Haremverse Stories: The Diary of Bunny

Dear Diary, 


I know it’s been a while since I last had time away from my Harem activities to be able to write down my thoughts. To be fair, I kinda missed this. We have a lot to talk about, you and I. But all in due time. 


Something very exciting happened and I can’t wait to tell you. I wish I could talk to you but digital journals are too expensive. 


Do you remember a while back, when a bunch of guys got way hotter overnight? Like Nicholas, Mael, and Brandon? I’ve told you all about them in earlier entries. Truth is, I’ve been very jealous of them. I know it’s not fair, and that we all have beauty in us that makes us special. I’ve always been and always will be very confident, skilled and funny. I’ve never had issues picking up guys and recruiting heroes for our world. But seeing them all upgraded, as if someone painted them from scratch and made them better, it got to me. I became obsessed with finding a way to upgrade myself the same way.

This desire started as a simple whim, I would pray to Lustius, the god of eroticism, precum and the patron of anal as I was sucking off monks in various temples, buy beautification potions from funny looking magicians, I’d look around for plastic surgeons to recruit who maybe would be able to work on me. But alas, nothing worked. This desire grew inside of me like a seed. Soon after I found myself in the library of all places, reading up ancient occult writings for rituals and magic that would help me. I spoke to the elves, the elder mages, but all of their magic has always been about pleasure and not alteration. They could alter me for a bit at most, but their magic always wore off after a while. 


For a while, I felt exhausted from this whole endeavour and you might say I even gave up on it. I thought to myself – I am gorgeous, I’ve always been good at my job. I’ve almost never failed to recruit a guy and it’s never been related to my looks. I got my confidence in check and I went back to enjoying life as the cool old Bunny who’s always there to save the day and suck a cock. 


Until that fateful night. 


Travelling through time and space is a funny thing. Time and space is a funny thing in general, and I lack the scientific knowledge to explain how my traveling abilities work, but I’ve never had to think about it. It just happens seamlessly and with ease. 


It happened on one of my recruitment missions. I went through the portal and entered a world that was completely dark. And I don’t mean that like it was during the night or anything, it was pitch black. So dark, that you could see tiny specks of light flickering in the distance and you would think your mind was playing tricks on you. I could hear moaning of incredible pleasure in the distance, the sound of cocks ramming inside warm holes, lips kissing lips, lips kissing bodies. I became aroused and thought to myself that it’s kinda hot that they can’t see each other. Or maybe I can’t see them because their world functions differently than mine. 


“It looks like you haven’t been calibrated to see our world, traveler” – a sexy voice echoed in my head. Freaked me out a bit, but the feeling of my boner raging to get out of my pants and my body trembling to the sound of his voice, like a needle on a vinyl record, quickly turned my fear into immense excitement. 


“Calibrate me, then” – I said softly. 


“Are you ready to face the consequences of that” – he asked – “They may be permanent” 


“If your head game is as good as your flirt, I’m ready to face anything” – I said somewhat arrogantly. 


The mystery man laughed and suddenly what felt like a hundred hands started caressing my body all at once. They tore up my clothes until I was bare and naked, my cock leaking pre-cum. What happened next, I can’t explain well enough. Imagine having sex with a hundred people at once. Could’ve been more, but that’s how it felt. Hands and tongues

caressing and kissing my body, a warm mouth on my cock, swallowing it whole. My body levitated in the infinite nothing as I felt the pleasure of a thousand orgasms. One after another, climaxes and cum poured out of me as I screamed of pleasure in the void. 


It went on for what felt like hours, and my vision started to clear a bit. I could form shapes and silhouettes and I saw a world of wonder, unlike any I’ve seen before. Giant castles of gold floating in the sky on pink clouds. Tall naked muscular men with giant cocks, pure white wings, masked faces, floating above ground. It was like a fairytale. 


“How was that for head game?” – the voice echoed again. I turned to see a man, as beautiful as the rest in this world, with a golden mask covering his face. Only his face. His chiseled body and 13 inch cock were bare and free for the world to see. For me to see. 


“It was…”


“No need to tell me, I felt your pleasure. I merely touched you”


“What? But we were going on for hours” – I gasped in awe. 


“That’s how it felt for you, traveler. I hope you realize that you won’t be able to recruit anyone from this world. Not at this time, at least. If merely a touch from any of us can cause you hours of pleasure, imagine what a kiss would do. Imagine what our cocks would do to you. Your kind was not made to withstand us. You’d go mad with desire.


But you, you are different. You’ve been touched by a force as ancient as us. Toys of gold I see, powerful and divine. They have changed you. But that doesn’t matter now. You can visit us again if you wish. You can walk this world without a worry. You can look for me again and I’ll show you more pleasure. I like you, Golden Rabbit”


“I like you too, mystery sex divinity person!” – was all I could say at that point. Before he disappeared though, he showed me a pool of water nearby. 


“Go and see. You’ve evolved. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though” 


With shock and a sense of excitement, I slowly approached the waters to look at my reflection in them. Oh diary, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was me, but better. Me, but different. My entire self was different. My skin was glistening with warmth and love, my muscles had grown, every hair on my body was blonde with a golden shimmer. Even my tattoo got an upgrade, and to be fair, I like it more now.


But my face, my face was like a magazine cutout. It’s like I became the best version of me. 

“I’m glad you like the upgrade I gave you, Rabbit. It will affect your skills and limits, you’ll find traveling is easier now and sex will be more intense than ever. You’ll need those skills for what’s to come. 


I must warn you though. What you did by coming here, messed up the timelines a bit. Your new self won’t be visible to everyone immediately. It will take time for the new you to appear everywhere you’ve appeared in history, if you get what I mean. But in time, the new you will be calibrated to every you that existed. Now go, Rabbit and have fun with the new you. And bring me some chocolates and wine the next time you visit. I haven’t tasted such pleasures in years.”


And just like that, Diary, I was transported back to my house. I woke up nude and rock hard on my bed, and in the mirror on the ceiling I could see myself. The new me, the better me. Looking at me with desire as his cock throbbed in his hands. It’s needless to say I came at least 10 times on that bed, looking at myself. I couldn’t get enough of myself. And I’m sure the Hero won’t be able to get enough of me either. 


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