Project QT Review

Hey there naughty!


Project QT is a surprising game coming out of China. A place where porn is about as illegal as Southpark videos 🙂

I’m not really a fan of the mobile game format, because the cool ones do have glorious illustrations, but even they can’t really be enjoyed too much on phone-sized screens.

This isn’t the first time that China dabbles with hentai. It’s usually about hosting pirated content on servers that are out of reach to international copyright. Something which anime, hentai and manga fans aren’t really rushing to complain about, given the growing amount of easy access free goodies.

There, servers you could get are so safe that it took nearly a decade to bring down a single major company and doing so reduced the world’s email spam by ⅔ according to reports.
Naturally, any details about this hentai studio are quite scarce, and probably should remain that way, if we don’t want people being arrested for drawing cartoon boobs.

Yet another match 3 game on Nutaku’s catalog. The code is apparently more generous than the average game in the genre because you can play for quite a while. If they let you run out of options and offer to sell you energy to try and beat the level with just a few extra moves, it certainly does not happen for a long time. I want to be able to find that moment even though I spent some good time poking bad robots in it.

The match gameplay 3, in this case, is connected to a JRPG grid battle game. The variety of characters, special effects, abilities and various gimmicks are above average.

All the drawings are pretty high quality and the Chinese have been able to jump over all the barriers that usually plague them when translating games into English. Probably because they had to directly design the interface for English speakers as they can’t really sell nude cartoon fantasy to their local players.

Girls are high quality, in addition to getting more from gacha games, you get to expand your collection by questing in the world and fighting enemy girls in the effort to acquire them.

The naughty girl video scenes are not the best or the worst we’ve seen. I’m not giving a more informative explanation because I’m not really sure what to say. Increasingly sexy game devs keep thinking they can use the exact same formulaic approaches to games and that is certainly going to cause boredom with fans over-time.

Overall it’s a good game because all the basics are covered as the visuals and sound design are cool and complimentary enough to each other to create a nice world for the game.
It is certainly not a very generic low budget game, even if I have higher expectations for projects coming to the stage in 2019.

The are plenty of H-scenes to unlocks, more levels than I could get into. A fairly long play session that doesn’t stop your fun 20 minutes into it. And obviously a decent amount of girls to explore.

More character and item upgrades than you can explore in a lifetime, most likely.

Perhaps if it was built as a browser game it would have been deployable for both computers and mobile phones. Alas not.

Unfortunately for the developers the lewd sites are getting overcrowded with games, and it’s no longer so easy to break through and grow and audience if you don’t have a definitive advantage. Or a lot of money to throw at marketing, that may or may not pay off.

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