Brothel King review

A hundred years after the queen ordered a big change in the hierarchy – women had to be the new leaders, we begin our story with a young Veron Oulit…

Can we agree on the beauty of the art, before we move forward with the game itself? 😉

The adventurer is seeking revenge for all the people that were suffering from this! Enthusiastic. Who doesn’t want to taste the sweet sex revenge? 

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The character you get in the beginning is pretty basic, so you need to develop fast. The main thing you can do is larging up your inventar, develop your skills and finish missions. 

The good point is that you have your girls as well, that ask for basically the same, and give you the strength to go further with your mission. 

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As you can see the girls have their jobs and skills and full profiles. That’s cute imo. Yet, I think they need to work a bit more on the development of each character. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to the style of art, the texts are as well really interesting. I mean it can be really soft… like just touching the tip of your kinks, or really brutal and going deep! It’s inspiring and I, one that has many kinks, enjoyed the experience, although, I was about to give up at the very beginning. (Just the UX was complicated, but with the new version it’s wayyyy better :x)

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I like the different shapes of girls and the amount of BDSM implemented in the scenes. This game can give you some really good times. Ultimately, one day… you may reach the point of revenge, but I bet you won’t be in a hurry, with all the wet girls around 😀

Finally, revenge cums in all different shapes and tastes and it’s so sweet each time.

A brothel that deserves trying!

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