Reporting bugs

You’ve found something that’s not working properly in the game and you want to let us know. The best way to do it is using the ticketing system. Our support team can respond faster and our Tech team will fix the problem if you follow the following procedure.


To contact the Support service, you have to use the ticketing system.

If you are playing or you can access the ticketing system via the Menu of the game > Settings > Support > Create a new ticket.


If you have a bug to report on, click on the Settings & Community button > ToU & Contact > Support.


On Harem Heroes or Hentai Clicker (Nutaku): below the game, go to the section FAQ & Support > Game support, then fill the following fields:

  1. Game
  2. Subject
  3. Error frequency
  4. Explain the question you have or the issue you are experiencing


The email address is now only used to do the players’ email address changes or Hentai Clicker’s players. So for any other issues and requests, please use the ticketing system.


How to report a bug?

  1. If you encounter an issue, please open a ticket through  the Support service.
  2. Give as much details as possible regarding the problem you have, ex: “when I clicked on… I got…”. The more detailed the information you shared, the faster we’ll be able to solve the problem.
  3. Tell us in which environment you play: computer, tablet, mobile, browser, browser version, website or app, app version.
  4. Tell us if the issue is always the same or if it happened once or several times.
  5. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you know that other players experienced the same problem.
  6. Finally, don’t forget to add a screenshot or a video to your ticket to show us the problem you experienced. Thanks to it, our teams will clearly see what’s the issue. For the screenshots, we recommend using this tool:
  7. Without screenshots, we may not be able to help you. 


The bugs you’re reporting on the forum will still be analysed by community managers but it may take longer. Problems reported in the ticketing system are a priority.


We want to thank players who are also reporting problems on the Test server. Kinkoid greatly appreciates your feedback!

FYI: be aware that the Test server is less stable than the prod server as our team is regularly working on it.  Not everything on the Test server will be implemented on prod server. 

In order to optimize the Test server, the Support team will check the tickets you’re opening for the Test server but only report problems on new features which are about to be implemented in the game on prod and Nutaku.


Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Keep enjoying your sexy adventures in the Haremverse!


Hentaily yours,



Kinkoid team

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