Hottest Guys in Gaming (2010-2020)

Hi Kinksters,


Last week we looked into the hottest waifus in anime and gaming. This week we will be looking at their male counterparts. Gaming has brought so many reasons girl lovers to fap, and just as many for guy lovers. Whatever gender you identify as, whatever orientation you may have (we love and respect everybody equally), if you’re into dudes, this list is for you. 


Kratos (GoW Reboot)


Kratos has always been guy-candy, even when he was blocky and as gentle as a retired meat grinder, but the overhaul he got in the God of War reboot made us all wish he’d call us “BOYEH” while out on adventures with him. This dream daddy stole our hearts and we can’t wait for our next adventure with him! 


Geralt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) 


Unlike Kratos, Geralt got hot only when Wild Hunt came around. But boy, was it worth it. This chiseled godlike body, all the sexy scars, the sultry yellow eyes, and that edgelord voice can get us all wet. The fact that you can play with Geralt optionally shirtless is one of the main reasons I even tried the game, since I’m not a fan of cishet womanizer stereotypes. 


Dorian (Dragon Age: Inquisition)


Dragon Age: Inquisition surprised us all very pleasantly when it was released. The stunning semi-open world, the awesome combat system, the fantastic voice-acting and story, and most of all, our first exclusively gay romance option. Dorian was crafted in such an intricate and exciting way that even straight guys said they romanced him because they were simply intrigued. And boy, dat ass. 


Chris Redfield (Resident Evil VII) 


Capcom never really managed to make Chris Redfield look believably hot, but they hit the mark with Resident Evil 7. He looked naturally sexy, unlike the talking blow-up doll we got in RE5 and 6, 


Alexios (ASSassin’s Creed Odyssey) 


Assassin’s creed Odyssey made a lot of promises and failed to deliver on most of them, but damn, Alexios was one hot piece of ancient Greek ass. The gorgeous face, the cheeky attitude, the sexy accent, many things about him made our nether regions tingle. Add a couple of optional nude mods on PC, and you could look at Alexios in all of his glory, just like nature intended. 


Dante (DMC Reboot) 


DMC’s Dante has always been unapologetically hot, but there’s something about his iteration in the reboot that’s just the right amount of twink with a dash of daddy. This edgelord has been on men-lover’s minds for years and for very good reasons. 


Leon (RE2 Remake)



Following the twink trend, Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Leon is probably everyone’s favorite bottom fantasy. Did you know of the numerous nude mods for him? Sexy outfits, more muscled versions, soft and erect penises galore. Kinda hard to concentrate on his cock with all the zombies around, but we still found the time to appreciate cute Leon. 


Joel (TLOU)

Just like Kratos, daddy types have something special about them. And Joel from the Last of us is one amazing piece of daddy we’d all love to have in our lives. Caring, gentle, loving and zombie brain mashing, Joel is a dream! 

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