Sex Mods in Mainstream Video Games

There is a certain point in a gamer’s life where one simply wonders – “Could it be?” Could it be that there’s more to your favorite video game? Something wicked, something naughty, lurking in the depths of the interwebs, waiting for that Google search. Waiting to grab you by the balls and change the way you perceive your favorite game? You ponder and wonder and finally decide to google the famous words “Skyrim sex”. 


And then, just like that, an avalanche of information, forum posts and websites lead you to a very special laboratory – the Lover’s Lab. A magical place which has the power to change who you are as a gamer. The game you’ve spent hundreds of hours on finally has a new twist. You still slay dragons, collect souls and swap rusty swords for slightly less rusty axes. BUT there’s more. NPC’s aren’t just there to tell you stories of arrows in their knees or talk about their chickens. NPC’s are… wait for it…fuckable!




We’d like to take some time today to share with you a few very famous adult mods and modding communities which cover some of the best mainstream RPG and simulation games out there. For some of you this may not be a surprise, but a huge chunk of the gaming community doesn’t even know this part of the gaming world exists. 




Long before Skyrim set itself as the best game of the decade, there was a small dedicated community of pervs and kinky folk who decided to spend hours of their free time to create Lover’s Lab – the one stop spot for adult mods for Skyrim. It’s grown into such a huge community with lots of creators who are turning Skyrim into a medieval porn paradise for kinksters all over the world. I could spend hours talking about it, and maybe I will give it more time in a separate blog post, but this list couldn’t even be conceived without Skyrim’s fantastic NSFW mod community. 


Nude mods don’t even scratch the surface. With an entire game system modded around sex, after setting it up, Skyrim starts to feel like a porn game with RPG elements added as an afterthought. Bandit camp in the woods? Let’s have an orgy. Elven magi in the tower? Eiffel tower them with your personal guard. It’s so exciting and thrilling, I found myself exploring the game more than I ever had and neither women nor men were safe from the glorious manhood of my bulky warrior sex god. 


Kinkonan the Barbarian fucked his way through the campaign, I even installed a mod that made every dragon soul increase my love tool’s size. I ended up with a fire extinguisher in my pants at the end, but my numerous lovers enjoyed it nonetheless. 

With this fantastic community, imagination is the limit of the porn fantasy you can create in Skyrim. There’s truly something for everyone. 


The Sims 4 


Another must in our list is the wondrous wonderful world of WickedWhims – the community that focuses on creating porn content for the best selling life simulation game of all time – The Sims. And what is life simulation without sex? It’s boring as hell! That’s why the folks at WickedWhims have been working hard on bringing sex to the Sims. They’ve done such a good job of seamlessly adding sex to this sandbox game, that it feels like it was put there by the developers themselves. 




With this mod, the need for sex is just as important as the need for food and sleep. If your sims are not sexually satisfied, you’ll often find them masturbating to porn on their PC or bed. Some sims are more shameless than others, and you will often find exhibitionist strangers doing it in the bar or library. To which your sim may either be bothered or ask them to join in on the fun. Random brave strangers will ask you for sex while you’re outside as well, and, if you’re as unlucky as me, the annoying Tom Peeping or Tina Peeping will end up on your bedroom window at night, touching themselves as you sleep. 




The Sims has always prided itself on the freedom the modding community has. And WickedWhims is the best example for that. 



GTA San Andreas


Would you like some Hot Coffee? 



We can’t possibly fail to mention the most controversial mod in the gaming community – infamously dubbed as Hot Coffee. The GTA series has always been on the radar of ESRB ratings and gaming classification associations, but this particular Mod was the reason the game and its developer got into a lot of trouble. We could dedicate an entire post on the topic, as it is a fascinating story with twists, turns, blame thrown here and there, furious rating committees and whatnot. The main point though – it’s hot! 


It’s still not clear to the gaming world whether Hot Coffee was a hidden part of the game that was supposed to exist, but was scrapped last minute, or a twisted creation by a pervy modder that caused the company a lot of harm. One thing’s clear though – the gaming world was shooketh! 



This “mod” added a whole lot of flavour to the dating part of GTA San Andreas – normally, dating was part of the story and every girlfriend’s affection granted you ingame bonuses (such as free hospital care if you dated the nurse and exclusive clothes if you dated the wild girl from the gang) but Hot Coffee took it further – you could play a minigame where the girl invites you at her house for Coffee after your date. It wasn’t clear whether you actually had coffee in their cribs, but you sure had plenty of pixelated polygonal sex. 


You controlled how fast or slow the intercourse was going, there were fabulously (at the time) animated positions and sex progression and your beloved CJ got a lot of pleasure. Every girlfriend had a personalized bedroom and some girls were much harder to please than others. 



In conclusion, adult mods in video games are a fantastic way to enhance your gaming experience. It’s an exciting experience and a thrilling ride. 


A word of caution though – once you go to the dark side of video game sex mods, you may never want to go back! 



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