Mega Events

🔥 Mega Events for Mega Horny Heroes with Mega Horny Harems!🔥

We’re bringing you a new event: Mega Events!

There are different types of Mega Events with some differences to spice up the challenge level! 🌶️

⚡ Keep on reading to learn more about the different types of Mega Events and how they work! ⚡

By now, many of you are used to Seasonal Events (SE) and know how they work.

SE are the first type of Mega Event to appear. The other two are Lusty Race (LR) and Hot Assembly (HA).

All Mega Events will last 30 days and players need to have reached level 20 for the event to be visible and accessible.

The event resource (Crytals) will be the same for all Mega Events (the accumulated crytals are reset to 0 when the event ends).

There will never be multiple Mega Events happening at the same time.

What is Lusty Race?

The goal is to collect Crystals to progress through the event path.

Race to the top of the rankings to show that you’re the most horny hero of them all!

 Players will be able to win event resources from the following places:




Daily Goals

Ranking rewards of the Mega Event itself

Players can also get event resources from bundles. This Mega Event will not have event cards.

The event will have two types of rankings with rewards every 3 days at update hour:

Personal Ranking & Points Ranking

Rewards from the rankings will be given a total of 9 times – on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th day of the event. There will be no rewards for the last 3 days as the rewards would be given when the event ends.

On reset, all rankings are set back to 0 and players must start from scratch every 3 days for a new place in the rankings. Event resources are not removed, only the ranking is reset.

LR Personal Top Ranking

The ranking will display the top 1000 players and their rewards.

A place in the ranking will be rewarded with event resource as well as other rewards.

LR Points Ranking

A tier ranking will be displayed and show:

Top 5%

Top 10%

Top 20%

Top 50%

A place in the ranking will be rewarded with event resource as well as other rewards.

Reward Paths

There will be two paths of rewards – one free, one with Pass.

The Pass Path will cost 15600 Kobans or 49.99€/$ (. Players will see a pass reminder on Tiers 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 and Pass will be available as a third option in the Passes tab in the new Shop.

⚡ How to win event resources ⚡

Each of the activities gives different amounts of event resources:

  • A win in Seasons = 2 event resources
  • Any fight in Champions = 1 event resource
  • A win against Villains = 1 event resource

  • Daily Goals chests
    • 1st chest = 5 event resources
    • 2nd chest = 5 event resources
    • 3rd chest = 5 event resources
    • 4th chest = 5 event resources
    • 5th chest = 5 event resources

🔥 Heroes, Superheroes, and Stallions 🔥

We’ve given you all the info there is to know about the new type of Mega Event: Lusty Race!

Stay tuned for more info on the thrid type of Mega Event coming up soon: Hot Assembly! 

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