A Legendary Romance

Greetings, heroes!


A new wet romance is about to begin! But don’t think that this is going to be the typical love story about a sexy girl, a hard cock and a mouthful of cum! And, no, you won’t start out as perfect strangers ending up in the same room…

This is going to be a Legendary romance with three smoking hot ladies who will make you explode all over them! You will meet the voluptuous Valentina famous for being one of the best mercenaries in the entire Haremverse and the notorious but humble twins – Fanny & Fione!


Having two heavy hand grenades which can be used as weapons of mass satisfaction, the busty Valentina never fails a mission. The sexually frustrated villains are scared of her great titjobs and every demon gets spanked until crying. Specialised in close combat and spying, this ruthless mercenary know(s)-how to make the enemies moan and beg for mercy!

That’s why Valentina has been defending the Haremverse for a long time. But times have changed and even the Legendary Spy got caught, arrested for espionage and rebel attacks. This horny sex-crazed lady is threatened to receive the most severe punishment in the Haremverse – many years of sexual deprivation! 

So, don’t waste time and fight the monstrous Gruntt who is guarding her cell. Valentina will thank you generously with 5 quest grades!


And if you cannot resist the seductive charm of Fanny and Fione and you are so eager to have a twinsome with them, you better get prepared to fight the cunning Bremen! He already has a plan to keep you away from these hospitable ladies who want you as their special guest!


From the 20th (5 am UTC+1) until the 24th (5 am UTC+1) of March, you will have four days to set these three ladies free and become their sexual Hero!




                            Valentina                                                                               Fanny & Fione 


                              Go! Time goes fast and the clock is ticking! Don’t waste even a moment!


are you over 18?