Better Sexercise 

Sex is technically a form of exercise: they both require stamina, release feel-good hormones, and burn up calories. But, problem! As far as workouts go, regular sex is just not a very good one. Solution? Don’t have regular sex!



Calories. Most studies estimate the calories burned in 20-25 minute long sex at around 100 kcal for men and 70 kcal for women. That’s probably less than what you consumed in alcohol to get there. If you really want to burn the most assuming you’re getting your sex in regularly, there are a couple of things you can do to raise that calorie count.


Give more. The partner working harder reaps the most rewards, so avoid being a lazy lover. It’s estimated that the approximate calorie difference between the giver and the taker in 20mins is around 50 kcal. That obviously increases in longer sessions, and with more extreme positions. 



Go long. Obvious one here but it is important to remember that while exercise just has to be done to be good, sex should really be enjoyed not just performed. But if the appetite is there, the longer the better. 



Get off the bed. Standing while fucking, against a wall, chair or table all add to the calories burned. They also change up the muscles used which is a (admittedly small) benefit. Perhaps not surprisingly, a yoga ball used well can offer a decent amount of controlled movement for reps.



Take it outside. If you have the privacy, sexercising in hotter or colder temperatures burns more calories due to your body’s homeostatic response. Not much, but regardless of calories, nature is probably the finest place to exercise, fuck, or both. 

Forbidden sex. A study from the European Heart Journal found that 75% of deaths by heart attack during sex, occurred when the people fucking, shouldn’t have been. Sneaking, cheating, or otherwise taboo sex will increase your calorie burn, as it seems that secretive or dangerous sex, elevates the heart rate, juicing up the workout. Cheating is probably a difficult habit to maintain regularly but if you’re able to spice in a little risk or danger, it does come with its little perks.



Start Small. You may love sex, and love working out, but still feel sexercise is not for you. The key is to factor in little bits, feel what works and adds joy, and what just doesn’t fit. Don’t try to combine the two fully from the start. Unless you’re fucking your personal trainer, in which case, what gym do you go to?


Solo. Nobody wants to make masturbating harder. Strapping on arm weights or doing push-ups over a sex doll would really only work for the most keen of masochists. Instead, try incorporating a climax as a reward to a good home workout routine. Not only will they compliment each other, but the combined cocktail of endorphins and hormones is an addictive and self reinforcing good habit to keep. You might even be lucky enough to be in the 10% of people who “coregasm” by exercise alone. 


Music. There are plenty of tracks around that have been specifically designed to match sexercise, and not mean simply masturbating to Eric Prydz’s Call on Me. Pick the length and level of intensity, and lose yourself to the rhythm. It works on all levels and should burn just that little extra.    



Semen. One final fact you might be happy to know, if coital calories concern you. The average male ejaculate (approx 5ml/shot) is no more than 20-25 calories max. So, unless you are planning any super fun parties, and you want to stick to your diet, this is not something you need to avoid. It even comes with a decent amount of proteins per calorie.


Sex and exercise are good for you, separate or combined. So be adventurous, and enjoy pumping that iron rod.


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