagues – You League rank and position will be displayed 
    • Boosters – an icon will appear when your Boosters have expired so you can reapply them. This will work only for the 24h boosters (not Mythic), 

Happy Holidays 2022


The end of the year is fast approaching, and we have prepared a special celebratory post for 2022. We wish you the coziest, warmest, happiest, and kinkiest holidays! See you next year! 


PS. Week 52 won’t have Patch Notes, as the Kinkoid office will be on holiday leave. We will have limited availability in case of emergencies (Magrat will be available on Discord) and an increased time for Support inquiries. Thank you for your understanding. 


Patch Notes Week #50




  • Quest 2 for World 8  is now live – Continue your super sexy adventure and save the world! 

Kinkoid Annual Holidays 


The entire Kinkoid team will be on holiday from the 24th of December. We will be back online on the 3rd of January. During the holidays, there will be very limited staff availability and a delay in answering support tickets. There will be no Patch Notes on Wednesday the 28th. 

We thank you for your understanding! 

Patch Notes Week #49



Art Survey Winners!

We asked you to rate the girls based on whether they were Hot 🔥 or Not ❌.
The results are in. Your favorite girl from October is

Mystress Nyx!



  • The PornStarHarem logo and link will now be included in the “Follow us” section on the Home page.

  • Quests and adventures will now be released at the update hour to reduce the tech maintenance and make them easier to test. This should improve the release of quests and help reduce the number of content bugs.


Additional Improvements due to player feedback

  • During our most recent Q&A session on Discord, the community-made several requests, shared feedback, and asked many questions (check out the transcript here). Players asked for the Shop Gifts and Daily rewards to be the same as HH.


  • As requested by the community, the following changes will be made:
    • Shop Gifts: One Mythic item will be available for purchase instead of the possible two. This means that there will be more legendary items to purchase and fewer mythic items.
    • Daily Rewards: Changing orbs with tickets (that will be more useful for players)



Patch Notes Week #48





New World 7 Quest 13 – “Congratulations! ”: Well, well, well… If it isn’t the famous super cock wielder! 


A new world has been released!

World 8 Suit Down

Wildman! It’s time for big-boy Super Hero missions!



  • Quest 1: City Boy: The fight looks intense! And those juicy tits in the cybernetic suit must belong to Adamant! 




New Feature Event!

Double Date Night Club!


Prepare for the arrival of a new Event with a name chosen by our Community: Double Date Night Club!

One’s company, Two’s a crowd and Three’s a party, or what we call in the Comixverse: a Double Date!



The feature will grant 200% Affection Shards from the Night Club.

In other words, 2 babes for the price of 1!



To access it, you need to have reached World 2 and unlocked events.

Once the event is accessible, when you win a recruit from the pachinko, you’ll win a bonus second recruit randomly selected from the same Night Club pool!



With Double Date, win double the shards from Event Night Club, Epic Night Club, Mythic Night Club, and Great Night Club!

To learn more about Double Date, check out our article about game Events!


The first  Double Date will begin on the 1st of December, at 1 pm UTC+1, and end on the 3rd of December.


Places of Power


Places of Power have summoned a new girl

  • Spurt


One star girl


  • Maywing



  • Starting this month CxH will release only one new 1 grade girl per month
  • Great Night Club: becomes 1 girl per month.


🎁 Holiday Advent Calendar! 🎁


Celebrate the Spirit of giving h̶e̶a̶d̶  this holiday season we’re giving away free daily rewards!


From the 1st to the 25th of December, some jolly superbabes will jingle your bells and fill your socks with all sorts of naughty gifts!


Remember to f̶u̶c̶k̶  thank them and stuff their panties! 😉


Grab your gift and quickly claim your reward!


Each daily reward is only available for 24 hours.





Patch Notes Week #47



Sneak peek


The bigger the harem, the sexier the spandex!

In the next adventure, Wildman will be getting a small makeover! Here’s a sneak peek:


!! Due to player feedback, the release of Hero Mythic Equipment will happen on Thursday, 24 November around 9:30 am UTC+1!!


New Feature!

Hero Mythic Equipment

Hero, the time has come: equip the ultimate Mythic Equipment and unleash your true power!



Mythic equipment is a brand-new equipment rarity designed to help you be the strongest, toughest, and hardest of heroes!

Unlike the other types of equipment, Mythic rarity equipment can be upgraded to unlock new levels of power, and is only available to heroes having reached at least level 200.



Win Mythic Equipment, level it up, resonate it with your hero bonuses, and become unstoppable! 


From where can I find and upgrade my Mythic Equipment pieces?


 Find the Mythic Equipment pieces in your Equipment inventory. From the homepage, go to Market > My Stats&Equipment > Equipment.


How do Mythic Equipment stats function?


All Mythic Equipment pieces start at Level 1 and have a maximum level of 20. The Equipment stats are not related to the Player level.

To upgrade them, use other equipment pieces and Money!


What is Resonance? How does it work? 


Resonance is a bonus based on a “match” between the resonating bonus and the hero.

The mythic equipment will have two resonating bonuses (class of the hero and theme of the team) that the player can try and match. You do not need to match them both to get a bonus.

Resonance bonuses are all summed up and then applied after/on top of all other bonuses.


 How does the item level-up work?


To level up an item of Mythical Equipment, you must use other equipment pieces. The other equipment pieces are used as “material” – imagine material is like “experience” but for the equipment.

Depending on the rarity, each piece of Mythic equipment has a different “material” value.



How can I get Mythic Equipment?


Mythical Equipment will be available as a reward from several in-game events and features: 

Seasons, Path of Attraction, Path of Glory, Legendary Contests, Mythic Night-Club, Event Night-Club, and Seasonal events. And, possibly, more to come!



Check out our blog post about Hero Mythic Equipment for more information and details!


Additional Hero Mythical Equipment improvements due to player feedback:


  • The level of the mythic equipment being used for “material” will now be taken into consideration when used to level up a piece of Mythic Equipment.
  • The “Back to market” button has been removed. Instead, the player is redirected to the market on closing the level-up page.
  • A debounce has been added to the tooltip event to prevent tooltips from flashing when scrolling.


Community feedback and improvements:

Due to community feedback, several fetishes will be replaced:

  • “Asian” will become “Gagging”
  • “Latina” will become “Wax Play”
  • “Caucasian” will become “Bondage”
  • “Ebony” will become “Electrostimulation”

And a typo in “Mecanophilia” is being corrected to “Mechanophilia”.


CxH Dev Q&A Alert!

We know you have a lot of questions and always want to be up to date with everything that’s going on. 

You’re invited to a Q&A session with the mad genius from our Game Design team –  Generalisimus.

It will take place on the 24th of November (Thursday) at 18:00 UTC+1 on our Discord server

The Q&A session will be in writing and in English, so everyone can join in and ask all of the artsy, geeky, designer questions you may have.

Save the date!



Patch Notes Week #46




  • New World 7 Quest 12- “The Cockdown”: “It’s showdown time, girls! Time to see if this Cock knows how to give it hard!” Check out the brand-new adventure! 

Mythic Night Club


  •  Mythic Night Club pool has been updated


Legendary Days improvement

The Comixverse’s hottest vigilante pirate, the extra spicey and extra-hot Paprica will be returning in the November Legendary Days event!




Her arrival in Legendary Days marks the arrival of revival girls in LD! You’ll now be able to recruit a reappearing legendary girl from the event.

From now on, Legendary Days will have two recruitable girls: a new girl and a revival girl (like in HH and GH).



Terms of Use: Account Selling


In light of recent events, we would like to remind you that sharing accounts or login credentials goes against the Kinkoid games’ Terms of Usage. Please note that the ToU also explicitly states “You can’t sell, transfer, or allow any other person to access your account or Login Credentials, or offer to do so.


Players must agree to the Terms of Usage before using any Kinkoid gaming product.

  • Any account found in violation of these terms will be permanently and irreversibly banned.



Patch Notes Week #45



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest – “Encounter with Death”: “On a lonely rooftop at night, you meet Death.”  Check out the latest Side Quest! 

Side Quest announcement

After the release of the side quest on December 14th, there will be a break in the release of side quests.

The focus will be on the main adventure quests and improving the overall art in the game.



  • Improvement of the lost session behavior
    • Players will now get appropriately redirected to the page they were going prior to the lost session
  • To prevent IP bans, the “Use” button is now disabled in the recruit leveler until the response is received.


Additional Improvements due to player feedback

These changes will be implemented in response to player feedback regarding the lack of interest and enthusiasm in Orgy Days:

  • OD’s characters go from 2 to 1 per month (starting from November).



  • Visual fix for “View profile” option not appearing for the player after the club leader in the club members list.
  • Visual fix on the battle lost screen in case of multiple losses.
  • Fix for the logout functionality in case of a lost session.


Ticketing and in-game support

We would like to inform you that replies to tickets opened with Support may be slower until the 14th of November due to a temporarily reduced Customer Support workforce.


Patch Notes Week #44




  • New World 7 Quest  11 – “Back in Business”: “No use making so much noise, Cougar Girl! You’re not getting out of there!”  Check out the latest adventure! 

Sultry Mysteries Event (SM)

A new Event type is now available!

In Sultry Mysteries, win rewards by unlocking squares from a grid and collect Sultry Coins to buy awesome rewards and shards for unfinished girls.


How can the event be accessed?

To access the event, players must have reached Level 15

If under 15, the event won’t be visible at all.


How does it work?

Every grid has 30 squares. You can generate a new grid, but you must open at least 15 squares first.

Every square hides a mystery reward. Use 1 key to unlock the reward hiding behind the square.

The number of grids that can be generated is unlimited.


How can I get keys?

You’ll start the event with 15 keys.

Win them by collecting the rewards from the final Daily Chest or battle villains for a chance to win keys.

Keys can also be obtained with Kobans or via Bundles.

Keys will be reset at the end of the event so make sure to use them all before the SM event ends!


What are Sultry Coins and how do I use them?

Sultry Coins can only be won by unlocking mystery boxes from the event grid.

You can then use them in the exclusive event Shop to unlock awesome rewards like missing shards for incompleted recruits!

Note that the Sultry Coins will be kept after the event ends and can be used the next time the event is available.


How does the Exclusive Shop function?

Spend Sultry Coins on rewards or resources like Gems. You can also spend Sultry Coins on purchasing shards for recruits that you haven’t yet completed!

There will be 5 rewards for you to purchase in the shop.

The first slot of the shop is reserved for the shards of a random recruit for which you already have 40 shards or more (does not include Mythics).

The Shop will be refreshed every 12h or can be manually restocked with Kobans.

For more information, check out the information button on the event page or our Events article on the Kinkoid blog!

New Feature!

Clubs and Club Champions

After all the teasing – Finally, the long-awaited Clubs and Club champions have been released to Comix Harem!

Gather with fellow players to fight together against Club Champions, talk with other players through the club chat, and win awesome rewards together!


How do I join a club?

You can join a club by searching for its’ Name or ID.

Or create your very own club


Why should I join a club?


Not only will you be able to enjoy the company of people who have similar interests as you, but you will receive all kinds of bonuses for simply being in a club.

By contributing Cash to the club Upgrades, you and your club members will receive various bonuses such as increased %  gain for XP gain, stat increase, maximum member cap, and others!


Club Champions!

With the help of members from your club, defeat the club champion to win shards for exclusive Club Champion girls!

Check out our blog post to learn more about Club Champions!

Club Champion

“Do you really think your boosting power makes you special? Let me show you how a true sex master does it.”
– Professor Doomination

Vickie Suck 

Challenge professor Doomination and Vickie Suck will join your superhero squad



Patch Notes Week #43



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “Roomie Reunion”: It has been a while since you last met your roomie, Unknown. She’s surprised and happy to run into you at the dorm. You have a lot of catching up and sticking in to do and celebrate her graduation from the S.H.O.C.K.E.R. academy in the only way fit for a SuperHeroine…Come and check out the brand new side quest! 


Super Brand ambassador Sia Siberia

With her tight grip, Super Sia is here to save the day!

Super Sia

One star girls

New one star girls have been released

                 Tommygirl                        Cornelia Sharpe


Night Club girls

                      Kokomona                                 Powerful




Patch Notes Week #42




  • New World 7 Quest  10 – “Code Name P.I.M.P.”: “Looking good, ladies! Top notch security guards!”  Check out the latest adventure! 


Path of Valor

To keep bringing you more new super babes for your harem and awesome rewards, the length of Path of Valor has been shortened to 14 days.




Patch Notes Week #41



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Wildman Begins”: A young, horny lad has recently taken the SuperSerum. Discovered by the famous Cougar Woman, he’s spent the last few weeks exploring every inch of her body and his new powers. One evening she called him from her bedroom to share some exciting news with him. That lad is you…Come and check out the brand new side quest! 



Patch Notes Week #40



  • New World 7 Quest  9 – “Kiss and Make Up”: “So what you’re trying to tell me is that you haven’t cum here for my pussy?”  Check out the latest adventure! 


The market update is upon us!


Comixverse’s market is getting renovated with a brand new look!


What is new?


An improved stats upgrade system 


The Hero Page now easier to navigate! 

“Buy All” option has been included for Books and Gifts!

Harem Page

Upgrading a super heroine will now happen from the Harem page

Max out button has been added in the Harem page both Gifts and Books

The new Max out feature will optimize the use of resources and display the needed materials for an upgrade!



Patch Notes Week #39



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “Dream Penetration”: As you fall asleep after a hard day’s work at the S.H.O.C.K.E.R., you are whisked away to an unfamiliar dimension, where you’re greeted by a familiar dame. Come and check out the brand new side quest! 

Places of Power

Places of Power have summoned a new girl



Night Club


Two new girls can be obtained from the night club

       Encryption                                         H.A.I.D.E.E.


One grade girls

Two new recruits have joined the hero academy 

                Chronowitch                                   Combalt


Mythic Pachinko


  • Mythic Pachinko pool has been updated






Patch Notes Week #38



  • New World 7 Quest 8 Adventure Release: “Kitty Cat”: The Hero has to break into the apartment of Pussy, who is now a celebrity superhero working alone. However, it will not be an easy mission, as she mistakes him for a cat thief and punishes him for being bad. Nothing too special here, it’s mostly to introduce the character… Check out the latest adventure! 



An impact display has been included 


  • An impact display showing the total of the hero’s impact + the girl’s impact has been added 
    • Previously we displayed the Impact of each girl based on her stats.


Full-screen mode 

Full-screen mode has been added to the adventures!

Ticketing system update

With today’s update, we are improving the ticketing system. It will take a few hours for things to be moved so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your tickets. Check back later.

Note: Only the tickets from the past four months will be migrated to the new ticketing system.



Patch Notes Week #37



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Answer Her Call”: Crime is on the rise in Begin City. The need for SuperHeroes is ever-increasing! Foxy Lady has discovered the city bank is going to get robbed tonight. Waiting for Wildman on the roof of a nearby building, she’s brooding over the city. Then Wildman joins her, offering his services. Come and check out the brand new side quest!





Patch Notes Week #36




  • New World 7 Quest 7 Adventure Release: “The Stick in Slapstick”: I asked “who the fuck are you?”… Check out the latest adventure! 

A season pass reminder has been added to the game


Discord Update

Want to see the girls before they reach the game and share your feedback with the artists creating the hot superladies of Comix Harem?

Join our Discord and come check out the #cxh-art-review channel to check out what our content team is cooking up in the Comixverse kitchen!





Patch Notes Week #35



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “Assful of Cum”: Power Puss requires your services to prepare for her next mission…Come and check out the brand new side quest! 


One star girls 

Two new recruits have graduated the Hero academia

                   Cumina                     Conquista


Night Club girls 


Ultra-Woman                                      Ms. Lux


New Feature

 Path of Glory (PoG)

🙊 Oh no! 🙊


Did you accidentally miss a few shards for one of the super hot hero recruits on an event? And now you’re just so close yet so far from adding her to your harem?


💘 Worry not, hero! 💘

The hot and sexy recruits of the Comixverse are returning to you in all their glory in the new feature: Path of Glory!

Now that you’re curious and that we have your attention, keep on reading, go down the

 ̶r̶a̶b̶b̶i̶t̶  glory hole, and learn more about this awesome new feature! 😉


🤩 What is the Path of Glory? 🤩



You might already know about Path of Valor (if you don’t, head over to this article) and we’d like to introduce you to its counterpart: Path of Glory. Where PoV brings you hot new recruits to join your harem, PoG will be bringing back some of the lustrous ladies you might have previously missed.

With Path of Glory, you’ll be able to win shards for girls you missed in previous events!

Plus, it’s a new chance to pick up some pretty sweet rewards along the way (but don’t worry, you’re still the sweetest lollipop of the Comixverse) 🍭


🔎 How can I access PoG? 🔎


Path of Glory will be accessible from your homepage right next to the Path of Valor and other ongoing events!


PoV and PoG will both be on the same menu!

⚡ You can quickly switch between PoV, PoV leaderboard, PoG, and PoG leaderboard. ⚡


😍 When can I start winning rewards in PoG? 😍


Sounds awesome and you can’t wait to start trying out the new feature? 😘

Well, just keep in mind that to unlock Path of Glory, you will need to have reached level 30!


🏆 How can I win rewards in PoG? 🏆 



To progress in the Path of Glory and win rewards, you’ll have to earn potions of fertility from Daily Goals!

There won’t be any extra requirements, just keep winning daily goal potions and keep winning more rewards and hotties for your harem. It’s as easy as (cream)pie! 🥧💦

Every time you win some potions of fertility for completing Daily Goals, you will get the same amount of potions going towards your progress in the Path of Glory.



💥 When you do Daily Goals the potions you get will be counted towards the DG reward chests and the PoG. 💥

Common Goal = 10 Potions

Rare Goal = 15 Potions

Epic Goal = 20 Potions

Legendary Goal = 25 Potions

🔥 And, if you want even more awesome rewards and sexy recruits, you can unlock the second path of rewards for 6000 Kobans (1000 Nubans). 🔥

Note that, when the Path of Glory is over, your progress and number of potions will be reset to zero, so make sure to collect all of your rewards before the event ends (unless you pick up a Monthly Card 😎)!


🏅 Will there be a Leaderboard? 🏅


Want to see how you measure up compared to other players? Show off your glory and skills?

Well, YES, there will be a Path of Glory Leaderboard ranking the top 1000 players!


⌛ How long will it last? ⌛


You will have 5 weeks (35 days) to win girl shards and rewards from the Path of Glory!

It will start and end on Wednesdays at update hour (1 pm UTC+2).

When the PoG restarts, all your previous progress, and potions will be reset to zero.




Champion Koban cost has been decreased by 50% for the following features

  • Champion Reset: Currently costs 0.05/0.3 Kobans per minute. 
    • The cost has been decreased to 0.025/0.15 Kobans per minute. 
  • 24 hours skip has been decreased from 432 /72 Kobans to 216/36 Kobans 


Champion Reroll

Drafting new team 

  • Currently costs 12/2 Kobans to 6/1 Kobans 
    • In addition, Koban price will not increase after using it multiple times

Champion tickets purchase cost 

  • x1 Ticket has been decreased to 60/10 Kobans from 120/20
  • x10 Tickets have been decreased to 570/95 from 1140/190


Girl rarity 

Girl rarity has been changed for the following events


  • Classic 
    • Events girl obtained from daily missions will now be Legendary.
    • Girls obtained from the first villain will have Epic quality 
    • Girls obtained from the second villain will have Legendary quality 
    • Classic girls obtained from the Champion will have Legendary quality 

Classic Pachinko girls will have Legendary and Epic rarity




Patch Notes Week #34



  • New World 7 Quest 6 Adventure Release: “Solo Operation”: BlueJay to Wildman, BlueJay to Wildman, do you copy? Check out the latest adventure! 


Mythic Pachinko

  • Mythic Pachinko will get a free game and will be updated with a new girl pool every 24 hours
    • Down from 48 hours


Path of Attraction 

  • Additional objectives and rewards have been added to the Path attraction with 5 new tiers 
    • No changes for tiers from 1 to 20 



Girl rework 

  • Kantemis grade and affection scene colors have been reworked



Join our Twitter and Discord server


Patch Notes Week #33


Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Enemies to Enemies”: Bunny and Lupa didn’t always have a love-hate relationship. Once upon a time, it used to be a hate-hate one. Come and check out the brand new side quest!




Path of Attraction 

  • Additional objectives and rewards have been added to the Path attraction with 5 new tiers 
    • No changes for tiers from 1 to 20 


Nutaku Payment Options Update

Last week Nutaku announced that due to an unforeseen issue with Nutaku’s processing providers, PaySafeCard has indefinitely been removed from the Nutaku platform as a payment option for users. As a publisher on the Nutaku platform, Kinkoid can’t do anything about this decision.

All .com players can still use the PaySafeCard option.



Patch Notes Week #32




  • New World 7 Quest 5 Adventure Release: “In and Out”: While sucked off by RoseRed, Wildman recieves mission instructions from BJ. She tells him about the layout of C.U.N.T. and gives him ideas how to rescue Slapstick. Make sure all of the instuctions are just sexual puns like “You’ll have to slip in through the backdoor – it’s a tight squeeze, but once you’re in you’re gonna love it!” Check out the latest adventure! 



Patch Notes Week #31


Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “Sinful delights”: Vengeance has found an old heretical temple full of scum, sin and villainy. She has called Wildman to the rescue. As night descends, Wildman makes his way to the temple, where he finds Vengeance, but things are not as they seem. Come and check out the brand new side quest! 



Mythic Pachinko pool has been updated 


Blitz Bolt, Cirexis and many others!




Patch Notes Week #30



  • New World 7 Quest 4 Adventure Release: “Kiss from a Rose”: That’s just a very nice ass. Not every nice ass belongs to an off the grid Heroine, you know…Check out the latest adventure! 


Path of Valor


  • All PvE objectives “Do Villain performances” will now provide 3 potions (up from 2)


Places of Power

The Places of Power have summoned a heroine!

  • Dazzle Dame


One star girls


New one-star girls have joined the Hero Ranks!

                            Zariah Argent                   Forever Frost


Night Club girls

Lazure Lemur                                                              Chain Banger


Telegram stickers


Have you spotted some of your favourite superbabes on Telegram?

We are proud to present our new Comix Harem Telegram stickers!

Come check them out here and share some super hotties on Telegram!


Patch Notes Week #29


Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Silent No More”: Glorious Gynoid was created by the Madman who truly lived up to his name. She was programmed with superintelligence and sentience, but not a voice. Now free at last, one would think she’d contact a scientist to give her one. Instead, she turns to a superhero whose powers could make her speak, or at the very least scream…Come and check out the brand new side quest!

The 6th Kinkversary is upon us!

Read the PS. at the end of the article for a very special & fun game/surprise!

New Event type



Seasonal Events!

To celebrate our 6th Anniversary we are adding a new type of event!


What are Seasonal events?

Seasonal events are a new event type that will be working in synergy with several other ingame features.
These events will be recurring less often than regular events
(On occasions such as New Year, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary and others)


Tons of rewards!
With special events comes special rewards

You will have to complete a path by collecting a specific type of token called a Crystal 

By completing this path you will receive rewards (the main reward being exclusive seasonal girls). 




How do I collect rewards?

You have to progress through a path of rewards by collecting a special seasonal currency called Crystals


How are the Crystals collected?

Crystals are collected by going through regular ingame features such as  PvP, PvE, activities, but also bundles and special event cards



What are event cards?

Event cards and packs will be working like the regular monthly cards but for the duration of the event only but with an added value to them. 

The cards will be purchasable in Kobans except for the Premium card.





Оne star girls

One-grade girls balance has been changed to follow HH balance 

The changes will reflect as it follows:

  • Higher drop chance for One star girls
  • 100 shards drops at once has been implemented 
  • One-star girls will be available only on the first Villain


Path of Attraction
Champion performance 


  • PoA requirements have been changed to 10, 15, and 25 champion performances. 
    • Previously 5,8 and 12


Survey Follow-up

In the June Improvement Survey, you have provided us with feedback for an event calendar!

We are pleased to announce that the calendar is available on our Discord and Twitter channel!! 
Come and join us!


Comix Harem Discord Server

Three new channels have been added to the Comix Harem discord server! 

Memes, Art inspiration and Art Review! 

In the Art review channel, you can vote on all the art that our content team is creating!

With these final changes, the Comix Harem channels on the HH server will officially completely disappear this week so come and join us if you haven’t already!





Patch Notes Week #28




  • New World 7 Quest 3 Adventure Release: “The BlueJay Spreads Her Legs” Where has the BlueJay taken you to and what is her plan? …Check out the latest adventure!




Patch Notes Week #27



Side Quest 

  • They Call Her the Streak – Wildman is minding his own business at S.H.O.C.K.E.R. HQ when suddenly the Streak shows up out of nowhere, asking for his help.


New Event Type – Mythic Days 



Comix Harem June 2022 Improvement Survey


We recently asked you to help us out by telling us more about what improvements you’d like to see in Comix Harem.


We learned that out of all the players who answered the survey, there are more Marvel fans than DC fans!




The majority of survey respondents (73.3%) said that the Art quality is improving! 🥳 And we received many suggestions about which characters and stories we should parody in the Adventure and the Side Quests!


Some juicy questions!


  • To the question “Which storylines would you like to see explored?”, you have answered:

  • And to the question “Which world would you most like to see?”, you have answered with 

Thank you for taking the time to answer the survey and sharing your thoughts on Comix Harem with us!


Join the new official Comix Harem discord to share more ideas and suggestions on the art and story of Comix Harem. You’ll even be able to vote on unreleased upcoming art shared by our artists!




Patch Notes Week #26




World 7 Quest 2 – A Wild BJ – Continue your heroic venture in the next chapter of The Horny Knight

Epic Night-Club – New Heroines 


  • Erida

  • Prisma

New 1 Star Heroines

  • Bloodshadow

  • Aurelia


Q&A with the Content Team!


Seles and Paprica have some very special news to share with you!


Members of the content team, Perun and Zen, will be answering your hot and burning questions about Comix Harem in English!


The Q&A will be on the brand new discord dedicated to Comix Harem.

It will take place this Tuesday 5th of July in English on the CxH discord at 5PM UTC+2.



Patch Notes Week #25



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Sparring Session”: Since joining Wildman’s team, Paprica has been shunning her combat abilities and enjoying a life of pleasure instead. She is now craving the adrenaline rush from fighting, the physical exertion and getting her tanned body all hot and sweaty. With these desires in mind, she seeks a simple sparring session with Wildman… Come and check out the brand new side quest!


Discord Server News!

Heroes of the Comixverse!

We have decided to separate the Comix Harem discord channels from the HH Discord server!

Comix Harem now has its very own special place in discord!

Now that you have graduated Hero University summa cum laude, we will be giving out server invites to join the special Comix Harem Force!

We look forward to seeing you on the brand new Hero Hub.

With great power cums heavy balls. 

Let me empty them for you





We have added brand new mythical boosters to the market!

  • Astral Amethyst’s Potion Get +1 shard every time you win shards from Villains, up to 11 shards.
  • Night Patrol’s Emblem Get +25% Attack Power vs Villains for the next 200 performances
  • Marid’s Passion Get +15% Attack Power when attacking in Leagues and Seasons for the next 100 performances.
  • Golden Mask  Get +25% Attack Power vs all Champions for the next 200 performances (including Club Champions).
  • Cum thickener Gain +25% power for your Girls in Places of Power for the next 60 missions.
  • S.H.O.C.K.E.R.’s Archive   Gain +20% XP (+5% if you are above level 300) from all sources, up to 100,000 XP.
  • Beta Test Agreement Get +5 Mojo on a win or lose 0 Mojo on a loss in Seasons for the next 100 performances.


Patch Notes Week #24




  • New World 6 Quest 10 Adventure Release: “The Man with the Golden Cock” Wildman, interrogation is a funny thing. Sure, you can make somebody talk by hurting them…Check out the latest adventure! 



New world!


  • Wildman!
    We’ve got an urgent call from HQ! You are to be dispatched back in Begin City! 

  • New World 7 Quest 1 Adventure Release: “Homecumming” Begin City…back where it all started…Check out the latest adventure! 



Art improvements

  • The art you see in this new world will now be the one used for the main story. This means that the team (writer/lineartists/colorists) working on World 7 will now be the team working on the main story.
    • The team creating the main story will no longer be changing the style in every new world.


Balance changes and Improvments
Side Quests Rewards

  • Due to player feedback, we are changing the way Side Quests are rewarding gems
    • Previously it was specific gem types.
    • The new reward will be All Gems


  • Common Side Quests
    •  25 All Gems from 100 Dominatrix and 100 Submissive (same total amount of gems)
  • Rare Side Quests
    •  40 All Gems from 150 Voyeur and 150 Sensual (20 gems more in total)
  • Epic Side Quests
    • 55 All Gems from 200 Eccentric  and 200 Exhibitionist (40 gems more in total)
  • Legendary Side Quests

70 All Gems from 250 Physical and 250 Playful (60 gems more in total)


Patch Notes Week #23



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “A Sticky Situation”: Darkling and Marid visit Wildman in his dorm and ask him to help out their relationship… Come and check out the brand new side quest!



Mythic Night-Club

  • Mythic Pachinko pool has been updated

  • Silva Dawn, Masterful Marid, and many other girls have been included!



Patch Notes Week #22




  • New World 6 Quest 9 Adventure Release: “For Your Balls Only”: Get ready for some good times on the train! … Check out the latest adventure!


The channels are open! Head to the special channel on discord #art-review dedicated to the girls from the Comixverse. The Kinkoid Art team will share with you unreleased art and ask for your valuable opinion. To keep it clean and tidy, you wil be able only to vote in that channel. 

We want to involve you, the players, more actively and get an even better understanding of what you like! 

Go join the discord, if you still haven’t! 


Patch Notes Week #21



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Private Investigation”: As idle hands were never the style of Blonde Menace, she’s been casing bars, looking for criminal activity. One such establishment, the Bunny Hop, has provided a lead: A suspicious dealer of sorts, whose clients emerge happy after disappearing with him for just a few moments. Come check out the brand new side quest!

New Champion 

The Pussy palace is open!


Are you up to challenging a true Cat Astrophe!


 Cat Astrophe


Wildman…you may have finally met your challenge. My dear disciple is also Wild…

Wild Woman


Places of Power 

New Places of Power hero fresh out of the Academy!

  • Vestal


Epic Night Club Pachinko girls

Cress                                                             Captain Sweetbird


One star girls have started their training!




Patch Notes Week #20




  • New World 6 Quest 8 Adventure Release: “No Time to Cum”: Quickly board the hypertrain! … Check out the latest adventure! 

Guess what?

There’s more!


Cumback Contest?!

What are Cumback Contests?

Cumback contests are a new type of contest that will revive girls from the previous Path of Attraction and Seasons.

Players who have missed an opportunity from past PoA and Seasons will have a chance to obtain them! 

Read more about Cumback Contests here

Make sure to win Monstera if you missed her the first time around!


Starting next week, there will be a special channel on discord #art-review dedicated to the girls from the Comixverse. The Kinkoid Art team will share with you unreleased art and ask for your valuable opinion. To keep it clean and tidy, you wil be able only to vote in that channel. 

We want to involve you, the players, more actively in the process of creating the girls so that you get the girls that you love and will make your Harem the place you want to be.

Expect more info in next week’s patch notes! For now, join the discord, if you still haven’t! 


Patch Notes Week #19



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “Shockingly Intense”: Voltzbabe calls Wildman to come meet her in an alleyway to help with a special mission. The mission she has in mind is a long, hard job, and it might get a little rough before it’s over… Come check out the brand new side quest!

Cumback Contest!

You missed heroes from Path of Attraction or Seasons?
Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!




The first Cumback Contests will start on Monday, 16th of May from 13:30 UTC+2


What are Cumback Contests?

Cumback contests are a new type of contest that will revive girls from the previous Path of Attraction and Seasons.
Players who have missed an opportunity from past PoA and Seasons will have a chance to obtain them! 

When will Cumback Contests get released?

The first Cumback Contests will start on Monday, 16th of May from 13:30 UTC+2



Cumback contests will last 3 days from 13:30 UTC+2 and appear once each week.  




What are the objectives?

The objectives of the Cumback contest are different from the usual contests

Challenge Champions, Do Performances, Defeat villains, and other objectives will contribute to your goal of obtaining the girl.

Similar to Legendary Contests, Cumback Contests will provide different rewards depending on your placement. 

The rewards are: 

1st place will provide 100 Shards, 5 Mythic Books, 1 Mythic Booster, and 150 All Gems 

2-4th place will provide 100 Shards, 3 Mythic Books and 100 All Gems

5-15th: place will provide 50 Shards, 2 Mythic Books and  60 All Gems

16-30th  place will provide 34 Shards, 1 Mythic Book, and 30 All Gems

31th+: the place will provide 10 All Gems




Patch Notes Week #18





  • New World 6 Quest 7 Adventure Release: “Quantum of Sleaze”: Who is this girl and what is she guarding? Are Fantasia and Spectra okay? …Check out the latest adventure! 


Patch Notes Week #17



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “The Fallus in our Stars”:  The twins, Starlight and Starbright, need to be in frequent contact with each other for their powers to reach their full potential. In an attempt to spend some time apart, they asked Wildman for help. Perhaps with some distance between them, they might stop getting on each other’s nerves…Check out the latest Side Quest! 

New Champion 



Challenge Madame Miracle in her The Naughty Cave! 

Madame Miracle


Your boosting powers are impressive but can you power a thunder? My dear disciple is no ordinary hero.


Thunder Lady


Epic Night Club Heroes (Pachinko)

  • Bella Bombardi                       Fairylee Wind


New One star heroes have joined the ranks

  • Double Voltage & Lady Bluebird


PoV Activities improvement 

New Path of Valor objective

  • New PoV objective has been added
    • Places of Power Objective has been added to PoV
    • Completing PoP will reward 2 Potions






Patch Notes Week #16



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “A day in the Life”:  RetroStar is shooting a new reality show, trying to capture a day in the life of a real superhero (sponsored by HeroFuel), when she just so happens to run into Wildman …Check out the latest Side Quest! 


Temporary Places of Power


  • Gem drops 
    • To help the gems diversity in the game, Raids: Ancient Legends will now drop Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Submissive, or Eccentric gems 


Path of Attraction objectives 

  • More Champion performances have been included in PoA objectives 


Bank holidays

Dear players,
We would like to inform you that April 22nd & 25th and the 2nd & 6th of May are official bank holidays.

During the Eastern bank holidays dates, the reply rate of tickets will be slower.
In case of any emergency issues or bugs you can contact Noacc on April 22nd and 25th or Tohru on the 2nd & 6th of May.





Patch Notes Week #15




  • New World 6 Quest 6 Adventure Release: “Meet Your Match”:  Help me loosen the doors… Check out the latest adventure! 


  • Toggling Sidekick on the home page no longer reloads the page

Puny hero.

Bang smash you. Hard.



Patch Notes Week #14



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Hot Times in the City”:  Astral Amethyst finds herself overwhelmed by the ambient lust in the city, and needs the help of the only hero that can properly satisfy her- Wildman!…Check out the latest Side Quest! 


Mythic Pachinko 

  • Mythic pachinko pool has been updated with new super girls
    • 18 new girls have been added to the Mythic Pachinko pool


Sordid Switchblade


Sweet Sirena


…and many others!



Patch Notes Week #13




  • New Adventure Release: World 6 Quest 5 “What Goes Up”:  Welcome to the Mimic’s party, everyone. Make yourself comfortable… Check out the latest Adventure! 



Places of Power

For more information visit our blog article on Places of Power!

🔥 With great power comes great responsibility – and super hot heroines who need your powerful boost to cumplete their missions. 🔥

The hot and horny superheroines of the Comixverse need your help to embark on new missions in the Places of Power!

🏆 Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to win some amazing rewards and expand your harem! 🏆

Want to learn more about the Places of Power? How does it work and what kind of rewards will you be able to win? Buckle up for and keep reading to learn more about this awesome new feature!


For more information visit our blog article on Places of Power!


What are the Places of Power? ⚡

Places of Power are a hot new permanent feature of ComixHarem.

Once you’ve completed the requirements to unlock them, they will then be permanently available.

Each Place of Power has its own name, level, lore description, and information about the requirements for completing the mission.

💪 What is a mission? 💪


For more information visit our blog article on Places of Power!


To complete missions in Places of Power, you will need the help of a selection of superheroines from your Harem.

Carefully read the mission requirements to learn how to create your team. This will help you understand the background of the mission but also allow you to create a team to complete it!


How long does it take to complete a mission?

The duration of an event depends on the level of the mission and the power of the team you’ve gathered. The more powerful your team of girls, the shorter the mission duration will be. Currently, the shortest time possible to complete a mission is 7 hours!


For more information visit our blog article on Places of Power!



Two new superheroes will fight for justice

    • Sable Claw


    • Vaia Tau


One star superheroes

            Heartdrop                                                        Super Kicker 69


Girls new colors 

  • Тhe colors of all 4 girls from World 1 have been updated
    • Affection scenes and girl grades 



Bunny girl                        Bunny girl  recolor         



Arbadacarba Recolor 


Megane Chevalier Recolor




Golden Silk Recolor




Patch Notes Week #12



Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “In The Jungle”:  The mighty jungle, where the great beasts slumber through the night, holds great beauty for those who know where to look. Beastie Babe knows the forest like no other, and eagerly leads Wildman through the brush toward beauty- and pleasure- unlike any he’s seen before…Check out the latest Side Quest! 

New Feature!

Select your favorite sidekick!
A brand new interface updated on the home menu is waiting for you! 

For more information visit our blog article!

Navigate more easily with the latest UI update of the game!

Select your favorite sidekick and click validate for her to appear on your homescreen

For a safe for work version, you can hide your sidekick by clicking the “Eye” icon in the middle of the home screen.


Some characters will not be properly displayed, we are working on solving the cases. 



New Champion has risen! 

Challenge the F.U.C.K Labs!

Bionic babe has a number of carnal challenges that you need to pass
Show her how good skin-to-skin pleasures can be and she will reward you with  Champion Claret!



  • Champion Claret
    • Help Bionic babe rediscover carnal pleasures and Champion Claret will join your super Harem Squad! 


Art rework

We have reworked the following girls with a brand new art


Sapphire Sorceress                                Reworked Sapphire Sorceress



                 Tantrita                                   Reworked Tantrita




Samantha Riley                            Reworked Samantha Riley



Vorr                                                       Reworked Vorr


Rockit                                        Reworked Rockit


Era Flush                                  Reworked Era Flush


Libraria                                                  Reworked Libraria




Chibi Cheetah                          Reworked Chibi Cheetah





Patch Notes Week #11




  • New World 6 Quest 4 Adventure Release: “A Very Close Encounter”:  Naughty abduction…Check out the latest adventure! 

Looks like it won’t be a quick one after all..
Magdalene, aka Darkling”



Patch Notes Week #10



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Trying New Things”:  Arachnia’s fantasized about trying some new things during sex ever since she got her spider-powers, and now, with Wildman’s help, she wants to make those fantasies a reality!..Check out the latest Side Quest! 

Harder. It’s called voodoo. Not voodon’t. 

  • Gehena Grim



Patch Notes Week #9




  • New World 6 Quest 3 Adventure Release: “The Cougar Paradox”…Check out the latest adventure! 



  • Daily Goals for Leagues
    • The amount of League wins required to complete Daily Goals are reduced
      • They are now 4/7/10/15



Patch Notes Week #8



Side Quest

  • New Common Quest Release: “The Seeding”:  Hora, the horny anthropomorphization of a planet, seeks Wildman for additional biomaterial in order to complete the great seeding…Check out the latest Side Quest! 


New Feature!
Boss Bang

Why battle a Boss, when you can Bang your way through it?


             For more information on the Boss Bang be sure to check out our blog article!


What is Boss Bang?

Boss Bang is a new event type in the Comixverse with a different type of mechanic. It will allow you to win more awesome rewards and exclusive Boss Babes over 4 days every month!

To participate, you will need to prepare 5 different teams and perform against a Boss.

After each performance, your team will lose some Ego percentage.

The Boss will join your Harem once you’ve defeated them 100 times!

Earn potions by defeating the Boss Girl and unlock awesome rewards!

-Is this too hot for you?
We’ve barely even started!


Who’s been a naughty kitty? The Boss Babe Shadowblaze is ready for you to challenge her!

             For more information on the Boss Bang be sure to check out our blog article!


How can I access the event? 

  • You’ll need to have reached level 40 and have a minimum of 35 characters in your Harem.


What do I need to know before preparing my teams for the battles?

  • To challenge the Boss, you will have to create teams. You can create your teams one by one and you only need to create one team before beginning to battle the Boss. 

But beware! Once you form a team(s) it cannot be changed afterward.

Also, all the characters you use in one team cannot be used in another team. 

  • Every time you defeat the Boss girl, she will get stronger and stronger

What are the rewards?

  • Earn potions by beating the event Boss and unlock awesome rewards! Every time you earn 20 potions from beating the Boss, a new milestone is unlocked! You will unlock a chest containing shards
  • The main rewards are shards for the Boss Girl you are Banging

 For more information on the Boss Bang be sure to check out our blog article!

New Champion has risen! 

Enter the Metal Lab!


Miss metal has some very important tests which she needs to conduct with you!
Become her test subject and she will reward you handsomely! 


  • Aurlia 
  • Finish all the tests and Aurlia will join your super Harem Squad! 


  • New Pachinko girls have joined the team!


  •  Dr. Tami Vallure


  •  Warden Kant



One star girls

  • Two new one-star girls have been released




Patch Notes Week #7



  • New World 6 Quest 2 Adventure Release: “A Carefully Watched Package”…Check out the latest adventure! 


Telegram stickers
  • Telegram stickers for CxH are on the way!



Patch Notes Week #6



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest Release: “Ice, ice, baby”:  Eager to show off her moves, Rosenglas has signed up for yet another competition. Distracted by the potential for laurels and hot bodies, she didn’t realize there were only two seasons on the island of Luv: summer and nuclear apocalypse. Her ice powers can’t do her much good, but just a little boost goes a long way to cooling her down and propping her up…Check out the latest Side Quest! 



Patch Notes Week #5




  • New World 5 Quest 8 Adventure Release: “License to Cum”:  The Hero says goodbye to the Bush and sets on a super-secret new mission… Check out the latest adventure! 


New World Release!


Wildman has a brand new mission assigned!
Check out the Latest World Release!
World 6 Quest 1:  “Close Quarters!”



Champions shards

  • During Classic event, character shards obtained from the Champions, have been increased 
    • From 20 to 35 Shards


Path of Valor

Potions of Lust from completing Pachinko and Activities objectives have been increased 


Activities Objectives Potions Increase

  • 1st place has been increased from 300 to 640 Potions
  • 2nd-4th place from 100 to 320 Potions
  • 5th-10th place from 70 to 160 Potions
  • 11th-25th place from 30 to 80 Potions
  • 1 Daily Mission will provide 5 Potions


Pachinko Objectives Potions Increase

  • Great x10 game from 2 to 20 Potions
  • Epic x1 game from 20 to 90 Potions
  • Epic x10 game from 200 to 900 Potions
  • Epic Draft game from 222 to 1000 Potions
  • Event x4 game from 66 to 300 Potions
  • Mythic x1 game from 6 to 25 Potions
  • Mythic x3 game from 34 to 140 Potions
  • Mythic x6 game from 80 to 330 Potions




Patch Notes Week #4



Side Quests 

  • New Common Side Quest Release: “Getting Swole”:  Wildman seeks out Tougheria to get her help in getting stronger – if anyone can help him get beefy, the former champion weightlifter can! However, she may require some… convincing…Check out the latest adventure! 


New Feature
Daily Goals! 

(Screenshot was taken from Hentai Heroes test server)

It is our pleasure to introduce the latest feature “Daily Goals”! 

Get extra rewards by doing your daily routine in the game!

Collect Love potions by completing daily objectives such as Villain or 

Champion battles and Daily missions to unlock additional rewards.

You will be provided with 11 Daily Goals to choose from and the higher rarity of the Goal the better the reward. 


Path of Attraction


Due to player feedback, the Path of Attraction requirements for the Champions have been changed. The requirements were 5 – 8 – 15 performances. Now they are 2 – 4 – 6 performances.


Mythic items

  • The price of Mythic Items has been reduced
    • Koban’s cost of Sandalwood perfume, Mythic Spellbook & Mythic Lingerie is staying the same, but all other Mythic Items are with a lower price.


New daily Mission

  • New Daily mission has been added to the game



Two new heroes have joined the Epic Pachinko

  • Metal Pedal

  • Pynk


One star heroes

New one 1-grade characters

Side Quests 

The following Side Quests have been reworked 

  • Hocus Pocus Diggus Bickus
  • Ram to fix RAM



Patch Notes Week #3




  • New World 5 Quest 7 Adventure Release: “The Bigger Man”:  Wildman and Ho’ole face each other, trying to prove who is the bigger man…Check out the latest adventure! 



Girl animations

  • Your favorite girls have come to life in the Seasons! 
    • Girl animations have been included in the Season page.



Filters and Sorting

  • Harem section has been improved
    You can now sort by:
  • Filter by Element
  • Sorting by Level 
  • Sorting by Power 


Side Quests

  • The following Side Quests have been reworked with a brand new art!
    • Hero’s Fortune
    • Supercharged
    • Running boost.(s)exe
    • Caution: Wet!
    • Hocus Pocus Diggus Bickus
    • Ram to fix RAM


If you have already completed these side quests and wish to revisit them to see the new art, please clear your browser cache for the changes to reflect.





The first Super Hero Champion is ready to accept your challenge!

Teutates Temple is open for anyone who dares challenge the mighty Teutates!



Show Teutates that you are worthy to contain the power of  The dark superhero Gehena!

Cobalt Crawler

Wildman, want to get tangled in my web?

The Spider Laboratory

Foxy Lady (KH)


Who are the Super Champions?

Every superhero that dares challenge the Champions will have to impress them.
If you manage to prove that you are worthy by filling the Champion’s Impression meter, they will reward you handsomely with shards for a powerful Super Heroine to fight by your side.
When can the Champions be challenged?

The feature will unlock after completing World 3 Quest 5: “A Boost for Two” and you have 10 girls in their Battle Harem Team.

How to battle the Champions?

To gain an audition with the Champions you will need to Champion tickets, which can be won by doing various in-game activities such as Daily Missions, Path of Attraction, and Contests. 


For more information on the Champions, visit our blog article here!



Patch Notes Week #2



Side Quest

  • New Rare Side Quest: “Rocky Endeavour”:  Deep inside the caverns of Glowanalichu, Shashka is on a mission, and she needs the perfect balance of will and power to accomplish it. Deep inside her, Wildman is a hero bound to give her all she needs…Check out the latest Side Quest! 



Patch Notes Week #1




  • New World 5 Quest 6 Adventure Release: “Fem’me Fatale”: Hang in there Wildman, we are almost there…Check out the latest adventure! 




  • We’ve improved the code and unified the display of stats between opponents in different places (Seasons/Leagues/Villains/Pantheon).
  • This will improve the performance of the game.


For the latest bugs and known issues, please visit our blog post !



Patch Notes Week #52

Side Quest

  • New Common Side Quest Release  : “Divine Dalliance”: The Qum Superior invites Wildman to the Convent of the Holy Spear and the Divine Orbs, where her holy order is based. She seeks his aid in reinforcing the wards around the convent to protect it against the forces of evil…Check out the latest Quest on Wednesday.


New one grade characters release:

Horny Hornet                               Lucinda Copperspring


Two new Pachinko girls



Holiday Closure

During the holiday season customer support and community management will have limited availability. In case of emergencies, please contact Magrat on discord.
Thank you for your understanding

Happy Holidays!




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