Path of Attraction

Regularly, you hear unknown voices that chant your name. They call you, possess you, and you are irresistibly attracted to them. Every time, they bring you into a new adventure: the Path of Attraction! What’s the Path of Attraction exactly? How do you get the new girls in your Harem? And, most importantly, what will you get from it in the end? Discover the answers to all your questions here.


What’s the Path of Attraction?

Path of Attraction is a different type of event: during the Path of Attraction, there are no event Daily Missions to complete. Also, you can’t get a girl from the villains, and the Event Pachinko isn’t available.

To participate in Path of Attraction, you have to click on the Event widget “Path of Attraction”


By accessing the Path of Attraction, you’ll have to complete a certain amount of objectives in the right order. It means you can’t complete objective V if you haven’t completed objective IV.


The access conditions to the Path of Attraction

To access Path of Attraction, you need to:

  • Have reached the World 3 Quest 5: The Secret lab;
  • Have 10 girls/guys in your Harem.


What’s the Pass?

By accessing the Path of Attraction, you’ll notice that there are 2 paths:

  • The first one allows you to collect free rewards, and is accessible to all players;
  • The second one is only accessible if you give kobans to take a pass (7200 kobans on / 1 200 kobans on Harem Heroes, Nutaku platform). This Pass allows you to double the rewards of the 1st path and win exclusive rewards!


What are the rewards to get?

By completing the different objectives, you’ll get different rewards: Energy, Combativity, Tickets for Champions, Orbs, money, and exclusive girls! Get the rewards before the end of the event otherwise, you’ll lose them.

Remember: the rewards are doubling if you decide to get the Pass.


Frequently asked questions

I completed the objective to get Event Orbs but haven’t received them. Why?

The Event Pachinko isn’t available during Path of Attraction. But don’t worry, any Event Orbs you win will appear at the same time as the Event Pachinko!


One of the objectives is to spend energy. But I already reached the last Quest of the last World. What should I do?

To spend energy and complete this objective, you can:

  • Either continue the quest in the “Adventure” mode
  • Either go in the reception of the Champions feature, and buy a ticket thanks to energy


I bought a Pass while I already began the Path of Attraction. Can I have the advantages of the Pass for the first objectives?

If you decide to invest in the Pass while you already began the Path of Attraction, you don’t need to complete the objectives you already completed without the Pass. You can get the first rewards of the 2nd path without having to replay it!


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The Kinkoid Team

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