Poke Abby review

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Man …. I like weird, kinky stuff. I confess. I see a new title with a girl looking at me so innocently, so cute, so naive while that huge dick of a perverted man with a cruel smile on his face is entering her wet pussy.. Do I click on that?? Let’s just say, it’s nice that I have virus protection on my PC, you know… 😀  

This time I end up in a school-like, castle-like, dorm-like place with a minion that I can suite to my tastes at the very beginning! Cool! That’s actually a key part of Poke Abby – the customization! I can go from designing a regular cutie to a wild furry! I went through all of the options, and I wanna say – that’s a whole lot of choice *looksconfused*! I guess it all depends on what I want to do with her. 


Part one ready. Whew. 

And now, I receive my duty: make sure the students aren’t getting themselves into trouble. So, basically, I am going to sit in the dark place that they call potions class and I will wait for that little, sexy girl to come to me and find trouble! heeheh 

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She arrived. She looks so nice. I take a peek from every angle of my camera, to observe this little school girl before I start “teaching her”! That dirty girl needs to be punished for skipping classes! (I guess now you know, here’s where the fun starts.) Anyways, the camera gives me lots of freedom from poking her boobs to gently caressing her legs. Amazing.  

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Before I start undressing her, I am sharing my observations to you guys: 

  • This game goes pretty fast to the Point.
  • The art is quite good and it makes me feel good… The darkness of it triggers a few of my fetishes.
  • The animations are good.
  • The camera control gives me the ability to use the angles I want.
  • The sound is good.
  • This all comes in 50mb…
  • I can get it for free, or get the HD for a few bucks.

Check it out:


See ya! 

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