New Feature: Path of Valor

Path of Valor

The time has come for you to show just what is the true mark of Valor for a Haremverse Hero: showing your girls just how lusty they make you!



What is Path of Valor?


The brand new event Path of Valor will allow you to unlock more rewards and exclusive girls by completing in-game goals for two periods of two weeks every month.

Participating in Path of Valor will bring you all sorts of rewards, by doing regular daily activities in the game!

And most importantly get Girls by offering them Potions of Lust!

We want you to be able to win more girls and more extra-special rewards while also facing new challenges. The more competitive heroes can check their spot in the leaderboard as well. 

How do I get girls?
And what are Potions of Lust?


To gather Love Potions you will need to complete different in-game objectives such as Play Pachinko, participate in the Leagues or win girl affection shards.




How does Path of Valor work?

Our latest feature will include two paths with all sorts of rewards.
One Path is entirely free and one can be unlocked for additional rewards.

Both the free path and the locked path will contain an exclusive girl for you to win!
Every two weeks a New Path will appear for you to complete.

The top 1000 players will appear on the Leaderboard with the highest-ranking points.
The Leaderboard will be reset every two weeks with each player starting from 0 Potions. 



Please bear in mind that the following information is subject to change and may not be the final version.
Depending on player feedback and future releases, new objectives may be added to the game.

There are 6 types of Paths in total, each one will require you to complete a different set of objectives.

The 6 types of Paths are divided into Seduction, Harem, PvE, PvP, Contests, Pachinko.

For example, completing a Seduction type of Valor/Path/PoV objective will bring you 1 Potion of Lust for each common girl shard you’ve won.

The Harem Path will require you to level up girls!
A different amount of Love Potions will be earned according to the rarity of girls.



The PvP Path will require you to participate in Seasons, Leagues, while the PvE will cover Villains, challenging Champions, and climbing Pantheon’s Stairway!

Pachinko will give you potions depending on which type of Pachinko you play.
Some Potions of Lust will depend on your Contest rank. 


What are the rewards?

The Path of Valor will change every two weeks and will bring 2 new exclusive girls for you to win! (For Comix Harem PoV will be every 4 weeks)

After the duration of the current PoV is over a new one will start. This means different objectives, restarting the previous progress, and collecting new Potions of Lust with exciting new rewards and new exclusive characters!

Please note that a Chest icon will pop up when there are rewards to be claimed




🔥 Improvements Update 🔥

PoV Activities improvement

New Path of Valor objective: New PoV objective has been added

Places of Power Objective has been added to PoV

Completing PoP will reward 2 Potions

🔥 Improvements Update PART 2 🔥

Path of Valor  Activity reward improvement

All PvE objectives “Do Villain performances” will now provide 3 potions (up from 2)




Improvement: Skip Tier of Progression (PoV/PoG)

Sometimes, life happens and you join an event late or you just don’t have as much time to be active during an event.

Life has its ways, but we don’t want to let that stop you from getting tons of rewards and hot recruits for your harem! ❤️‍🔥

Following community requests, we’ve added an option to skip the Path of Valor and Path of Glory tiers.



How does it work?

➕ Click on the Plus next to the potions in order to open the pop-up. ➕

Once the pop-up is displayed, players will be suggested potions that are enough to get the player up to the next tier of the Path.



How much does it cost?

The price will be defined per Potion missing until the next Tier

PoV: 1 Potion = 0.15 / 0.9 Nubans/Kobans

PoG: 1 Potion = 0.45 / 2.7 Nubans/Kobans

The quantity of missing potions is calculated and then the Koban price is rounded up.

Potions bought with this feature count toward “Earn Potionsobjectives.



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