The New and Improved Battle System

 Which Still a Work In Progress

Our games have always been casual RPG adventure games, heavy on the sexy content and horny recruits. But now that Kinkoid has casually entertained you for five years, we feel like we need to step up our game. 

We would like to slowly transform our games more into a classic RPG game where choices matter, character development is deeper, strategy is included as well as many uses of your characters and hero development.

We want to provide games where your team set-up and character development matters for the outcome of the performances you do while keeping the games stress free for players who don’t want to get involved in battles. 

This can happen via multiple systems, some more complex than others. and can happen only in steps – both for the purposes of its development and players’ mastering.

The following explanations of B.D.S.M. which officially stands for Battles, Development, Strategy and Mechanics is a small sneak peek of future releases will paint you the main picture but will not give all the answers.

Everything is a subject of change due to balance, frequency of releases, feedback and many other factors. 

Please note that all images and numbers shown are not final!



New battle system with up to 7 character hexagon formation 

How is the new B.D.S.M Hexagon formation structured?


  • All battle stats from Hero, Items, Girls, Clubs and Boosters bonuses are calculated 
    • Later on we plan to add Passive and Active Skills to the equation 
  • The battles are taking place in rounds.
    • Attacker is the player that initiates the battle.
    • Opponent is the defender
  • Each round is a sequence of following:
    • Attacker damage
    • Attacker critical hit check and impact
    • Defender damage
    • Defender critical hit check and impact


The Hexagon shape is also not random, it will become useful and meaningful with the introduction of Skills later on.


We want to present a simple basic system where each calculation is clear, battle order is clear, and the effect of each character in the team is clear. Many players didn’t understand the calculations and how battles worked so we are changing that.


The old 3 girl formation emphasized too much on the Alpha girl. The Alpha girl’s impact was too heavy on the Team formation while the Beta and Omega girls presence in the team wasn’t that meaningful.


In order to achieve the goal of having choices and strategy, we need more characters to be available in the Team. 


With all this in mind, we didn’t want to change or rebalance the whole game. We will keep some of the stats and calculations as they are in the game right now. We don’t want suddenly every character to be balanced differently, a very strong character to become useless, etc.


So here is what will remain the same and what has been changed in terms of mechanics. 


What will remain the same?

  • Hero Stats and calculations
  • Items and calculations
  • Character Stats and calculations


What will change:

  • Judges have (already) been removed
  • Orgasm bar has been removed
  • Class-related skills have been removed
  • Dominance scheme has been removed
  • 3 characters in the team  have been upgraded to up to 7 characters
  • Alpha, Beta, Omega  has been removed, making each character in the team formation equally important (as stats)
  • Class of the character corresponding to Hero class
    • Any character can be useful, meaning bigger pool of possibilities
  • The sum of all stats of the characters in the team give 
    •  2 Ego + 0.25 Impact + 0.12 Defense
  • Harmony Critical hit chance 
    • Calculation is now 30% * Harmony / (Harmony + Opponent’s Harmony)


In the first of many changes and releases of the B.D.S.M system the battle will be simple and straightforward. 

In later planned releases there will be more strategy to the choices for team building and usage of team composition while keeping the mechanics simple and straightforward. Eventually, we are even planning on having different Teams available to players for different battles.



What are blessings?

Once per week there will be two blessings available. 

They will be chosen from all available ones and will give bonuses to the specific characters that are matching the boosted traits. 


    • The traits will be randomly chosen from the full list of all possible ones from Rarity, Zodiac sign, Favorite position, Eye color, Hair color, Element ( we will introduce these ones below).
  • A character may benefit from both blessings of the week if it matches both requirements, for example Blond hair characters get +25% all stats and Blue eyes characters get +25% all stats.
  • Blessings will give you the opportunity of taking advantage of the weekly buff and not only use the strongest available characters. 
  • This, combined with the other future features can opens a huge pool of possibilities for strategy





Please note that all images and numbers shown are not final!

Everything is a subject of change due to balance, frequency of releases, feedback and many other factors. 


Elements will be characters’ sexual preferences. You may think of them as Dark vs Light vs Fire vs Nature, etc. elements from other RPG games.

Building your team around the elements of the characters you want to use in the team will be the strategy to go. Based on this, your team will have 2 Themes that define it.

There will be several ways to take advantage of the elements:

  • Domination: Countering the opponents’ Themes with your Themes. If one of your elements counters the opponent, you get a bonus. If both do, you will have two bonuses. You are not obliged to change your team due to your opponent, but in that way you risk them having the Domination bonuses.
  • Synergy of the Team: Each character from the specific element in the Team will give a specific bonus to the final stats in battle.
  • Synergy of the Harem: Each character from the specific element in your Harem will give a specific bonus to the final stats in battle.


Multiple Teams

Try different positions with different girls!

You will now be able to save several of your favorite girls in different Teams! 


“Teams” opens the possibility to have handy multiple girl compositions and to plan accordingly for both PvP and PvE!



How the teams are selected

  • Simply choose your desired team and click “Validate
  • All girls can be used in multiple Teams.


  • You will be able to select a “Default” Team for Leagues, Seasons and Villain performances


  • The ”Default” team will be highlighted and can be changed by clicking on “Select




In which features can different Teams be used?

  • Teams can be used in the Leagues, Seasons and when performing against the Villains


Number of Team slots

  • All players will be able to save a minimum of 6 different Teams
  • Silver card players will have access to 8 Teams
  • Gold monthly card players will have access to 10 Teams
  • Platinum monthly card users will have access to 13 Teams


What happens with the girl Teams if the monthly card runs out?

  • The Team slot cannot be selected or modified
  • The Teams will stay saved and will not be disbanded 
  • If one of the Teams is set as “Default” team, you will automatically be switched to your first Team slot



Skills will be unique abilities that each Rare+ character will have.

Skills can be level-up for bigger effect in battle.

There will be two types of Skills:

    • Passive: Giving bonuses based on the team or harem, calculated in the beginning of the battle, similar to Elements bonuses.Examples:
      • Blond Harmony: For each girl with Blond hair color in your team, gain a bonus of 5-12% Harmony.
      • Blond Harem: For each Blond girl in your harem, gain a bonus of 0.1-0.25% Ego, up to a maximum of 8%
    • Active: Giving a chance to perform an action during the battle. Examples:
  • Revitalize
        • Trigger Chance: 50%
        • Recover 4-8%of your max Ego, can go over the maximum.
  • Self-Confident
      • Trigger Chance: 60%
      • Boost your defense for the next defense by 50-100%.


The skills of each character plus their element plus potential bonuses from Blessings will give you the opportunity to craft the best team for the situation or to develop a unique strategy to crush the opponents.


All of these features combined makes it so there are countless possible good teams, especially if you want to counter a specific opponent.


We want to release many features and do it fast but the reality is that all these features are complex and will take time to develop.

We would like to start off with the release of the simple Battle with the 7 characters formation and then Blessings. This will give you some choices and to experience the system sooner and provide us with feedback.

Later on we want to continue with Elements, Multiple teams so you can experience real strategy and comfort of setting your teams up.
After that we want to present you of the PvE feature with the Sex Citadel so you can test your strategy against the PvE teams and win cool rewards for it.

Please don’t forget to leave your feedback, thoughts, opinions and suggestions on our forum or on our discord at hh-feedback.

Thank you for being part of this journey!




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