Man of the House Review

Hey there naughty!

Man of the House is one of the first reasonably developed porn games to land on Steam. The more notorious one being House Party, which eventually got kicked out because some people got really offended that developers would dare to make a brazen sex game about alcohol-fueled fucking in what would be a low budget porn film made in the same vein as the Hangover or one of Adam Sandler’s flicks.

One could say that Man of the House isn’t a significant upgrade art or storytelling category. But let’s be honest here. Where else can you get an experience that is proudly stupid and in it’s effort to entertain? For sure you can’t do it in life, lest you want to risk death or life in prison.

House Party, Man of the House and similar games are interesting precisely because of their trainwreck nature. Much in the same way players take it out on random pedestrians on a whim in GTA 5. People have no other venue to play out these porn fantasies than in games.

We certainly can’t hire ladies for the night or even get them to say the most absurd things imaginable for 20$ that the game costs. It is where such games come in and pretend like the characters just mixed 10 bottles of vodka, beer, wine. Then they drank that when they woke up took a shot of cocaine for flavor before they went about their day.

It could be said that it is an easy game catering to porn addicts. But really, players like these cheesy porn stories.
So much so that the Man of the House available in seven languages! If it was just the porn people would stay on pornhub.

As 85% chance would have it in 3D porn games – you play as a teenage dweeb who is will randomly stumble into some wildly horny events with minimal effort. This formula rarely if ever needs any tweaks, because it’s a core fantasy for a whole lot of people.
Or at least those who didn’t get the American style college film experience of wild sex parties and binge drinking. Nowadays you don’t even get that for half a million dollars in debt 🙂

Anyhow – your stepdad has died a suspicious death, and oops. you are left with two very bangable stepsisters. If anyone ever tried to make one of these characters a reasonable person, probably someone’s head would explode. So naturally, we play as someone has no impulse control and presumably the moral compass of a Blacktip Shark.

The writing is very basic. They wanted to have some branching stories, but the more you explore those the more disjointed everything feels. Presumably, they wrote a bunch of situations they liked to see and focused less on larger motif.

What really impressed me was the furniture 🙂 Some of the graphics in this game were so well done that you can mistake screenshots real photos. There is some uncanny valley, but it’s too early in adult game history to expect devs to be well versed in facial anatomy. Something big companies are usually not good at either and it is why most of that stuff is motion-captured these days.


For all intents and purposes, the game is a life simulator. You have to go to work, take showers, feed yourself and stuff like that. They try to sell the story of casual life. A lot of the gains in the visual department are lost in sound. There really is no music and sound design is extremely basic. Unfortunately, no voice acting either. They could have made it significantly better with some kinky girls riding the studio microphone.

What I like and some of you might not is that they have worked on buildup and foreplay. It’s not just instant fucking all around all the time.

The 3D modeling and rigging is done well enough that the game really comes alive in motion. The skin textures and bodies are superbly crafted. The camera controls hold up very well, unlike similar games – allowing you really tweak your viewing player for maximum effect.

If you are not demanding on fetishes or complicated sex scenes the game’s quality makes the vanilla ones it has pretty good.

Overall it’s a reasonably good porn game even if a tad simple and lacking good audio.


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