Remastering the past – Begin City


Dear heroes,


Bunny wrote you a message and insisted we deliver it to you:


“My gorgeous adventurer,


The heroes who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. It’s been more than 3 years since our worlds collided and you entered our domain. Do you remember your first day in the Haremverse? You were so stunned and in disbelief that a paradise so pure and hot can exist. I clearly remember your first days with us, how you walked around with your magnificent hard-on on display, sharing your passion and cum with all the ladies who were interested. I knew even then that I had made the right decision letting you into our world.


Speaking of our world, have you been to Begin City recently? Notice any…changes? We’ve had a full-blown makeover, honey! Every memory, every orgasm, remastered, and HD ready! Check it out if you haven’t! It will bring back so many awesome experiences!


Eternally wet for you,


Bunny <3 ”


We’re very happy with the results of the remaster of World 1 – Begin City. We’re hoping it will spark love for the Haremverse in new players, as well as make your memories of it brighter, sexier and in better quality. Originally drawn by Perun and remastered by Ben, Begin City will always be very special in our hearts, as it is the world that started this whole magical journey! We’ve grown so much over the years, both in our artistic expression and creativity, and in our dedication to you, the players!


We took on the project of remastering World 1 and we dedicate it to all of our players! We’re forever grateful for your love and support and hope to be able to bring you all a lot more joy, sexy moments, comedy, love, and of course, orgasms! We hope you enjoy the updated art and parodies!


Let’s look at a few before’s and after’s together:



We’re proud of how far we’ve come and we wanted to share the love with you! For now, we don’t plan on remastering further worlds, but we’ve left many little details for you to discover.


Hentairly yours,


The Kinkoid Team


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