Spooky Starlets, a Sexy Horror Show!

Today we’re gonna take a look at a sexy game that’s in early access on Steam right now, Spooky Starlets: Movie Monsters. It’s a silly and light-hearted game where you build a porn studio with horror themed actresses, think of classic horror monsters but parody versions that you’d actually want to fuck. 



A cute zombie girl stitched up like Frankenstein’s monster, a feral wolf girl who easily fucks her way through lots of tasty human dick as she dubs it! Or maybe your taste is more for something like a slime girl, a demon, a cute vampire or something like a snobby Pharaoh! There’s lots of kinks to be had in Spooky Starlets and I’ll do my best to show you a bunch!


The Premise

So the idea of the game is a bit of a mixture of a visual novel where events can play out, you unlock sex scenes which you can then view in the gallery later at your leisure and the actual gameplay part is a little bit of deckbuilding. The premise of the game is to make adult movies with your horror cast of actresses, each stage has you getting a handful of random cards which can consist of scenes, power ups, sexual positions and of course the most important ingredient, the talent!



The more you use your girls in these scenes the more money you’ll get to buy new cards and other stuff to enhance your future attempts and the more you’ll level up the girls which gets you those sweet, silly and super sexy scenes! It may look a bit daunting at first but it’s pretty clever and easy to get into. Oh! And one thing I really should add, the game is voiced too so you can enjoy fully voiced sex scenes with your favourite starlets!

Currently the game is still in the early stages of production but there’s so much content already, you’ll get to see the stories of eight monstergirls in the industry and as a bonus you also get some very dirty scenes with the dark elf who acts as your superior of sorts!



The Girls


Let’s go over some of my favourite starlets without spoiling all of them too much! First up is the somewhat ditzy Susie Stitches, a zombie girl very much in the spirit of Frankenstein’s monster or in this case his bride! 


As you can see she really puts her all into her work and she’s just so damn hot doing it!


Next up is Red Ryder, a werewolf lady who has quite a big appetite for cock during most points of the day. She’s busty and possibly a bit too hairy for some of you out there! As you play through the story you’ll find out more about each of their personalities, why they do what they do and just more fun stuff to find out.



Now this also means you’ll get the sexy scenes including voicework and within the gallery once you’ve unlocked these you can always go back to look at both the images or the full scenes again in their glory.

The last girl I want to show off is a demon girl with an affinity for those old fashioned fitness tapes by celebrities you might’ve seen here and there. But in this case her preferred method of working out would be lots and lots of sex in the best of outfits!


She’ll be especially welcome for any Helltaker fans out there! 


It’s a wrap, our movie shoot is done!


To conclude our brief but fun talk about Spooky Starlets: Movie Monsters, it’s one of the games that I’ve been looking out for and the developer FlynnFlann & Team Spooky have done such an excellent job to deliver something so fun visually. It’s light-hearted deckbuilding with lots of smutty scenes sprinkled on top, kinky monster girls and some story to get through which will get you closer and closer to your girls. 



Right now there’s a good amount of content for you to get through should you want to give Spooky Starlets a shot even though it’s in early access the brunt of it is already in with lots more on the way! The price is also very welcome, clocking in below 10 euros and 10 dollars. Definitely give this game a chance if anything I brought up interests you as a studio that makes something unique, fun and sexy as this deserves the support! 


That brings us to the end of my little gushing session about Spooky Starlets. It’s a fun game with lots of monster girl fucking and sucking so give it a look if you’re wanting to expand your adult game collection.

Thanks and I’ll leave you all on this note.


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