Sex Dolls of the Future

Since ancient history, men have been excited about the idea of a synthetic sex partner – someone with no limits, no headaches, no requirement for financial support. From leather dummies to full on sex bots, human history has always had a hidden drawer of forbidden fantasies when it comes to artificial sex partners. 


The legend that inspired the sex doll is that of Pygmalion – the sculptor who carved a statue in the shape of a gorgeous woman. So beautiful was she, that he fell in love with her, wishing for her to be real. The gods granted his wish and they drove off to the sunset on a Harley (or the 1 horsepower carriage equivalent at the time) and lived happily ever after. 



We can only assume Pygmalion was a lottery winner in terms of getting your silicone (or sheep-skin at the time) busty goddess to come to life, because we don’t have any other reported cases of this phenomenon. Until now. 


The last few years saw a leap in AI technology, up to the point where our everyday lives are aided by AI, from our phones, to our fridges and toasters, and hopefully soon enough in the future, sex dolls. 



Lifelike sex dolls, both female, male, and anything imaginable inbetween (yaas) have been a fact and an availability for years, but could an AI head attachment finally give lonely singles and bored couples the companionship they’ve been longing for? 


With heat regulators, touch sensors, realistic orgasm stimulation, adjustable character, Tinder may be out of business if AI partners become a fact in our near future. 



The most recent leaps in robot sex toy technology are the infamous Harmony 3.0 who blessed us in 2017 and Henry the sex robot with an unstoppable penis, who also tells jokes. Henry was born back in 2019 and lonely women and gay men have been aching to get in his pants and electric heart. Unfortunately for most of us, these pleasures come at the cost of at least 6,000 USD (without shipping or tax/import costs). 





Sex Dolls and AI were a couple that was just destined to be together. Now that the starting steps have been taken, we can only hope that technology will keep improving itself and we could end up one day designing our dream partners from scratch and getting the love we’ve always known we deserve, for an affordable price.. Until then, it’s all hopes and dreams, meh sextoys and disappointing dates with real women and men. 


Oh future, we’ve never longed for you more than we do now. 



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