Legendary Contests

A new kind of event is coming! Be prepared, heroes, because the rivalry has never been greater. You will have to show your power and extraordinary sexual abilities if you want to seduce a new Legendary girl and win her heart! Now, here is all you have to know about the Legendary Contests! 


What are the Legendary Contests?

The Legendary Contests are a new kind of event which lasts 4 days. Every 24 hours, a new Contest appears. During these contests, you will have to achieve goals related to PvP, XP, Pachinko, Donations, Villains, Energy…


How do the Legendary Contests work?

All players who have been active in the past 72 hours are divided into several brackets of 50 players each. Then they have to compete with each other to be the best hero.


I don’t have access to these Legendary Contests. Why?

To have access to the Legendary Contests, you have to:

  • Have reached level 20
  • Have been active during the 72 hours before the beginning of the event
  • Don’t have rewards from Contests to collect older than 4 days

 If one of these conditions is not met, you will not be able to compete at the Legendary Contests. 


What are the rewards?

During these Contests, you can win:

  • A 5-star Legendary Girl, who might come back one day for players who couldn’t complete her during the event 😉
  • Shards
  • Orbs
  •  Legendary equipment


How much time do I have to get the rewards I won?

If you don’t want to claim the rewards of the Contests now, you can wait. However, remember that after 60 days, the rewards will disappear 🙂


Can I play after I get the Girl?

Yes, of course. After winning the Girl, you can keep enjoying the event by getting other rewards which will improve your statistics and make your Harem bigger!

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