Homepage Waifu

Homepage Waifu


Wish you could get some more 1on1 time with your favorite recruit? Have them waiting for you until your return to the home (page)?


📱 Well, hero, your wish has been granted in a fresh new UI optimized for mobile devices! 📱


💖 You’ll now be able to see your Waifu, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or your Sexy Sidekick on your homepage, waiting for you to come back to them! 💖



What is the new Waifu feature? How does it work? We’ve gathered all the info you need about the brand new mobile-optimized feature into this article!



😍 What is the Waifu feature? 😍


Homepage Waifu is a brand new updated interface for you to feel closer to some of your favorite hotties.

And – You’ll now be able to enjoy more time with your favorite recruits while navigating more easily through the different features of the game.

The new game interface allows you to navigate more easily and clearly through all of the game features. That means that the interface has also been optimized, especially for mobile devices!


🌶️ How does the feature work? 🌶️


To access the filter and select a girl, click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the page.



🔥 How does the filter work? 🔥


After opening the selection menu, players will then be able to manually scroll through all of the recruits in their harem or open the filter section to look for a specific character.

🔍 To find a certain recruit, there are several filters:

  • Filter by Name
  • Filter by Element
  • Filter by Blessing status
  • Filter by Rarity


Once you’ve found your waifu, select them and click on Validate!


💘 What if I want a less NSFW interface? 💘

Playing Hentai Heroes at the office and worried your boss might see too much of your favorite waifu? No worries, we’ve got your back!


🔞 Simply click on the eye button for your waifu to return to your Harem and disappear from your homepage:


🔞 After enabling the SFW mode:


🍑 What are the changes in the display of bundles and offers? 🍑


The new bundles and offers chest displays the total number of available offers.

⏳ There’s also a fresh new timer to display the amount of time left on the offer that will disappear the soonest. ⏳


🤿 Why does my waifu look like she’s m̶u̶f̶f̶  scuba diving? 🤿


If it looks like your waifu has gone fishing, scuba diving, or started playing peekaboo with you – don’t worry. Our devs are aware of the issue and are working hard to ensure she’ll get back to showing you all of her goodies asap.



💦 Now that you have all the info on the new feature, don’t let us keep you from your Waifu any longer. Go show her all the love and lust she deserves! 💦

📲 And enjoy the brand new mobile-optimized user interface! 📲

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