Happy Holidays 2020/Ending with a bang

This is the end, friends. The end of a very… interesting year. Surviving 2020 with family, love, passion, community, and optimism: a recap. 


The Oscar for Lead Role in a Disaster movie surely goes to the year 2020. We will not list why 2020 deserves it, but suffice it to say that the latest hit – the attacks to the adult entertainment industry by mainstream payment providers, is just the juicy cherry on top of the cream pie. But every year and every experience is about perspective. And we chose to stay strong and fight. Not only surviving, but thriving. 


This year has surely been one hell of a ride for our studio. With the global pandemic hitting us  hard, our values and ambitions were tested in many ways. But a strong foundation, passion and love proved to beat the panic, chase the demons away and lift our spirits. And the undying love and support of you, our players, who kept coming back to the Haremverse. 


We’re doing well and are more than ready to soar even higher than where the journey has brought us so far. This post is for you, our beloved Kinksters. We’d like to give you some background insights, shed some light on important matters, say thanks where thanks is due and say goodbye to a year which many people probably want to forget. But we don’t. 

The Studio 


It’s safe to say that most people and most businesses have clear ideas as to where they want to be when the year is over. Call it new year’s resolution, planning, or just ambition. There are always fail safes in place, in case something would get in the way of these goals and plans. But nothing can prepare you better than a real life situation demanding changes so drastic that it almost feels like the outcome will be based purely on luck. But that’s exactly where the core values of a studio and the passion of its employees came to shine. 


With evolving the workspace almost entirely to working remotely, helping our members adapt to this new work environment, we were quickly able to get back on track and resume business as usual, figuratively speaking. 

Following our values and ambitions, our kitchens and living rooms became our new offices and with the passion for positive and sexy entertainment, we felt just as strong and undefeatable. 


Everyone in Kinkoid is family, a tight knit community of friends following their passions and achieving various milestones together. 


There were challenges regardless, but nothing we hadn’t faced before. Just with a different workspace décor. We’re proud to employ awesome and talented folks. And in the natural cycle of every person, a change of employment is inevitable. We said goodbye to some amazing people and wish them the best in their future projects. But we also welcomed new people to the love boat, fresh eyes, fresh minds and valuable talent to help us further shape our vision for a Kinky future. The road ahead is just as glorious as it’s always been, so we salute our comrades who’ve taken a road different than ours, we welcome the new recruits and are sharpening our metaphorical swords for the journey of a lifetime! 

The Games


We love each of our games passionately. We’ve watched them grow for years, and turn into the beacons of lust, kinks, freedom and sex. And we’re proud of each of our children. 


  • This year we finally had time to do some redesigns for Hentai Heroes, to brush up the old and rusty parts and give them a new gloss. With a load of exciting content coming to the game, we’re confident that Hentai Heroes will continue to supply wanks, fun times and wholesome moments. 


  • Both Hentai Heroes and Gay Harem received redesigns for some of their girls and guys. It’s always heartwarming to go back to something you did in the beginning and be able to redesign it. It’s like restoration work on a painting or a vintage trinket. 


  • We always want to keep your interest up and give you new things to do, so developing new features while keeping the essence that sparked the interest of so many players is a  duty we take seriously. This year saw the deprecation of the Leaderboards, but that gave the birth and rise of several interesting new features and new ways to play the game: the Legendary Contests, the Places of Power, the former combining several other features to award awesome new recruits and legendary equipment, the latter serving as a form of endgame and passive earning of rewards. We also redesigned our PvP system to bring in more rewards than ever before. 


  • Our out and proud LGBT lovechild Gay Harem has had a fantastic year as well. Catching up on content, filling in the gaps, being awesome and unique and with a fantastic, dedicated and passionate community caring for it just as much as we do, we hope to keep surprising you and making you happy in 2021 and beyond! 


  • We can’t go without mentioning our clicker baby, Hentai Clicker. This year it saw its largest update yet and evolved into shiny Super Hentai Clicker, with an amazing story mode, more captivating gameplay, chat with the gorgeous Harem girls, more breathtaking beauties to recruit, and an overall more solid foundation. And we are not done with it yet: new events, new girls, new chapters await the brave clickers next year.


We’re proud of all our games and their achievements. And most of all we’re proud of their communities. A game is nothing without its players, and all of the kinksters enjoying the worlds we’ve crafted. 




The Haremerse Coming to Life


We’re immensely proud to be a part of the adult industry and collaborations within the community are always exciting, thrilling and in our case – amazing. 


We did two collaborations with the awesome folks from the iconic cam platform ImLive this year – Hentai Look Alike Party and Advanced Hentai Action Party. Our first event proved that combining gaming and camming is not only an innovative idea, but also something beautiful, sustainable and fruitful. This super saiyan fusion was a step into the future of adult entertainment. 

The first collab featured more than 350 top ImLive models, cosplaying popular girls from the Haremverse, and the event received over 100 000 visitors. The three most loved cosplaying models will live forever in the Haremverse as special Pachinko girls. The second collaboration was longer, bigger and had more surprises. Expect the three new winner cam models to join the Haremverse next year.


The collaboration with ImLive showed both studios that this concept elevates both the camming and gaming experiences. The models got a chance to show their talents on a whole new level and for us and the players, seeing and hearing our beloved Haremverse girls as real life gorgeous ladies was a moment we’ll never forget! 



And the winner is…


An honorable moment of being part of the adult industry is being nominated for an award. Yes, the adult industry has its own Oscars, Grammys and award shows. Those fantastic times of gathering industry professionals together to share experiences, attend seminars, discuss the future of the industry, all extremely valuable and thought-provoking experiences. 


This year, Gaming Adult, the affiliate company that’s introducing you to other awesome sexy games  was nominated by YNOT Awards for several categories, among which we won Best Gaming Company and Best Businessman for our noble chieftain, Porco Rosso.


We also won Best Adult Gaming Company by the iconic adult industry forum GFY!  

Gay Harem was also nominated by Nutaku for Best LGBT Game. Harem Heroes was nominated for Best iOS Game and Best of the Boomers by Nutaku. We don’t yet know the outcome of these nominations, but are excited to see the award show nonetheless! (You can still go vote for your favourite Kinkoid games 😉 )


It’s not about winning, it’s about the recognition. We’re proud to be recognized by the industry for our hard work, adaptability and achievements. 


We also feel like real winners because we have you, our cherished community! We will keep working hard to keep you satisfied and bring your wet dreams on any device and on any browser. 

Thanks, Kinksters! 


The games, the collaborations, the awards, wouldn’t mean much and wouldn’t be even possible if it weren’t for you, our beloved Kinksters! 


You’ve stayed at our side through thick and thin and your passion for the Haremverse games is what makes us stronger. We hope to keep being the safe haven you can go to for a laugh, a wank, for a wholesome time with the characters and worlds we’ve built with sweat and hard work. 


We’ve kept you entertained and have enjoyed your company for several years now. We’re honored and touched by your loyalty and support, your passion and excitement for our products and games. We hope to be able to keep you in our sight as we walk this road together further on. What we promise is a lot of kinky hentai surprises! 


We’re grateful for the feedback, for your time, for your invaluable advice, for the memes on Discord, for sharing your in-game achievements with us on Twitter and Facebook, for supporting us on Patreon, for telling it to us like it is, for appreciating the good and being patient through the…not so good. 


We love you from here to the Haremverse! We wish you happy holidays, and an amazing and very kinky 2021! 




The Kinkoid Team

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