With so many beautiful girls and hot guys out there, how do you choose one? Luckily, in the Haremverse, you don’t have to! Once you’ve taken your first step into this magical manga-inspired world, you have your very own Harem! 💘


Your Harem is the place where you can view, manage, upgrade, awaken, and level up all the recruits who have joined you!

🔥 And – it’s where you get to become part of their kinky fun. 🔥


😍 So, what can you do with your Harem? 😍


  • Get money
    •  The salaries can be collected all at once using 12 Kobans or 2 Nubans. Or, for free if you have a monthly card. 

    • Of course, you can do it manually when you enter the Harem as well, but with every new gorgeous girl that enters your Harem, it gets harder and harder. Since all the girls have different careers and hobbies, they provide different salaries.


Find the ONE

      • Use the search to find the girl you are looking for inside your Harem you can check out and enjoy your whole collection of girls. 
        • With the “Search” option you are able to find girls by Name They can also be sorted by “Date recruited” and “Grade


  • Filters
    • Filters are done by the Number of shards and Girl class (Know-how, Hardcore, Charm, Know-how )
    • A Filter can be applied to the girl’s favorite position with “Pose”, the Rarity of the girl: Starting, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. 


  • Next to the blue magnifying glass icon, you can check your Harem level and Endurance.

Clicking on the blue magnifying glass icon will reveal the search and filter options as well as the girl’s details, such as Experience, Affection, Income per hour, and biography.


From there you can  also upgrade your girl’s Affection and Experience (level)


  • When you click on the to level a girl or increase her Affection level, you will be redirected to the Market and your Inventory
    • In order to increase a girl’s level, you need to offer various books such as magazines encyclopedias, and spellbooks. You need to buy them before offering them. All the girls have a limit to how many books they can receive depending on their maximum level.
    • Increasing Affection grade is similar. You will be redirected to the <url>market <url>and your inventory to offer gifts.
      •  After an affection grade has been increased, you can use Kobans or Yhen to unlock a sexy affection scene! 


Different variants – some girls have more than one version. Different girl versions can be viewed at the bottom, just right after her description. 

You are up? Good. 

Your one o’clock appointment with Ms. Salem has been moved to 21:30.  Ms. Arcana will also be present. Don’t be late. They have prepared sex magic and Mojo control lessons.

During the day Shina is hosting a seminar at your Harem. You must be present to entertain and satisfy all our guest’s needs.


Today is gonna be busy so make haste, please. 

No, no, don’t get dressed! Undress…your schedule may be tight, but not as tight as me. Before your day starts I need to give you a good luck kiss and a rub.


PS: On your way to the  Market  don’t forget to buy some new toys and chocolates for the girls in the Harem.

PSS: Alice told me to remind you that the fountain in front of the Harem is not filled with water.


If a girl is not available at the moment and you’ve missed her appearance in the game, her silhouette will let you know when she will be back. Or just go try your luck with the Mythic Pachinko.

The girls need your attention so we won’t keep you any longer. Gotta catch’em all!


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