Nintendo becomes last refuge for erotica

Hey there naughty!


Curiously enough, it seems Nintendo had a board meeting in which they decided to ease up sanitizing all their content. Over the years they’ve had a reputation for keeping all things more kid-friendly than even Disney ever did.  Apparently they realized that American companies keep getting increasingly more irrational about even basic intimacy, while simultaneously going full porno in music videos and cinema. Should nobody step up and pick the slack, the majority of Japanese developers are going to really take a hit seen as how they are used to having a far broader expression of all things human.

I’m not just thinking about tentacle hentai porn folks. For all the kinks coming out of the Japanese – there is also a remarkable sense of humanity in their productions. Something which I’m guessing the West is losing to the increasing amounts of time we spend in cubicles “politely” cutting each others’ throats.

These new media standards coming out of the English speaking world some times make me think – there must be a room somewhere, full of awfully boring robots deciding what people’s social interactions should look like in public life.

Weebs and some other red-blooded people are certainly getting excited about these pics. You can be sure the game is not about kindergartners braiding each other’s hair and discussing the various ways to have milk and cereal.

Summer Sweetheart as seen in the screenshots is warming up people’s … hearths, among other things over at Nintendo Switch.

I can quite easily imagine this starting the following way in an office somewhere like Tokyo:

“So how many artists we need for your incarnation of a dating sim, given the analysis you’ve shown us from these ridiculous overseas games?”

“Maybe we don’t want a floor of artists drawing these for months on end, then still have more people complain it’s not enough? We’re actually in Japan, we got all the Asian babes we want right outside – Let’s get some hot chicks and do this shit old-school.”


Now, these may not be exactly as spicy as the various cartoon pussy illustrations that can be found on NSFW game portals, but you can bet your ass, less spicy real babes are more preferable to a variety of people.

One of the first web pages I ever found on my internet porn adventures was a gallery page It featured mostly erotic image sets rather than porn.  So, I suppose I appreciate this more, than say, people who grew up on high-speed internet and huge one-stop porn sites. Apparently I’m not alone either, because massively there has been an increased tendency for sloppy amateur porn, rather than the boring and predictable scripted porn we’ve seen for decades out of porn studios.



In case you are thinking – ok – ok. Enough about cutesy light dating sims – what else do we get other than Summer Sweetheart?

The next offering is where people would have bet solid money Nintendo would never publish – namely, Lust for Darkness. A game of notably heavier themes and clear taste for the erotic.

Also, there is this thing on Omega Labyrinth that hardly needs any comment at all. Devs should probably make it a default feature of all NSFW games.

You can have either of these, or you can go to Playstation to get this:

Sony may as well stop publishing such games entirely given the photoshop meat cleaver they use to chop off anything remotely sexy, even in titles that are not about sexuality at all.

Isn’t it funny how half of the top biggest porn companies in the world are American, serving anything from having sex with toasters to rubbing your nipples against potato salad?

But then, their other corporations are trying to eradicate any trace of sexuality so they can get that Chinese cash flowing tho their investors.

So, terrible that Blizzard Entertainment suspended a Heartstone player and pulled prize money because they expressed support for the Honk Kong protests?!?!

And then there is Apple pulling their Maps app so protesters can get beaten more easily by the police.

I know its the age of moral relativism. But some companies are going bananas crazy evil in broad daylight for everybody to see.

If we as customers don’t get out shit together, the eradication of hentai from the west is going to be the least of our problems.




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