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Where to build your dream Waifu in modern eastern MMOs


Hey Kinksters, 


For this week’s article we’ve prepared for you several popular eastern MMOs which offer a detailed and unique enough character creation so you can create your dream Waifu. We’ve played these, spending a significant amount of time sometimes, to create a dream anime girl we’d love to get our hands on. So we thought we’d share these titles with you, as well as some extra spicy info. Keep in mind that while most of these are free to play, some of the MMOs in this list are buy to play (single purchase) or subscription based (monthly fee). 


Creating an MMO avatar is the most important aspect of the genre for a lot of us – especially those of us who are extra kinky and would like to annihilate monsters and save random worlds in the shoes of a perfectly designed waifu sex doll. Boob physics being a major advantage, there’s nothing quite like slaying monsters and bandits with the epitome of the oversexualized female stereotype wearing flip flops and a towel (or plate bikini which is coincidentally the strongest armor you can get in the game – we’re looking at you, TERA) 


So let’s take a look at the best MMOs on the market that allow you to create the dream sex doll that will save the world: 


TERA Online / TERA – Free to Play

A lot of people hate on TERA for genderlocking the best classes, not paying attention to the part of their player base that isn’t attracted to lolis, the weird sexualization of their loli race (Elin). TERA is a quite controversial MMO in that regard and if you’re able to look past that, there’s plenty of good ADULT sexy womenses you can play as. The character creation isn’t anything to waste over 10 minutes in, but the developers seem to have had their eyes on the right tools when designing it. Yes, you can create hideous creatures…



… but if you want to create a sexy goddess that wouldn’t cause Chris Hansen knocking on your door, there’s plenty of opportunity to do that. Tera offers a plethora of sexy ladies you can play as – the graceful High Elves, the sexy Castanic, the more than average Human and for those who like strong women – the sturdy Amani females are also not something to overlook. 


Apart from the sexy ladies, TERA offers one of the most unique and engaging combat systems in any MMO released so far – true action combat. You’ll be sure to enjoy hours of strutting around with your dollie striking those pestering mobs with pro-level precision thanks to this fantastic combat style. 





Blade & Soul – Free to Play



Brought to the western market by absolutely nobody’s favorite NCSoft (very famous for their shameless pay to win tactics in MMOs), Blade & Soul is the ultimate sex doll fighter simulator – a Korean MMO with an engaging story, awesome combat and BOOBS, this adventure will take you to the ride of your lifetime with flying racks, oiled up skin and women so sexualized, they can straight up consider selling them as sex dolls. 



Blade and Soul offers many sexy races and unique classes to ensure you can play off your ultimate fighter babe fantasies – and to top that off, you can waste hours in the character creation section to craft the absolute best waifu possible. 





OR it can go horribly wrong 




One thing’s for sure, Blade & Soul can offer you hours of fun and amazing possibilities. 




Vindictus – Free to Play


Another treasure, Vindictus is an action combat instance-based MMO which offers you lots of possibilities of playing with your dream Waifu – all classes are gender locked and it may require you to splurge a bit of real life cash if you want to be able to fully customize your lady, but it’s worth it since you can create some very pleasing avatars: 


If you’re not a hardcore competitive player, Vindictus will allow you to play to your heart’s desire in fun and challenging non end-game dungeons and slay mighty beasts with your warrior princess, witch, pirate lady or any other fun female class. 

Sex is an obvious selling point in Eastern MMOs and Vindictus is surely no exception. There’s plenty of fun to be had if you’re up to the challenge. It leaves very little to the imagination, but luckily we’re way past the days of imagination – you can have all the softcore porn you desire with this game. 





Final Fantasy XIV – Subscription


Ultimate competitor to the world’s Biggest MMO (World of Warcraft), FFXIV does many things right, and its character customization is one of those things. You can spend a lot of time creating your fantasy lady, and while the game is not as edgy and in your face like the rest of the mentions in this list, you can still have plenty of mild erotica. 



What makes this game so special is the fantastic and friendly community. There’s a not so hidden kinkster side of this community, which can easily lead you to the location of more lewd mods for the game. The unique emote system and special animations of the game allow for some neat fun. Needless to say, there’s plenty of opportunity for lewdness and harmless fun.





Black Desert Online – Buy to Play



Arguably the most stunning MMO in terms of visuals and combat, Black Desert is surely a place you can lose yourself in if you so desire. The best thing about it is its legendary Character Creation system which allows you to truly craft any kind of character you want with nearly limitless possibilities. 



Available on pretty much any platform you can think of (probably coming to your smart toaster in a few months and your smart toilet brush in 2021), the developers really want you to get your hands on this experience. 




A sandbox experience best enjoyed with a side of boobs and action combat, this is the place to be if you want to escape the mundane reality that is 2020. And go fishing as a valkyrie hooker.



Eastern MMOs have long since lost any and all shame when it comes to sexualizing their games and we’re all here for it. What’s a few bucks for dressing up your own virtual waifu and slaying big ass monsters and saving villages? It’s a world of wonder out there that’s waiting for you. Go fetch! 

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