Kamihime Project R – Review

Hey there naughty!


As sexy things go, we’ve been around for a while now, and still few titles perform to the level of olympian sex athlete the way that Kamihime Project R does.

It has hardly slowed down since it started moisturizing people’s panties back in early 2017.

Granted, it hasn’t seen much nearly as much development as we’ve done for that period, but it only goes to show how strong the base game is.

What does it do so well? It takes the well known JPRG battle, keeps it simple and litters it with eye candy to the point of vice. Hard to keep a limp dick, when you get a cool hentai production with all the juicy vice actresses humming in your ear as world-class talent artists shower you with you beauties to feast your eyes with.

Heck even the costumes themselves are enough to give the fashion geeks some easy-going nerdgasms.

A mix of chibis, fantastic creatures, non-stop battle animation effects and sound design keeps people interested, even in the spaces that they are not looking at perky titties, breasting boobily on forward in sync with your erection’s heartbeat ticks.

In the beginning, it looked too good to be true but, it turned out the gameplay is pretty cool and it’s not just another gacha farm sprinkled with a few polished photoshops and no actual substance for players.

I mean look at this – the sheer visual variety and excellence put int a single canvas makes your nipples sharpen up. And it doesn’t even have to lean on sex appeal for that. I mean you can use only your pinkie to cover up all the nudity on the screen, which is some hip and belly by the bird chick.

A large number of characters to collect, well, maybe not as large as some games out there, but all of them being quite memorably individualistic. It’s near impossible you couldn’t find some beauty to admire and make your favorite character.

Loading that game with the typical JRPG upgrade systems and itemization assures you can be progressing up the power level for a long time. Two years or lead running success with the game should prove that to anybody by now.

The battlefield itself is not very complicated or tactical, but we usually don’t go demanding high levels of chess play from the sexy green-eyed redheads either.

We will take the eye candy and skip out on the protracted turn-based convoluted skill galores of old times.

Should it start going stale, don’t worry. The H-scenes are bound to warm you right up, voiceovers, quality art, more slurpy-sucky sounds than your cum can service.

Top-quality, what can I say. The only place you could see it better is in actual hentai series and while they are fully animated and voiced and have more plot going on, even some famed productions don’t raise to the illustration quality Kamihime has. A form of recompense for not being as lavish as some hentai videos.

I’m sure Japan has even more artistic titles by now, but Kamihime is one of the top quality free to play H-games available in the west so far.

Only the future will tell who gets to dethrone the title with greater overall awesomeness.

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