A Town Uncovered – Review

Hey there naughty!


After a certain time spent in hentai and Patreon adult games a pattern emerges. The amount of school protagonists suddenly skyrockets and makes you think that a large portion of us are lamenting the loss of our school years.

Maybe it’s just me, but really the hottest sexy stuff I’ve been up to wasn’t in high-school where most teens are so unoriented we can’t find our ankles with or without GPS 🙂 Much less have the experience of the foresight to go “deep” into the really spicy stuff.

Rather high-school days sex lately is about you young rascals learning the difference between scripted porno and what people do casually. Even the hardcore kinks who carry their beloved’s permanent bite mark or other scars as proof of not being squeamish will tell you that there is still a variety of difference in doing hardcore things, and the perception of what hardcore is according to pop culture and porn at the forefront it.

For most people high-school is a clumsy time of comical errors not a lot of people romanticize about very much.

Why many people go after that is a bit mysterious to me.

So how does this flavor of school sex adventure hold up? For starters not very sexual in the beginning. I guess many people are tired of the super pornified version of the world, so A Town Uncovered tries to stay grounded for most of the adventures the characters go through. 

I can appreciate not being overdramatic, given what the film industry has been up to in recent years, where even small talk has to be painted with super drama. So when watching, you think to yourself that if someone ever talked to you like that you’d recommend infinite amounts of chocolate and/or anal adventures to soothe their rampaging frowny face.

I don’t know what is with the old formulaic city menu. It’s not the only game I’ve seen with a blocky city where everything has to fit like it’s made in a sim city editor.

I mean, whats is the fun of being allowed to navigate the place if it’s going to be done in this OCD rectangular all-encompassing fashion?

Other people around me frown upon the low detail illustrations – basically style. Shaving some of the extras is fine by me s long as it delivers overall and the scenes manage that pretty well.

For the most part, the faces are fairly well emoted and thats important in a game that is majorly about dialogue an interactions.

There is no extraordinary event to kick off the plot, so players will be stumbling onto sexuality at a more casual angle. Such as calling your sister for breakfast unannounced only to find her masturbating.

The game oddly allows the customization of some characters but not the protagonist you’ll be playing.

Even though lacking big spectacle in both visuals and writing, the style fits together well and is competent enough to make the game comfy.

Thankfully the game features basic objectives, so there is an idea of what is next todo. 

Some of you may call that hand-holding, but really. Getting a break to grab a beer and some pizza or whatever other fun life has for you is only expected. If you go to bed and play the next day maybe you won’t remember what exactly you were up to, and have to go on a redundant clicking spree to pick up where you left off. 

Especially in these visual novel type games where your next story event is based somewhere. Did I have to meet the stripper at the mall or at the coffee shop? Oh they aren’t there yet, because I haven’t yet picked up the 3 dildos and bag of peanuts they told me to pick up before we meet?

So A Town Uncovered even though being strangely named is a game in which you can flirt up the barista over a milkshake. While some folk would prefer to sex up kings, queens, Mr and Miss universe, this one puts sex into everyday life situations without much exaggeration. Which is nice if you just wanna chill out and focus on some innuendo and not just on plugging holes ASAP.

You can check it out here: https://geeseki.itch.io/a-town-uncovered

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