The 5 Best Superlovers


5 Most Powerful Super- Lovers


We know that some superpowers can be superweakneses in bed. But there are a few heroes who would be able to enjoy the carnal benefits of their abilities, even if a couple of them may surprise you.


5: Green Lantern

Hunky looks of a male model? 🗸 

Reflexes of a jet pilot? 🗸 

Strong but not too strong? 🗸 

Comes with any play toy you can imagine 🗸🗸 🗸 


While it’s true that some Lanterns are better looking than others, what makes all of them special is their use of Power Rings. With them, the corpsmen can simply imagine things into existence. Want a plane to take you somewhere romantic in a minute- done. Want any toy that can do anything, your imagination is your limit. While you’re at it, dream up the perfect lover too however you’d like. The ability to create whatever you can imagine, earns the Green Lanterns a safe spot on our list. 

4: Mr. Fantastic

This one shouldn’t really shock you; the man can grow and shape his junk to your personal desires. But perhaps to avoid the obvious references, or his faithful marriage to Susan Storm in an era of #mefirst, Reed Richards has always been written as a very un-sexy superhero. But there’s no reason he has to be that way. Any partner could be the perfect size, and shaped perfectly for maximum pleasure. And there’s no reason to limit yourself to funky junk, just think of the orgies that such flexibility could open up. Mr Fantastic would never show us, but Ezekiel from the Boys just might. 


3: Spider-Man 

This fan favourite has a spot on our list but only because he can rely on more than one of his friendly powers to get up to no good.

Although Cat Woman and Batman may look more the part with their black leather clothing, whips and ropes, the true champion of superhero bondage has to be this young stud. Leaving the potential stickiness of his penis aside, with his super-webbing, full-face mask, endurance and flexibility, Spider-Man puts the SM in BDSM.  Add to that a Spider sense that would elevate every second of the sexual encounter and it’s no wonder Spidey’s one of our favourites. 


2: Magneto 

Yup, that’s right.. that weird looking old guy who’s always bitter and up to no good, he gets a spot on our list. Just hear us out first. Although the constructs that Green Lantern can generate, definitely do pack a punch, there’s something to be said for the manipulation of metals when it comes to the perfect toys. Magneto likes to exert control and pain. He can do precisely what he wants with any metallic object, hard or fluid, without it being held or even seen. Not only could this lead to some fun ideas, the best element of sex with Magneto would be the twisted man himself. 


1: Empath


While Empath is not a top tier mutant, he definitely belongs at the top of this list. Similar to Jean Gray, (but without the world ending-potential) Empath has the ability to fuck you with just his mind alone. So, skip the toys, rings, ropes and beads, and go straight to the pleasure centre of the brain. Short of altering your entire reality, Empath would quite simply take you to where he wants to take you and beyond, without even lifting a finger. For those who look to sex as a source of exercise, look elsewhere. Otherwise this would have to be, the ultimate sex superpower. 


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