Hottest Anime Guys (2010-2020)

Hi Kinksters, 


We’re still riding hard on the nostalgia train of the last decade. We wanted to look into the hottest anime guys and men that were delivered to us in the last decade. Sometimes you just can’t help but get excited over some 2d muscles and animated charm. Many of us wish these guys were real, even though they’d probably look really weird in our 3D world normality. But sill, if we can fantasize about them and browse the webs for naughy fanart, we’re good! 


For the release year, we’re looking at the anime adaptation release year, some of those hot dudes with spiky hair and perfect smiles existed in their original manga version a bit earlier. We’re looking at results from voting sites, so if you don’t agree with the selection, blame the anime community. I’m just the messenger. 


Genos – One Punch Man (2015)


With the rise of futuristic sex dolls and sex AI, it’s no wonder a cyborg daddy made it to the list. Genos is a hot piece of mechanical ass and anime fans have been drooling over him in heaps. It makes one wonder if his android body has been augmented for sexual pleasure and if so, how many functions does it have? I’d sure love to find out. 




Victor Nikiforov – Yuri on Ice (2016)


Yuri on ice dared to go where almost no anime had gone before, especially not in the mainstream. After having the fans question whether the relationship between Victor and Yuri was platonical or something more, the anime had the guts to feature a gay romance and melt all our hearts. Yuri on Ice was praised for this bravery and a lot of faps happened with the thought of the gorgeous Victor Nikiforov in mind. 




Ban – The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)


The sin of Greed could have easily been the sin of Lust, if it was up to me. Ban is a gorgeous piece of demonic ass I’d like on my menu everyday. With his chiseled anime abs, skin-tight red latex pants and crop-top jacket, he leaves little to the imagination. And the rule 34 community has devoured him (and with good reason). 




Katsuki Bakugo – My Hero Academia (2018)


By far everyone’s favorite sexy guy from My Hero Academia (based on votes and polls), this blonde twunk is a muse for sexual desire. If you doubt that, check out all the waifu pillows, mouse pads, and countless NSFW artworks featuring him. We can’t argue with the vox populi. 




Haruka Nanase – Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club (2013) 


It’s beyond a doubt that every member of the swim club in this awesome anime featuring almost nude sexy guys could’ve made it to this list. But Haruka is in almost all top 10’s of the Hottest Anime Guys Ever. And for good reason! 




Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul (2014) 


If you like your daddies gloomy and depressed, facing existential crises and looking fuckable while doing it, then look no further than Ken Kaneki. This heartthrob can steal anyone’s heart with some Kafka references, a few tears and by literally eating your heart, because he’s a human eating super-ghoul. Yay! 




Karma Akabane – Assassination Classroom (2015) 


Do you like highschool bad boys? Do you like crazy redheads? Karma is your dream daddy. Insanely hot, lost some of his marbles, but he surely promises a good time. If you can keep up with him, that is. 




Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan (2013)


He’s short, gloomy, ruthless, cynical, sexy, and incredibly agile. It’s no wonder he took the world by storm and is the most popular anime dream daddy according to many online votes. Levi is the king of anime boy lovers and we can totally see why. 


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