Places of Power

The horny ladies of the Haremverse have a new thrilling mission for you. Should you choose to accept it, you have the chance to win amazing rewards and enlarge your Harem. Are you in? 


What are the Places of Power ?

The Places of Power is a brand new feature that is here to stay. Once unlocked, the feature will be permanently available. Each Place of Power has its own name, level, description of the lore, and the requirements to achieve your mission.


What is a mission?

Read carefully the requirements of the mission. It will reveal you indications on how to create your team (ex: “You need to generate 7,98M Hardcore power with the help your girls”).


The duration of the mission depends on the power you gathered with your team: the more powerful the team is, the shortest the time to fulfill the mission is. If the waiting time is too long, you can decide to skip it in exchange for kobans. At the end of the mission, claim your reward!


What is the goal of Places of Power? / How to assemble a Team?

For each Place of Power, you’ll have to complete a mission. The first step to start a mission is to create a Team of girls with as much power as possible. Once you have enough power, you’ll succeed to complete your mission. The time to finish is determined by the power of your Team. You can decide either to assign a mission to a group of girls that you manually select, or to Auto Assign this mission to girls randomly selected. Your Team can consist of  only one girl as long as her power is enough to cover the required minimum. The more you experiment with the girls and the Team, the better you will get at fulfilling your missions and getting rewards.


Where can you find Places of Power?

The Places of Power are available from the Activities page (from the map or the drop down menu), next to the sections “Missions” and “Contests”.


What is the “Level up” button for?

The button “Level up” allows you to upgrade the Place of Power in order to increase the level of the rewards. By leveling up, you slightly increase the level of power required, but you also get bigger rewards! The Level up is permanent: it means that once you get the girl, you won’t go back to Level 1. Think of it as an investment which will pay off greatly with time!


Why should you visit the Places of Power?

Each Place of Power gives its own rewards: Orbs, Tickets for the Sex Champions, shards for one exclusive girl. Don’t forget: by leveling up, you’ll get even bigger rewards (the same  type of rewards but MORE!).


What should you do once you’ve won the girl of the Place of Power?

You can keep playing to get other awesome rewards. New girls will be added in the future. And there will be new Places of Power later on. Every new Place of Power will give you a new opportunity create new Teams of girls and get new rewards and new girls!


More Girls in Places of Power 

You can recruit more than one girl from a Place of Power. Starting with “Goblins: Masters of Shadows” and gradually updating the rest, Places of Power will have more than one obtainable Girl in its rewards pool. New girls will be added once a month. In order to get the second (and later on third, fourth) girl, you need to already have the first girl in your Harem. 


How many PoPs can I play simultaneously?

There is no limit to how many Places of Power you can play at the same time, but currently it may prove difficult to play all of them at once.


Auto Assign All and Claim All Rewards buttons.

We’ve added an “Auto Assign all” and a “Claim all Rewards” button to the Places of Power menu.

  • “Auto Assign all” will auto-fill your Places of Power with the required recruits and start the missions. It’s important to note that the Place of Power will be started only if you can start the mission at max power; Otherwise the particular PoP will remain idle;
  • “Claim all Rewards” will claim the rewards of currently completed PoP missions. All rewards will be neatly listed in a single pop-up window.


Plans for this feature

We’ll be adding more Places of Power and girls in future. Stay tuned for more info!

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