Kinkoid is 4!

Amazing heroes!

When we were growing up, heroes in the books had parties that went on for three days and nights. But now Kinkoid is growing up and we like to give you, our heroes, a party that will make all fairy tale parties blush and ask for an extra drink! 


As you well know, we like to make everything BIG in the Haremverse. And this time, we are going over the top: this year our Kinkoid Anniversary will be HUGE! We are going to party for a whole month with dozens of different girls/guys, awards, and cool surprises!

It’s been four years since we released Hentai Heroes and three since Gay Harem came out; Hentai Clicker will soon be one year old (and is going through a very serious update). So many things happened for these past four years, that we will need a lot of champagne, tissues and a few smoke breaks to go through all of the memories. And it won’t be as entertaining as the Haremverse so let’s just fast forward to the part where we…


Thank you all for letting us entertain you, for giving us your sincere feedback and letting us penetrate your (wet) dreams! Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s true: without you, our players, there will be no Kinkoid!


We want to invite you to celebrate with us! This is going to be one E.P.I.C. (Enormously Pleasurable & Intensely Climactic)  PARTY! 


What can you expect? Everything! There will be horny girls/guys, special bundles, cute girls/guys, daily special rewards, lewd girls/guys, and tons of surprises. Oh, and gorgeous sexy girls/guys. 

We are growing and we want to keep making you grow! It brings us pleasure to know that we are bringing you pleasure, heroes! Get ready, because we start on Monday, the 13th of July! And the happy ending… well, that’s in your hands, heroes! 😉 


Forever yours,

The Kinkoid Team

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