Lustful Shores Review

Hey there naughty!


Lustful Shores showed up on the peachy beaches of nutaku just recently. Apparently it continues a season of tower defense games as those have been growing in numbers as of late.

The cover image is a bit suspicious given the space it is in. But apparently someone quickly realized it and tried to compensate a little bit by taking us immediately into a sex scene after loading.

It doesn’t help people who want to share an image of the game that has both the title and some sex appeal.

I certainly appreciate even the minor artistic expression such as moving and panning camera on a larger image to create a little bit of a feel as compared to dry swapping jpgs one after another.

As a tower defense game, it’s a decent hybrid of TD and collectible card games. It has a nice opening variety of towers and upgrades.

The game even pauses when you click on units so you can read the info without much of a fuss. It’s surely more useful than keeping it in a side glossary.

There is not a large variety of music, but thankfully the tracks they do have are selected with quality in mind. Pretty chill and positive tunes.

The graphics, however, are a bit unfortunate. This particular cartoon style has been heavily worn out by an infinity of mobile games and low budget 3d projects. Having simplistic texturing sadly doesn’t help the situation, especially if you are looking for spicier hentai styles.

The game runs very well, the technology is surprisingly well-executed.

I would spice up colors too. Towers and terrain could certainly complement each other better. And they occasionally blend in all too well.

Surprisingly the girls are a little bit in the story, and mostly out of the way inside the INFO page of towers. A place where you don’t really ever need to visit.

Naming could be a little bit better “Pussy eating girl” is not far off from _Random_girl_1 or _That_girl_on_the_left_side but you know, these things happen when you have 20 minutes before launch to finish that text file you’ve been pushing down the line for 5 months :).

It is highly likely this game was built for mainstream and somebody tried to make it a little bit more sexy in a separate effort. If you cut out all the girls, the game would not miss anything preventing it from launching a family-friendly release.

This has the unfortunate effect of forcing the sex appeal on the side, and that’s really not what people go to Hentai games for.

Balancing and gameplay are pretty solid, aside from minor flukes like buying a tower for 120 gold and trying to sell to recover a mistake for only 24. There also is no energy system that I found, so at least you can play it a lot if you are in for a tower defense with light hentai themes.

The overall production of the game is pretty decent, ok animations, a full sound packet for menus, items and such. Treasure chest animations show that production was probably rushed because those are a bit underwhelming and they definitely are a part of the presentation that has to impress people.

Overall it is more of a regular game that you would find on Congregate than a hentai game really, even though the limited art it has is pretty well done.


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