The time has come for a refreshment of the Leagues and their rewards!
We’ve rebalanced the rewards and increased the prize pool and the type of rewards.
And most importantly: we’ve added exclusive girls!



Some players brought to our attention that we are very generous with our rewards for the first four places in the Leagues and the rest were consolation prizes and not worth fighting for.
So we decided to do something utopian: give more to the lower tiers and reduce the first places.

We will be increasing the amount of Kobans given out in the Leagues by 5% in total and the amount of Orbs given by a total of 2%. We have more to give to more players because everyone here (in the first 75 places) deserves a prize!


Not only are we giving more rewards overall, but we are also changing the types of rewards distributed. 

Kisses will be removed from the prize pool and instead players will be getting Worship. We are also adding Shards of exclusive girls that will be available only as rewards in the Leagues.

We want to give you more reasons to participate so there will be more rewards for the lower tiers. And in order to have a meaningful progression between the Leagues, we are unifying the increase of Koban rewards from League to League. The Koban rewards are having the same progression, but the Shards are new.

The only decrease in rewards will be for the top Ranks of every League: from 1st to 4th place. There will be less Kobans and Orbs available for these places, but will give the most Shards and are still worth fighting for. 

There will be exclusive girls that would be acquired only in the Leagues for a limited time. Once you have the girl, there will be no replacement rewards. These girls won’t be available in different features, events, or Pachinko. 


We know not all of you will appreciate this change, but we hope that it will create a more balanced and competitive game. With sweeter rewards! 





Update & Improvement:  

League girls in a stack 🔥


The girls in Leagues will be in a stack (list) like the girls in PoP or Club Champions.


This means that after the first girl is finished, the player will be able to win the second one, and so on until all girls are won.

Players will be able to see how many shards they currently have for the League girl through a progress bar.



With this update, the league rewards are being rebalanced:


– Shards are decreased by 10%

– Worship is replaced by Combativity (same amounts)

– There are Epic or Great Orbs as replacement rewards after all league girl shards are won


🍑 League girls will be released less regularly every ~10 weeks (instead of every 6 weeks).






As always, we are looking forward to your feedback! Let us know what you think in the Forum and discord.



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