Meet the Champions Part 2

Meet the Champions


With the recent releases of the game, we decided to review some of our features, starting with the Sex Champions. 

Who are the mighty Champions and what is their challenge? What rewards do they provide and how do you beat them? All questions and more will be answered in this blog post! 

Who are the Champions?

The six Sex Champions of the Haremverse are Romero, Wahty, Matsuda, Ryu, Visor, and Alban. Each Sex Champion has his own domain with a total of six different zones.

How do I unlock the Champions?

Champions will unlock automatically when you have obtained 10 Harem girls and have finished the “Evil laboratory” quest from the Ninja Village.

How do I battle and challenge the Champions? 

  •  Every 24 hours you will receive 3 Tickets that allow you to battle the Champions. You will receive up to 10 tickets.
  •  Tickets can be earned as rewards from various game activities such as villain fights, PvP performance, Daily Missions and Pachinko. 
  • Tickets can also be bought using Kobans and Energy.
  • Tickets allow you to challenge the Champions up to 10 battles at once
  • Before you start the challenge you will be given the option to assemble a random draft of 10 girls to join you. 
    • There is an option to change some of the girls and keep some by selecting a new draft. The number of free drafts depends on the number of girls you have in your Harem. 

How do I win vs the Champions?

  • Each Champion has an Impression Meter bar that needs to be filled before you get to the next stage of the challenge (5 in total).   
  • The Impression Meter will go down with 10% every 24 hours. 
  • When the Impression bar is filled you will receive a reward and move to the next phase of the challenge. The Champions will evolve and become stronger with each battle they allow the Champion girl to join your Harem.

  • Champions have certain criteria that determines the outcome of the performance- random sex poses.  
  • If the girl’s favorite position matches the Champion’ pose, she will inflict x2 Impression on him. 
    • At every stage the poses will be chosen at random.
    • Poses are based on the class of the Champion.
    • At his 5th form, the Champion doesn’t have a class.
    • The last 5th stage of the champion cannot be blocked and thus the defense status will be zero against the champion.

What rewards do the Champions give and why should I challenge them?


Because of the rewards, of course. Challenging the Champions is one of the best ways to gain ¥mens in game. You can also win: 

  • An orb for the Epic Pachinko x1 for the first 3 champions and two orbs for the last 3 Champions.
  • The Champion’s exclusive outfit in the Profile: you have to win the accessory, the body and the head, so 3 outfit games per Champion.
  • The exclusive background of the champion in the Profile: you must win the background to display 1 girl, 4 girls and 9 girls, that makes 3 games per Champion.
  • The exclusive theme of the Champion in the Profile: there is only one per Champion to win.

  • And of course, powerful and exclusive Champions girls will join your Harem!
  • After the various rewards have been distributed, the Champion will reward you with a legendary gift each time you beat him.

Possible issues: 


Q: I’ve won the same reward several times, why is that? 

A: Different backgrounds are different rewards there are backgrounds that can fill 1, 4 and 9 girls also Champion Theme alike.


Q: Why is my defense zero at stage 5 of the champion? 

A: The last stage of the champion cannot be blocked and thus the defense status will be zero against the champion.




Sex God Path Champions and Club Champions 

An impact display has been included in battles against Sex God Patch Champions and Club Champions

  • An impact display showing the total of the hero’s impact + the girl’s impact has been added
    • Previously we displayed the Impact of each girl based on her stats.

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