Parasite in City – Review

Hey there naughty!


If you were ever sitting and just dreaming you want the apocalypse to be less about frantic zombies mowing down people. And perhaps more about horny zombies. Or you were touching yourself on ripley scenes from the alien. Well, now you can get the best of both worlds and experience the world as blondie over there.

In fact, the zombies in this apocalypse are so horny, they don’t just have sex with you, but themselves too. There is also a variety of threesomes should things get dull for you.

Not very cinematic but still, everybody is lurking around trying to scope the little plucky blond for some action.

If you have played the classics you expect a little more dynamics from the average beat-em-up, but it’s fine. A skinny gun-wielding blonde in her underwear dodging zombies in the sewers is not the worst character you can have.

Of course many of you rascals playing these games are not going to do any favors and she will experience some cruel gods running her into the zombie dicks – literally. But ah well, such is life for sexy underwear fighters in H-games.

It’s not particularly challenging so don’t worry about it – Other than some pesky fly enemies, the horny forces are well under control.

As a platforming game it is simple as well, they don’t want your juices drying up while figuring jumps, so you can better focus on them zombie erections.

Perhaps maybe the protagonist can be a man some times, and the sex zombie distaster can happen while the pizza guy in question is delivering to a super huge girl only spa center. (Do you hear me developers!)

The controls can’t be remapped and they are all close together. Perhaps a bit of drawback given that a lot of you naughty folks aren’t exactly focusing fully on the platforming 🙂

You have like, the option to spam buttons and escape the clutches of the sex zombies in the middle of the wild cowgirl, but who are we fooling, you are not going help her, are you now :).

Any way, if you are not playing with yourself enough in general, maybe you can be uppity about the smaller shortcomings of the game. But really it’s an old title that offers more than it blunders. So some form of leniency is called for.

The game is still strong in the hearts and probably pants of many, just because the devs put obvious effort into the variety of scenes. A respectable number of animation in pretty good pixel art. Great even for it’s time. It safe to say this game probably got a lot of horny devs into this business with its welcoming titillation.

The game is quite old and by a Japanese developers, so interface usability was never really a big trend there. You’ll have to do your best with your one free hand and the remainder of your focus 🙂

However, being smart hentai devs, they thought of your wanking comforts and installed an easy mode that allows you take care of business with one hand on both ends.

The sound effects get a bit repetitive, but spicy enough to keep you cumming for more.

I don’t particularly dream about sexing up the dead, but those of you who do will be excited. Hope you are not put off by infested mutants either. They are also coming to get all over blondy here. Some creeps from the alien. Why not. Who can resist titties right 🙂

Luckily we can access all the goodies via a gallery once they are unlocked. You know, for more intense times where you must put the fire out fast, and can’t really be bothered run around looking for a zombie with a hardon.

That is if the special masturbation button you can use at any time wasn’t enough 🙂

Blondie is like. “I know that alien bugs and horny zombies are around every corner but- MUST FAP NAAAW!”

What is not to like about this game?

Pretty good one, you can grab it at:

If I remember correctly it was free at some point, so maybe you can get it if you can find a reputable site to get it from. Even so, it’s still worth dropping a few bucks on.

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