Welcome to Haremdex

Dear Heroes,


We are proud to announce the launch of Haremdex, the special place on this site where you can meet all the sex-crazed haremettes and get to know them better!

You want to read the full description of the irresistible girl you are fighting for? You are curious to see all the sexy versions of your favourite Haremverse babes? You dream of visiting a place full of striking beauty? There is only one answer: go to Haremdex!
Indeed, exploring the Haremverse, this boundless universe of sexiness, has never been so easy! On this sensual web page all the girls’ names are arranged in alphabetical order and you can also use the search option to find any babe you want faster.


Apart from the full description and all the girls’ versions, Haremdex also contains their full names, birth dates, locations, careers, favourite foods, hobbies and fetishes. Just click on “Profile” below the name of every girl and all the juicy details will be revealed!
Cause the better you know a girl you have not made yours yet, the more you are aware of what she wants and what she needs and the bigger chances you have with her! And if you have already won the girl over, going through her profile will remind you of your first date with her and how she gave you a boner for the first time! Oh yeah, these memories are precious… 


You are already about to ask how to find the Haremdex web page? It is placed below the header bar:


When you enter this place full of beauty, you will see that you can select a game to start. But don’t worry if you want to learn more about the Gay Harem or Hentai Clicker characters. You will soon be able to do it!


Now you can meet all the Hentai Heroes girls and unleash your curiosity!

are you over 18?