Soul Senki Review

Hey there naughty!


The beginning of the game was a bit scary, all kinds of stock font text splurged all over like a random cumshot. You’d almost think it was an English translator taking revenge for the dev team not leaving them any birthday cake that one time at the office party…

It was a real surprise when quality material popped up immediately afterward.
We get brought into the world of some powerful families, based on powerful people, who have some powerful weapons, who have powerful souls. Power squared – all the way. Much grandeur the story is pulling for sure.

Voice overs help a lot and the characters are pretty stylish, which is true for the side NPCs as well as the girls.
Short of a few lackluster resolution backgrounds and a few odd moments I would have said the visuals were entirely excellent.
The gameplay is a JRPG auto battler. I was fighting some gangster and silly manga goons as I explored the rich animations and the abilities the girls have.

There is a system for some tiny minigames to boost your damage for the special abilities the girls can use. It seems there are a bit too many hoops there that break the flow of an otherwise beautiful combat scene. Music’s alright and there is a good variety of sounds for the different moves the girls do.

The more I play the slicker the babes get. You could see why they are counting on you to overlook the couple of pixelated images in favor of some quality booty.
Certainly the stylistic is very very nice indeed. I find myself trying to relax and take in the environment and the action. That’s not even counting the spicy H-scenes.

I haven’t unlocked many yet, but so far so good.
The babes got levels, tiers, spirit powers, battle tech, equipment, bells, whistles, and god knows what else. Enough stuff to level up and upgrade so you can pass the account to your future sons to continue the good fight :).

Soul Senki, crashed once when I left it to idle for 10 minutes as I went to fry a steak, but nothing a refresh couldn’t fix, and thankfully it doesn’t happen while playing.

Overall it’s good eye candy action to keep you busy for some time. In these kinds of games, usually, the interface causes some confusion. Luckily in here, it is well-tuned, readable and pretty – I had a charm just opening windows and seeing what’s inside. Certainly can’t remember the last time that happened.

If the minor edges get buffed out, Soul Senki would be most amazing from start to finish.

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