Haremverse Stories: A very Bunny Interview

Bunny: Good evening, Heroes and Gentlemen! I’m Bunny and I will not tell you much about myself, because this is not about me and you all know me pretty well so far! I decided to do this interview, because a miracle has happened in the Haremverse! One of our beloved guys seems to have had an amazing makeover out of the blue. This is a very big mystery and even he himself has no clue how it has happened, but I invited him to my Hero’s office so I can interview him about it.


Nicholas enters the office.


Bunny: (stares in awe and shock) OH MY… Come in. Ah… Come and sit down.

Nicholas: Thank you. (he sits)

Bunny: (stares at him and starts rubbing his bulge) Would you mind just standing up again for one moment. (Nick stands up).



Bunny: (starts sweating and bites his lower lip). Take a seat. (Nick does so) Ah! (Bunny’s cock pulsates through his tight jeans) Good morning!

Nicholas: Good morning.

Bunny: I wasn’t talking to you…

Nicholas: Ah! Good morning, little one (smiles warmly and sits down again).

Bunny: (rubs cock intensely) So, Nicholas… Tell me, when did you become so…hot?

Nick: Well, ha-ha. That’s a very good question, because frankly, I have no idea. I went to sleep last night after an intense orgy in the woods with some satyrs and woke up this morning looking like this. It feels so familiar, like I’ve always had this body (Bunny unbuttons his pink shirt and slides his hand in there, pincing one of his nipples)

Bunny: (nods) Mhm…

Nick: I don’t remember them doing any weird ancient rituals on me or something… We’ve done those many times before, because I am a child of nature and art and I enjoy regularly celebrating satyr culture and taking part in their sexual activities. So I don’t think they did a spell on me or something. (Bunny unzips jeans)

Bunny: Oh dear. (undies are soaked in precum) So… it’s not satyr magic that gave you this stunning appearance. Do you feel more confident like this? Has anything changed on the inside?

Nick: …well, I’ve only had this face and body for a good few hours, but I’ve noticed I don’t blend in the crowd so easily now. Guys stare at me, blush awkwardly when trying to ask me for fun times. While I was walking in the woods this morning, I saw a circle of guys jerking each other off staring at me. And I even had my clothes on…



Bunny: Ha, ha. I wasn’t there, I swear (laughs nervously). Speaking of clothes, how would you feel about showing me what has changed about your body? (signals the cameraman to focus on Nick)

Nick: Of course not (laughs). Well, to be fair, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I looked pretty hot before as well, and I never had trouble getting laid. 

Bunny: Yeah… (tries very hard to be nice)…you’ve always been…charmin’…BUT that doesn’t matter because now you look fucking hot and I want all the Haremverse to know! So, lose some clothes, please! 

Nick: Well, I, I…here goes.. (Nick removes his hoodie and lifts his tanktop, smiling shyly at Bunny)

Bunny: OH DEAR! (puts some cotton in his nostrils) Do you mind if I…touch you?

Nick: Um… you know you don’t need to stage an interview to sleep with me, right?

Bunny: (nods) Yes. Yes I know. But this is not for me! It’s for…science. (Nick gives him a funny look).

Nick: Oh. Alright then. Can’t let science down now, can we? (laughs and puts Bunny’s hand on his hard abs) How does this feel, Loïc?

Bunny: (starts caressing Nick’s gorgeous body with his hands, tracing the outlines of his abs, pinching his nipples gently. He then slides his hand down Nick’s bulge which has grown considerably in size) It feels…fresh. Feels new and amazing and beautiful. I’ve known you for so long, but I feel like now I can actually see how hot you are. Please fuck my mouth!

Nick: For science?

Bunny: For science, you stunning piece of art! (Bunny slides down Nick’s jeans and undies and proceeds to play with his cock. He hastily sticks the entire manhood of Nick in his warm mouth. Nick tingles with pleasure. He grabs Bunny by his hair and forces his cock deeper into Bunny’s throat. He thrusts passionately for a hot minute and fills Bunny’s mouth with his warm cum. 

Bunny: *fank you* (swallows) Thank you! That was… wow.

Nick: As much as I enjoy your company, Loïc, I have to go. Oddly enough, I was invited to 36 interviews this morning and my phone has been ringing like crazy. Looks like I’ll be on TV a lot, huh (laughs)

Bunny: Curious, indeed! Who else invited you? Was it that slut, Lobo?

Nick: Aren’t you curious? Have a great day, Bunny (gets his clothes from the floor and leaves the office)

Bunny: (takes a second to compose himself and looks at the camera) Well, we didn’t find out how Nicholas got so much hotter, but personally I don’t care. He’s hot now and that’s what matters! I hope you enjoyed this segment and I wish you a spunky kinky evening!

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