Comix Harem: Places of Power

Places of Power


🔥 With great power comes great responsibility – and super hot heroines who need your powerful boost to cumplete their missions. 🔥

The hot and horny superheroines of the Comixverse need your help to embark on new missions in the Places of Power!

🏆 Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to win some amazing rewards and expand your harem! 🏆

Want to learn more about the Places of Power? How does it work and what kind of rewards will you be able to win? Buckle up for and keep reading to learn more about this awesome new feature!



What are the Places of Power? ⚡

Places of Power are a hot new permanent feature of ComixHarem.

Once you’ve completed the requirements to unlock them, they will then be permanently available.


Each Place of Power has its own name, level, lore description, and information about the requirements for completing the mission.


💪 What is a mission? 💪


To complete missions in Places of Power, you will need the help of a selection of superheroines from your Harem.



Carefully read the mission requirements to learn how to create your team. This will help you understand the background of the mission but also allow you to create a team to complete it!


How long does it take to complete a mission?


The duration of an event depends on the level of the mission and the power of the team you’ve gathered. The more powerful your team of girls, the shorter the mission duration will be. Currently, the shortest time possible to complete a mission is 7 hours!



If you don’t feel like waiting, you can always decide to finish the mission instantly by using gold.


🔥 What is the goal of Places of Power? How does it work? 🔥


Places of Power contains missions.

To complete a mission, you will need to start by creating a team of girls as powerful as possible.


  • You can see the power of your team by checking the Team Power/Minute bar.
    • Once you have a powerful enough team, you’ll then be able to complete the mission!


  • The team power will determine how long it will take for the mission to be completed.



💥 The number next to “Power needed” indicates the requirement of total power this location needs in order to be finished in the shortest time possible.



The number above is the amount of Team power by minute necessary to reach this requirement.


💝 How do I select girls to complete a mission? 💝


💥 There are several options:

  • Manually select girls to be part of the team assigned to the mission
  • Auto-Assign to all missions a team of randomly selected girls to complete the missions from the Places of Power page
  • Auto-Assign to one mission a team of randomly selected girls to complete the mission from the mission page


💥 Note that your team can consist of only one girl as long as her power is enough to cover the minimum required power to complete the mission.



💥 Once the mission is finished, make sure to collect your rewards on the mission page or by using the “Claim All Rewards” option. You can then start a new mission at this location.

💥 Once you start a mission, please note that there is no way to stop it before it ends.


😍 Where can I find the Places of Power? 😍



The Places of Power are available from the Activities page (from the home page or the drop-down menu), between the “Harem” and “Market” sections.

🧰 A chest will appear on the Activities tab when a mission has been completed 🧰


⬆️ What is the “Level up” button for? ⬆️ 



The button “Level up” allows you to upgrade the mission in order to increase and improve the level of the rewards you can get from that specific mission.

Note that – by leveling up, you slightly increase the level of power required to complete the mission, but you also improve the pool of rewards with bigger and better prizes!

The Level up is permanent: it means that once you get the girl, you won’t go back to Level 1. You can think of it as an investment that will pay off greatly with time!

Only the top three locations are permanent and can be leveled up to max. level 10.

What are “Temporary missions”?  

The temporary locations change every week.

Their power requirements and rewards depend on your character level.



The higher your level, the higher the level of the mission, and the higher the power requirements to complete the mission, the more the reward pool grows with awesome and valuable prizes!

🔓 How do I unlock the permanent missions? 🔓 

To unlock the permanent missions, you will need to have reached certain worlds:

  • The first permanent mission will unlock after reaching the 1st quest of World 2.
  • The second permanent mission will unlock after reaching the 1st quest of World 4.
  • The third permanent mission will unlock after reaching the 1st quest of World 6.

🥰 What should I do once I’ve won the girl from the mission? 🥰 

You can keep playing to get other awesome rewards!

New girls will be added in the future. Keep forming new teams of girls to win more rewards and new girls!

For now, one girl can be won from each permanent mission in the Places of Power, but more girls will become obtainable from them.

But, in order to get the second girl from a specific permanent mission (and later on third, fourth) girl, you will need to already have the first girl in your Harem. 

🏆 How many PoPs can I play simultaneously? 🏆

There’s no limit! You can play as many as you want simultaneously, as long as you can complete the minimum requirements to start the mission!



💦 So, now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Places of Power, it’s time for you to help your superheroines with their missions and recruit more girls into your Harem! 💦

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