Meet Lupa and Megumi!

Hey, Sexual Healers!


The girls cannot stop talking about your extraordinary healing powers! It seems that the news about your potent Mojo is spreading so fast around the Haremverse…

That’s why two new hotties are coming and all they want is to get (c)licked and fucked until sheer exhaustion!
So, are you ready to make two more irresistible girls happy?


Ready or not, you won’t be able to resist the charms of the gorgeous werewolf!!!

Lupa’s kitty is hungry for a big tasty bone! She wants it all and wants it Big! Money, Power and Sex is what gives her the thrill and makes her juices flow…
This greedy girl is a full-time agent for heroes and her hobby is gambling. Thinking that the world revolves only around her and she is simply the best, Lupa doesn’t like the other powerful lady – Bunny.
Will they be able to share your big stick? In order to find out, first get Lupa from the Gatcha!



She has come to the Haremverse as an ambassador of her faraway homeland. Being raised in a wealthy and noble Samurai family, Megumi always tries to represent it in the best way possible. She always looks stunning in traditional Japanese dresses. Never raising her voice in anger and being out of control is what makes her a tough and effective negotiator, and a very successful diplomat!

So, will you be able to melt an icy Japanese lady with iron self-discipline? It’s all up to you…Just reach stage 8000 and invite Megumi to your Harem!


GO! The girls cannot wait to have their pussies (c)licked!

are you over 18?