Haremverse Girls Go Live

Brace yourself, heroes! You are invited to the most exclusive and arousing party! We are about to shake the Haremverse by penetrating the camming world and all of you are our VIP (very important & potent) guests! 


For the first time in the Haremverse history, there will be a live stream from the land of the sexually free and always horny girls. Join the Hentai Look-Alike Party by clicking the special button in Town to see ravishing beauties cosplaying your favorite Haremverse lewd ladies!

The magic will unfold on the last weekend of the month, between February 28 and March 1. Save the date: the party will last 3 days. How long will you? 😉 The gorgeous hentai cam hosts will welcome you all to the Hentai Look-Alike Party where anything goes. Beautiful naughty girls will be waiting for you at a specially created page where you would choose which private party to join.

All models will be cosplaying sexy manga-inspired characters from the Haremverse. You will be able to vote for your favorite girls. The top 3 performers will receive special prizes, the most amazing being having their own avatars in Hentai Heroes so that you can add them to your Harems. 

Our video game studio is famous for pioneering a new genre in the gaming industry. Now we are ready to rock out with our partner- the cam industry professionals ImLive. After adding the insatiable Sara Jay as a Legendary girl in the Haremverse and two lustful cam girls, now it’s time to have some cosplay fun. 

We will take yet another step further to make your fantasies come true and blur the line between dreams and reality. You will get to see your favorite waifus and dream girls like never before: full-fleshed! And you will hear them talking to you! This mix of camming and gaming is a wet dream come true.   

Hentairly yours,
The Kinkoid Team

PS: Make sure you keep an eye on Facebook & Twitter because some of the girls would like to introduce themselves even before the party starts.


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