Dead or Alive Xtreme (Birthday cake time)

Hey there naughty!


You can have a plain old game with plain old NPCs. But why do it that way when you can make a fuss about your character’s birthday and have a whole press routine about it?

Japanese publisher DMM did just that in celebration of Kokoro’s special day. And where would opportunity be if you didn’t put special birthday cake items in the paid gacha, which would then unlock the “special event” – well it better be very special 🙂

Unfortunately, this is only happening in the Japanese version right now, so fans of the Steam version are going to get it down the line. If you are unable to find the steam game, it’s because it has some regional locks, and you have to use shenanigans like VPNs, etc to be able to install it on Steam.

You would think that given the amount of hype they are making, it would be ready to run with an updated international release, but apparently not.

Here is the promo for you:

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