Kinkoid 5th Anniversary!

Dearest Kinksters, 

What a long and awesome trip it’s been! This year, we’re celebrating Kinkoid and Hentai Heroes’ 5th Anniversary, as well as the 4th Anniversary of Gay Harem. We’re very humbled and grateful for your incredible support through the years! We’ve been through so much together and are excited for the awesome adventures to come. 


The Anniversary month is always, among everything else, a time for reflection. We like to take a look back and think of all the good times, awesome updates, and learn from our mistakes. We had a lot of interesting things happen in the past year: 


  • BDSM – our games have always focused on exciting and sexy content, but we wanted our games to have a bit more depth as well. Which is why we released the BDSM battle system as a part of a larger PvP and PvE update which is coming very soon. We want our games to be a safe haven for kinksters, but we also want to include more activities for those players who like a bit of strategy and planning; You can read more about the BDSM system here;


  • Mythic Recruits (girls and guys) – Mythic recruits are among the most powerful additions you can have in your Harem. We wanted those recruits to be extra strong, extra sexy and a staple of every Harem and PvP team. 


  • One Star Recruits (girls and guys) – One star recruits are cute and helpful additions to every harem (passively increasing your Ego and income). They are still not as useful for veteran players, yet they definitely are a cool addition to beginner Heroes nonetheless. 


  • Side quests – the Haremverse is a world of endless possibilities and waiting for the main story to progress isn’t the only way to learn about its rich history anymore. We introduced side quests as a means to further enrich the lore of our worlds and give you some extra adventures with your favorite recruits; 


  • Places of Power – everyone loves rewards! Especially when they don’t require a lot of effort. Places of Power was developed to make use of more recruits from your Harem than you would usually need for fighting Villains or fellow Heroes. We wanted more recruits from your Harem to feel useful and bring you extra rewards and happiness while you’re out adventuring; 


  • Seasons – Seasons are an awesome addition to PvP and a treat for players who like to show they’re the best. We’re happy with the positive reception of this feature! 


  • Events – we never want our games to feel stale or predictable. Which is why we’re constantly striving to improve our systems and add more and exciting events to our games. With Path of Attraction, Legendary Contests, Mythic days, and Kinky Cumpetition shaking up the everyday life in the Haremverse and making things a lot more exciting, we want you to always have fun in our worlds and be excited for what’s to come. 


  • Daily Rewards – you get rewards, you get rewards, everybody gets rewards, just for logging in to check on your favorite recruits. The Daily Rewards system is a way for us to show how much we appreciate you and the care you put into your Harem and favorite recruits. Enjoy! 


  • Merch Shop – For years we’ve had players asking us if we plan on releasing official merch. With so many fantastic pieces of art we’ve produced over the years, it seems only logical, right? We recently launched a collection of designs on RedBubble so that every Hero can take a piece of the Haremverse home – Check out the Kinkoid Merch Shop;



  • Birth of a DreamComix Harem – A different art style for a different audience – after Hentai, NSFW versions of comic book heroes has been a long time dream of ours and we’re proud to have brought the Comix Harem universe to life. We’re very excited and hope you will join us on this adventure as well! 


It’s been a journey of learning, developing, and enjoying the fruits of our labor. We love you and we promise to keep bringing you awesome adventures, and a feeling of belonging. Our games have always strived to be the safe haven for all your hentai kinks, and provide worlds without discrimination, where everyone is free to do whatever they please, as long as it’s sexy, positive and consensual. 


We have awesome plans for the future and will be even happier if you’re right there next to us, enjoying our hard work and helping us be the best we can be! 


Hentairly yours, 


The Kinkoid Team 

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