Guys Rarity Update

Since early this year, the biggest project that our team worked on was the different improvements of the PVP and combat features in the game. Yet as the main focus of the game is the Harem and the guys, we do not want that they feel lonely. This is why we desire to present you some incoming changes that will arrive soon in the Haremverse and that focuses on the Harem and how you can upgrade your guys.


Harem Version 2


First of all, the most obvious change is the interface of the Harem itself. As we provided with some mechanical changes to the feature, it was making sense for us to change the interface too. The haremverse is a fun world filled with sexy, diverse guys with different personalities. It keeps uncovering its secrets becoming more and more complex. So it was natural for us to want to grow out of the grey faded panels, into something that would fit our guys better, as well as adapt to all the incoming features,


With this in mind, we worked together into making an interface that would be fresh and more appealing. We brought sexier colors into it and structured it to be clearer and easier for everyone to use while also being discrete. We worked on filling it with life, to fit our beloved universe’s mood. As we continue to develop the game, this new interface will be integrated more and more.

A common request that we heard about the harem is the ability to reorganize with different logics and also to be able to look for guys within it. As your Harem grows, it becomes complicated and less convenient to navigate, find a specific guy, or find more information about her. This is why we want to provide you with options to reorganize the guys, by grades, by alphabetical order and by some others categories. Next to that, we will add a search tool with different filters giving you the power of preciseness
One of these optional filters we’re talking about, is actually an option giving you the chance to display also the guys that are currently not in your harem.. As your goal is to have the best and the biggest harem, we consider it is quite important to not only have access to the information about the guys that are members of your harem, but also have information about the guys that will join you in the future, providing you with their names and the main way to recruit them.

Yet without guys, no harem is possible, that is why we want to be sure that they receive the attention and the love that they deserve. To do so, you obviously need to know them better, to develop on your relationship with them. This is why we are proud to tell you that the guys will have their own presentation page, displaying personal information about each one of them, making sure that you can discover all the naughty secrets that they want to share with you. As you show more and more of your affection to them, you will learn more and more about their life, their work, and even their favorite food, and you might get to know priceless fetish information.


Guy’s rarity


In the Haremverse, as you probably already know, there are guys harder to seduce than others. It is a fact that some guys appear in the game for a while at different places, and they are rarer than others, it is just natural that guys have a rarity.


Following on that, we are introducing guy’s rarity as a mechanic in the game. There are some very simple rules that will help you understand how it works:

  • There will be 4 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary
  • guys that are harder to acquire and fewer players have them are the higher rarity
  • Higher rarity guys will have higher starting stats, will require more XP to level-up and will cost more affection or money to upgrade compared the lower rarity guys
  • There is no rule about which rarity of guys have 3 or 5 grades

We are also taking this opportunity of changing the prices depending on the rarity, to reduce the amount of affection and money required for upgrading. We want to improve the situation of expensive guys for the players, that have lots of them due to the current way of defining the price. We don’t want you to feel punished for having lots of guy by increasing the price for you, but instead each guy having a fixed price according to her rarity.

  • Players that have 75 guys in their harem will have prices cheaper on average by 10%
  • Players that have 100 guys in their harem will have prices cheaper on average by 33%


As each rarity will have their own prices regarding affections and upgrades, you will see a vast array of changes regarding the prices, most of them going down noticeably and some increasing a bit compared to their current prices and their affection’s requirements.

You can consult the rarity repartition for each guys in the game in the following lists :

Legendary guys


Loving Vernon


Rubber Boy



Epic guys



Sporty Marcus




Power warrior



Rick Crestmore



Teddy Schneider

Loving Dex

Loving Bruce





Mister Meta





Rare guys

Loving Travis

Loving Bunny

Loving Lobo




Captain Haremverse

Iron Hunk


Pilot Austin




Common guys

Prince Karl








Spencer Bolt






Starter guys



Red Battler






Thank you for reading !


Your kinkoid team


PS: we kindly remind you that all images and numbers are a work in progress consequently, some minor changes might be implemented in the game


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