Comix Harem Patch Notes

Patch Notes Week #37




  • New Adventure release: World 4 Quest 3 “Feeling Fuzzy”…Check out our latest adventure! 



Patch Notes Week #36



Side Quests

  • New Common Quest release: “Running Boost.(s)exe”: Something ain’t right with Admin’s calculations and a boost from Wildman will go a long way in solving her issues. In this case, the way to access her mental powers is only through her pussy.?…Check out our latest adventure!


Boosters Upgrade: Introducing Mythic Boosters

  • 3 new slots for Mythic Boosters have been added
  • Mythic Boosters will not expire with time but will deplete with uses and activity


  • Mythic Boosters cannot be stacked – more than one of same Mythic Booster type cannot be equipped 

Mythic Booster and Levels


  • Mythic Boosters will be unlocked at level  200+


  • From level 81 to 200
    • Common Boosters will no longer appear
      • It increases the chance for Legendary Boosters to appear


  • Level 201-500
  • Epic Boosters will no longer appear
  • You will get only Legendary and Mythic Boosters


Mythic Boosters: 


  • Sandalwood perfume 
    • Obtain +1 shard each time you win shards from Villains, up to 11 shards.
      • If several girls are dropping, each bonus shards for each drop will be counted towards the booster use 
      • Sandalwood perfume can be used for Mythic Events as well.


  • All Mastery’s Emblem (Well-rounded Performer)
    • +15% Impact when attacking in Leagues and Seasons for the next 100 performances.


  • Headband of determination 
    •  +25% Impact vs Villains for the next 200 performances.


  • Luxurious Watch 
    • Get +25% Impact vs all Champions for the next 200 performances. 
      • Club Champions are included.


  • Combative Cinnamon 
    •  Get +5 Mojo on a win or lose 0 Mojo on a loss in Seasons for the next 100 performances.


  • Alban’s travel memories 
    • Gain +20% Experience (+5% if you are above level 300) from all sources, up to 100,000 experience.


  • Angels’ semen scent
    • Gain +25% power for your Girls in Places of Power for the next 60 missions.



ImLive Super Heroes Harem Party! 


We are super excited to let you know that this week there will be a special event on! The sexy and lustful models from the iconic camsite ImLive will be cosplaying your favorite gorgeous Superheroines! Join the party and see your favorite superheroines come… to life! 


The Super Party starts on Friday, September 10, until Sunday, 12th. It will last for 3 days, will you?


Just look for the special banner that is your invitation to the party. Join it, and you will get the super amazing Pornstar Influencer SweetKiss Brazil. 


Note: the promo will be available only for players. SweetKiss Brazil will be added later for Nutaku players who will also have the opportunity to win her.





Patch Notes Week #35




New addition to the B.D.S.M.


Try different positions with different girls!

You will now be able to save several of your favorite girls in different Teams! 


“Teams” opens the possibility to have handy multiple girl compositions and to plan accordingly for both PvP and PvE!
How the teams are selected


  • Simply choose your desired team and click “Validate”
  • All girls can be used in multiple Teams.


  • You will be able to select a “Default” Team for Leagues, Seasons and Villain performances


  • The ”Default” team will be highlighted and can be changed by clicking on “Select”





In which features can different Teams be used?

  • Teams can be used in the Leagues, Seasons and when performing against the Villains


Number of Team slots

  • All players will be able to save a minimum of 6 different Teams
  • Silver card players will have access to 8 Teams
  • Gold monthly card players will have access to 10 Teams
  • Platinum monthly card users will have access to 13 Teams


What happens with the girl Teams if the monthly card runs out?

  • The Team slot cannot be selected or modified
  • The Teams will stay saved and will not be disbanded 
  • If one of the Teams is set as “Default” team, you will automatically be switched to your first Team slot


Side Quests


  • New Quest release: The Aristocrat and Her Cat! Can Wildman break up a wild catfight?…Check out our latest adventure!




Patch Notes Week #34



Side Quests

  • New Rare Quest release: Caution: Wet!
    It’s pouring cats and dogs outside, but Wildman knows how to deal with moisture.


Daily Rewards

  • Claim button has been added to the Daily rewards

    • Unclaimed rewards are marked with a chest icon 


One Star Characters

  • Two new one star heroes have joined the fight 



Two new Pachinko fighters have been recruited 

  • Exclusive Pachinko Characters:
    •  Arachnia
    •  Dr. Broun

                    Arachnia                            Dr. Broun


Q&A with FAB

The kinky content producer, main scenarist of Hentai Heroes since world 5, conscientious artist whipper, and creator of the Haremverse & Comix Harem lore, FAB is going to answer all of your hot questions speaking in English! 




Patch Notes Week #33


It’s our Anniversary month! 





  • The final quest of World 3 (New Horizons) has been added to the game;
  • The first quest of World 4 (Safe & Sound)  has been added to the game;






  • New Harem Filters – With the BDSM upgrade and the ever increasing amount of girls, it became apparent that we need more filters to help players sort through their list of Harem Recruits. We’ve added several new filters to the Harem page, including Hair Color, Eye Color, Zodiac Sign, Pose, etc.




  • Quests – several small improvements were done to the Adventure system, which should improve the overall experience of reading chapters of the Main Story and Side Quests. 



Patch Notes Week #32


Side Quests

  • New Common Side Quest release. (Don’t) Tap The (Gl)Ass: Wildman runs into someone unexpected in the halls of S.H.O.C.K.E.R. HQ – Thalassia, princess of Poseidonia, swimming in a glass room that’s been filled with water. She’s here for a diplomatic meeting between S.H.O.C.K.E.R., Poseidonia, and Atlantits, but she might need Wildman’s help with something first.…



Mythic Items


  • For players who are level 351+, Books will take 1 slot in the Market
    • Instead of having two slots, now there will be only one
  • No Mythic Books will appear for players level 81 to 200


  • Gifts will take one slot in the Market for players that have 301+ girls
    • Instead of having two slots, now there will be only one

In addition to the restock timer change from 8 to 6 hours and the latest Mythic Item rebalance, these changes will boost the accessibility of items purchased with Ymen by 17%.

Dropdown menu

  • The text and icons of the dropdown menu have been slightly increased in size for desktop view. 


  • In the Seasons, opponent’s total Mojo will now display below their level 


Patch Notes Week #31




  • New Quest release: World 3 Quest 5 “A boost for two”…Check out our latest adventure!



  • Market refresh times from 8 to 6 hours


New battle animations

  • New battle animation have been included in the game.



Patch Notes Week #30



New feature

x10 Seasons Performance Button

How does the x10 Season Battle work?


  • A pool of 30 opponents will be picked
  • From the drafted pool,, 10 opponents with the lowest Ego will be chosen to fight against
  • After the x10 Performance a new set of opponents will be drafted
  • Аll rewards will be displayed in one pop-up





  • Starting 2nd of August “!” notification will appear when new blessings are available



Night Club 

  • New Night Club heroes have joined the fight 


Wendy Weird



Wendy Weird



Patch Notes Week #29



New B.D.S.M  Feature

For more information on our thought process behind B.D.S.M and a sneak peek of future releases,  visit our blog 



  • New Quest release: World 3 Quest 4 “Tits for Tats”: Alpha Luna spills the beans…Check out our latest adventure!



  • “Loading” message has replaced the intro screen
    • Logged in users will no longer see intro screen


Removed the tutorial quests 

  • With the introduction of the new B.D.S.M system, tutorial quests have been removed


Bug fixes: 

  • Issue where the timer for Harem collection on town page occasionally disappearing has been fixed



Patch Notes Week #28



ComixHarem on Android!

All the sexy superheroines are in your pocket!


ComixHarem now available on Android for .com and Nutaku! 


Download ComiXHarem on your phone now! 




  • Unclaimed Rewards Feature 
    • Players with any monthly card will receive their unclaimed PoA and Seasons rewards after they’re finished.





Patch Notes Week #27



ComixHarem on Android!

All the sexy heroes are in your pocket!


ComixHarem now available on Android! 

Download ComiXHarem on your phone now! 


Bug fixes

  • Bug on Nutaku that prevented players from buying gifts from the Market has been fixed



  • Event Widget update 
    • Event widget design has been updated to match different event types 



  • Seasons 

UI improvements

  • After a player claims a Season reward, the next reward in order will be displayed 
    • Collecting rewards will be much faster 




Patch Notes Week #26

Side quests

  • New Rare Side Quest release: Hero’s Fortune: A strange seductress claims she knows the secrets the future holds. Even though Wildman suspects he might be getting scammed, he still pays for her services… by servicing her.


Exclusive Pachinko Girls

Two new Pachinko girls have joined the Hero HQ.
Reporting for duty!

  • Sea Serpent 


  • Arx 


One grade Girls

  • Regal Skater
  • Intragalactic Gal
  • Commanda Roy
  • Gothblade
  • Mettle
  • Nanotek
  • Measure Maid
  • Succubabe
  • Ametryst 



New payment system

We’ve added a new payment option: OneBip

  • OneBip is a carrier billing solution that allows players to pay directly using their mobile operators
  • The solution is available for now only in Austria, Switzerland and the UK.


Monthly Cards

Due to a bug in recent reward changes, for a week, players with a monthly card subscription have received twice the amount of daily Kobans

  • The bug is in favor of the users! Enjoy spending them! 
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